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Amelia Earhart's Twin Engine Lockheed 10 Electra on the Reef at Nikumaroro Island

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  • Amelia Earhart's Twin Engine Lockheed 10 Electra on the Reef at Nikumaroro Island

    The aircraft was visible on the 2018 Google Earth shot for Nikumaroro Island below which must have been taken at low tide, the latest GE image in which the plane is no longer able to be seen must have been taken at high tide.*

    Google Earth.

    July 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan departed Lae, New Guinea, in her Lockheed Electra 10E Special NR16020 bound for Howland Island in mid Pacific thence Hawaii .. lost and low on fuel they landed on the reef at Nikumaroro Island in the Republic of Kiribati 4°39'30.37" S Latitude, 174°32'40.23" W Longitude.

    SS Norwich City.

    The plane is located a few hundred meters north of the wreck of SS Norwich City which ran aground in bad weather on the northern part of the island, while on a voyage from Melbourne Australia to Hawaii on the night of Nov. 29, 1929, taking the lives of eleven crew members.

    Emily Sikuli whose father Temou Samuela was the island carpenter on Nikumaroro says the landing was made on the outer portion of the reef flat just north of the wreck of the Norwich City, that the plane was visible at low tide however the shipwreck obscured vision from the settlement.

    "She landed on a tiny atoll – one of many in that general area of the Pacific – and was picked up by a Japanese fishing boat that took her to the Marshall Islands then under Japanese control." Amy Otis Earhart’s statement to the Los Angeles Times in July 1949.


    "Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz told me without equivocation that Amelia and Fred had gone down in the Marshalls and were taken by the Japanese, that this knowledge was documented in Washington." Fred Goerner, CBS News. Amelia Earhart / Irene Bolam.

    In 1981 it was said that a prominent Roman Catholic clergyman named Monsignor James Francis Kelley was telling acquaintances of having had an instrumental role in Earhart’s repatriation from Japan, and helping her create a new identity as Irene Bolam .. a woman by that name who died in New Jersey in 1982 was in fact Amelia Earhart, she was secretly repatriated to the US from Japan after World War Two.


    A big fat razberry to the ones who say her fate is still a mystery.

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    Amelia Earhart's navigator Fred Noonan at right in the montage below, is said to have been a problem drinker who turned up at the airport in Lae just minutes before departure in an advanced state of inebriation.

    Earhart's Takeoff From Lae, New Guinea.

    In the above 30 second video of the takeoff Fred Noonan seems to get on ok with the pilot nor does he appear to be affected by alcohol in any way, the takeoff itself looks ok contrary to reports it had been rough.

    The Luke Field Crash Report.

    Her piloting skills were not good witness the March 20, 1937 crash on takeoff in the same plane at Luke field in Hawaii, where after Harry Manning at center in the montage the first choice as navigator withdrew from the team, her radio and navigation skills were rudimentary at best.

    They were lost and low on fuel when Nikumaroro Island came into view, it must have been very low tide for her to have landed as she did on the reef. After landing she sent an SOS by radio which was picked up by a Japanese fishing vessel which effected a rescue.


    The Americans had stationed the seagoing tug USS Ontario at right above at the projected mid point of the Earhart flight, the watch officer said he heard the sound of an approaching aircraft a few minutes after 10 pm that night which must have been the Electra, as well the Coast Guard Cutter Itasca at left was anchored off Howland Island to help Amelia Earhart land safely at the airstrip that had been prepared for her. Amelia Earhart - The Truth at Last.

    Extrapolate that because the affair was such a complete failure and because the truth would put the Japanese in a better light at a time when the US, England and Japan were each striving for hegemony in the region, the Americans thought it just as easy to concoct the disappearance story, while bringing EA and Noonan back to the US with a stringent warning to keep mum. NBCNews - Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash Landing.