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The Ottawa Parliament Shooting Hoax - Vickers Disclaimed

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  • The Ottawa Parliament Shooting Hoax - Vickers Disclaimed

    Ottawa Shooting: Gunman Killed After Attack on Canadian Parliament.

    The Macbeth Gambit is blaming an innocent dead party for murder as has happened in the Benazir Bhutto, Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama bin Laden cases - He was a nobleman in King Duncan’s Scottish Court who slew the King then two of his loyal retainers in dead of night, then when morning came told all the retainers had done the deed ..

    That he had killed them in just retaliation he was thereafter crowned King himself .. Macbeth did not get away with it and eventually met his own death as he had lived by the sword wielded by Duncan’s more loyal kinsmen, who told MacB just where he could shove his story and who made immediate war on the new King. Wm. Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Macbeth.

    Kevin Vickers Hero of Canada's Parliament Shooting Greeted With Standing Ovation.

    Our case says Vickers is part of a major conspiracy designed to curtail the freedoms of Canadian citizens on behalf of a Zionist agenda, the same way the False Flag 911 attacks which were perpetrated by Zionist Jews were used to introduce draconian anti terror laws in the United States.

    The purported Oct. 23, 2014 shooting of a Canadian soldier on guard at the Ottawa parliament building is a complete fraud, see the following photo a Canadian soldier is down yet who is attending to him .. it’s not the EMTs or Fire instead it is regular people along with service-people, how does this make sense to anyone in this world?

    Too, there are people merely standing about in the background, no one is acting as if there is an emergency the regular people including the service-people are an obstruction so the cameras cannot reveal what is going on. Medically it is even more corrupt as the huddle of non-medical people are acting as an impediment to the potential appropriate treatment of the downed individual. The gunshot victim could die outright because of their role in obstructing the scene.

    Then there is the red matter on the pavement what is it doing there? It isn’t coming from any visible part of this body, notice too the color of the skin of Cirillo’s leg there is no evidence of blood loss nor is there even the slightest degree of blood splatter seen. However later upon placing him on the stretcher this is what is seen, purple paint the same kind of material used in all the other fakes, there is no doubt it is not real arterial spurt confirming the hoax.

    Here comes the signaling agent in charge; it would appear that the fraudsters are ready to transport the fake wounded. It cannot be said for sure what that is, presumably in a plastic container; it could be fake blood. Yet, what is on the pavement is more clear: Clearly rather than real blood this is red paint and it’s position has no relation to the presumed injured .. the hoaxers did make the scene appear as realistic as possible, with the gurney-associated chest compression routine.

    The man in black sure is pressing hard in his attempt to simulate chest compressions making it appear as if it is an emergency, striving ever so hard to give substance to this fraud that purple color is typical of phony blood; it looks as if it has been pored on. It’s water-soluble, by the way, and you can make it in your own blender.

    Here is another shade of color for fake blood similar to that seen on the pavement: