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Abortion.. genocide by another name!

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  • Abortion.. genocide by another name!

    Here's a bin full of dead kids, picture a dump truck full of heads as trials and executions take place, at each location abortion is customarily carried out.

    Abortion or the willful destruction of the life of an unborn child, is a crime against the law of man, and a crime against the law of God. Witness numerous injunctions against unlawful killing generally, and abortion / infanticide specifically in the Koran, which also describes the only circumstances when deliberate homicide is lawful.

    Being just retaliation for unlawful killing following a fair trial, during the course of Jihad or just war against an aggressor, who must first have waged war upon oneself, ones children, ones family or ones country, or for capital corruption, and in earlier texts including Mosaic Law and Christian Testament, which provide identical injunctions and penalties, which Moslems recognize as proceeding from God.

    Since 1970 abortion has taken billions of lives, this document is a call to Islam to wage war in defense of human life, and warns the guilty that their lives are forfeit in accordance with AL-ISLAM, on which basis it is expected that the number of executions will be numbered in the millions.

    Anticipating the demise of virtually the entire medical, political, and law enforcement establishments world wide. It anticipates the fulfillment of the prophesy of Jesus Christ, that "children shall rise up against their parents, and shall put them to death," and heralds a new age of human history.

    AL-ISLAM is fealty or fidelity to the law of God, those who live by Islam as did Jesus of Nazareth and before him the prophet Abraham, who built the Kaba in the city of Mecca in present day Saudi Arabia, an edifice toward which the faithful, or those with fealty to Gods law turn during prayers, are called Moslems.

    Moslems are commanded by God, to wage war upon those who first wage war upon them, the killings that are taking place in this country within the abortion / euthanasia industry, are acts of warfare upon humanity.

    Governments world wide, should view this document as an ultimatum, they have only a certain time to get their act together, and respond to the demands made herein, that they get down to the nitty gritty of prosecuting the killer doctors..

    And the police, and the politicians, who have committed, or facilitated or neglected their duty as police, or as state employees, to investigate or prosecute crimes against humanity, abortion/euthanasia, then let's just see who gave you all the right to cull the population.

    You all suicidals who want to enter Hell with your local GP holding your hand, will have to resort to tried and true methods that have succeeded in days past, you might like to stretch a rope to the rafters of your dwelling, and hang yourselves, and you coppers might as well load up the trusty service revolver, insert the barrel into your gob and squeeze the trigger, since your fate is just as certain under the strictures of Islamic law.

    Moslems is instructed to proceed in the following way, such forces that are committed to Islam, will advance on premises where genocide/abortion is taking place, there all persons on the premises, will be arrested on capital charges that will be heard under Islamic jurisdiction.

    As arrests are taking place, it is anticipated that abortion staff will contact police, such police that turn up armed, and attempt to thwart arrests will be fired upon, rocket and artillery fire will be directed at police vehicles and buildings, the wars of the Antichrist will have begun.