August 1997 Vol II No I SWORD OF ISLAM

GENOCIDE: The facts about abortion or What every girl should know.

Abortion or the wilful destruction of the life of an unborn child is a crime against the law of man. Witness... S 294 Queensland Criminal Code: Death by acts done at childbirth.
S 577 Queensland Criminal Code: Charge of homicide of child.
S 313 Queensland Criminal Code: Killing unborn child. Penalty life imprisonment.
S 224 Queensland Criminal Code: Attempts to procure abortion, Penalty fourteen years imprisonment.
S 225 Queensland Criminal Code: The like by woman with child.
S 226 Queensland Criminal Code: Supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion.

And a crime against the law of God. Witness numerous injunctions against
unlawful killing generally and abortion/infanticide specifically in The Koran, which also describes the only circumstances under which homicide is lawful which are, just retaliation for unlawful killing following a fair trial. Or during the course of Jihad or just war against an aggressor who must first have waged war upon oneself, ones children, ones family or ones country. And in earlier texts including The Pentateuch ascribed as the book of Moses, and in Christian Testament which provide identical injunctions and penalties, which Moslems recognize as proceeding from God.

1970 abortion has taken around seven million Australian lives. This document calls Australia to Islam to wage war in defence of human life, and warns the guilty that their lives are forfeit in accordance with AL-ISLAM, on which basis it is expected that executions will be numbered in hundreds of thousands, anticipating the demise of virtually the entire medical, political and law enforcement establishments in this country. It anticipates the fulfilment of the prophesy of Jesus Christ, that children shall rise up against their parents and shall put them to death, and heralds a new age of human history.

THE SPECTACLE of German police looking on as gangs of thugs trashed
Jewish business premises in Munich in 1937 remains among the most enduring images of the Nazi era. The spectacle of Bluey 0'Gorman strutting about the Brisbane precinct in a police uniform sporting inspectors bars and the George Cross evokes similar Nazi images. Or the spectacle of uniformed members of the Queensland Police Service routing demonstrators outside of premises wherein a Brisbane doctor claims to have flouted S 313 of the Queensland Criminal Code no less that 150,000 times his current kill count at around 4,000 deaths annually.

Or the spectacle of M J Horan the Qld Health minister bleating his innocence.
Now imagine Horan and 0'Gorman at the gates of hell where amid the flaming corpses of abortionists long dead a voice emanates from a patch of soft golden light " abandoned your duty as a police officer..." "but I did no more than generations of corrupt police officers did before me... if I had arrested the doctor I wouldn't have become an inspector... please don't make me burn... let me go back I'll put handcuffs on the doctor... it's all the government's fault" " were a cabinet minister you swore an oath to uphold the law..." "you don't know Joan Sheldon she said if I stood up to them she'd see me out of the cabinet... it wasn't only me... what about Bob Gibbs he was always spouting abortion... I knew it was wrong... it's not my fault I lacked manly courage and virtue... they were all abortionists in the ALP ... we liberals all we did was inherit a corrupt system... what about Rob Borbidge he was Premier if he'd said... what about Cooper he was the police minister... please don't make me burn... let me go back. I'll march into police headquarters and demand the police arrest the doctors... and Joan Sheldon" "burn".

Let's see your style Bluey, get those handcuffs on the good doctor. If
0'Sullivan gets shirty arrest him as well. And you Mr Horan get that tongue of yours to wagging, explain to the electorate that your cause is separate from that of Joan Sheldon, demand the doctors arrest, tell Sheldon that she may well be prepared to endure hell, but you are not, and vocally and loudly get to it.

1982 Leslie Smith then president of the Old Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union confessed that Peter Beattie then a Brisbane solicitor and state president of the Australian Labor Party, was blackmailing him under the terms of which he had committed murder. In 1987 union members Ron Chapman and Les Batkin were murdered during the height of debate within the union re the future of the organization, another member was bashed then sodomised on union premises by three members of the then management committee. Members fear Smith murdered Batkin after Batkin had told him where to get off after Smith had attempted to blackmail him. Ron Chapman was beaten then thrust ! from an upper floor balcony of flats in the Brisbane suburb of Kangaroo Point, a former member was charged with his murder, the charge never made it through the magistrates court. The union alleges the prosecution and the police ran dead. Around then Bobby Foreman while on union premises described how he had raped and murdered Judith and Susan Mackay near Townsville in 1970.
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