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The Gunnison Massacre, Utah Territory 1853 - A Dress Rehearsal for Mountain Meadows

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  • The Gunnison Massacre, Utah Territory 1853 - A Dress Rehearsal for Mountain Meadows

    See the October 26, 1853, killing of US Army Captain John W Gunnison & seven more blamed on vengeful Pahvant tribesmen, as a dress rehearsal for the Sept. 11, 1857, slaughter of around 140 wagoneers at the Mountain Meadows by Mormons done up as Indians!
    Gunnison Massacre of 1853 in Millard County, UT.

    The October 1853 Meadow Creek incident whereby wagon trainers had allegedly slain Pahvant War Chief Mosoquop's father, which allegedly caused him to seek revenge against "any white man" in response, is just too cute! Wikipedia: After the killings, rumors circulated the Pahvants involved in the Gunnison Massacre were acting under the direction of Brigham Young, and a secret militia known as the Danites. Resonates with numerous other False Flag events not limited to Pearl Harbor and the 911 Attacks, see the 1846 Mexican / American war similarly as a dress rehearsal for the 1861 American Civil War.

    Mark Twain » Roughing It » Appendix B. The Mountain Meadows Massacre.

    A wagon train rich in cattle, horses, mules and other property with one hundred and forty five or one hundred and fifty emigrants, being in part from Arkansas, and in part from Missouri left Arkansas. A large party of Mormons painted and tricked out as Indians, overtook the train of emigrant wagons some three hundred miles south of Salt Lake City, and made an attack, the emigrants threw up earthworks, made fortresses of their wagons and defended themselves gallantly and successfully for five days!

    At the end of the five days the Mormons retired to the upper end of the Meadows, resumed civilized apparel, washed off their paint and then heavily armed, drove down in wagons to the beleaguered emigrants bearing a flag of truce. When the emigrants saw white men coming they threw down their guns and welcomed them with cheer after cheer, and lifted a little child aloft dressed in white in answer to the flag.

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    Ed: None of the extant accounts mentions this photograph, nor do any Mormon sources admit a photographer was there!

    The deliverers were President Haight and Bishop John D Lee of the Mormon Church, they professed to be on good terms with the Indians, and proposed to intercede and settle the matter with them, after several hours they gave the ultimatum of the savages.

    Which was that the emigrants should march out of their camp, leaving everything behind them even their guns, it was promised by the Mormon bishops that they would bring a force and guard the emigrants back to the settlements, the terms were agreed to the emigrants being desirous of saving the lives of their families.

    The Mormons retired and subsequently appeared with thirty or forty armed men, the emigrants were marched out, the women and children in front and the men behind, the Mormon guard being in the rear, when they had marched in this way about a mile, at a given signal the slaughter commenced, the men were almost all shot down at the first fire from the guard.

    Two only escaped who fled to the desert, and were followed one hundred and fifty miles before they were overtaken and slaughtered, the women and children ran on two or three hundred yards further, when they were overtaken and with the aid of the Indians they were slaughtered.

    Seventeen individuals only of all the emigrant party were spared and they were little children, the eldest of them being only seven years old. Thus on the 10th day of September, 1857, was consummated one of the most cruel, cowardly and bloody murders known in our history. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

    The Mountain Meadows

    According to Mormon sources, thirty two of the fifty four Mormons who participated in the Mountain Meadows Massacre were from England .. which indicates they were mercenaries. Eighty five Irish "San Patricios," who deserted General Taylor's Command and joined Santa Anna in Mexico, were hanged en masse September 10, 1847.

    Forty white men were hanged and two more were shot "trying to escape," in Gainsvile Tx. in 1862, on suspicion of treason against the Confederacy. Thirty eight Santee Sioux were hanged Mankato, Minnesota, Dec. 16, 1862, whose defense rested on their assertion, the five "settlers" they are alleged to have slain fired first!

    Green Marker, the Mountain Meadows, Red Marker the site of the Gunnison Massacre.

    Yet Mormon Bishop John D Lee was the single Mormon executed by firing squad, at the scene of the crime at the Mountain Meadows, twenty yrs after the event in 1877. Which indicates there was a massive conspiracy afoot - financed by the youknowhu's - a la the conspiracy that keeps the Zionist perpetrators of the 911 attacks separate from the hoosegow.

    The Meadow Creek incident, & The Gunnison Massacre. by Colonel Dick Kindsfater.

    John Williams Gunnison.

    Pear Harbor False Flag.

    911 Attacks, False Flag.

    "San Patricios," Hanged.

    Gainsvile Hangings.

    Santee Sioux Hanged.

    Mountain Meadows

    Mountain Meadows Massacre

    Last Confession and Statement of John D. Lee.

    John D. Lee executed!


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      Montage: The Other 911 Killfest, The Sister of Jared shot taken before the killing began at the Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, Sept. 11, 1857 - Some one hundred and forty Arkansas & Missouri immigrants slaughtered under a flag of truce after Mormons decked out as Indians attacked their wagons.

      Video - The Oct. 26, 1853 Gunnison Massacre, Millard County, Utah - See the killing of US Army Captain John W Gunnison & seven more blamed on vengeful Pahvant tribesmen, as a dress rehearsal for the Sept. 11, 1857 slaughter of around 140 wagoneers at the Mountain Meadows by Mormons done up as Indians.

      PDF - The Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre a Dark Day in Utah History, by Rodney Dalton - The attack then siege of a wagon train by the Nauvoo Legion of the Iron County Mormon Militia, culminating in the slaughter of all but seventeen children after their surrender.

      Paiutes Deny Involvement - Brevet Major Carleton "the scene was too horrible and sickening for language to describe, human skeletons, disjointed bones, ghastly skulls and the hair of women were scattered in frightful profusion over a distance of two miles, the remains dismembered and flesh stripped from the bones by wolves, then only such bones were buried as lay scattered along nearest the road."

      Samuel L Clemens aka Mark Twain, "Roughing It" Appendix B, The Mountain Meadows Massacre - "The persecutions which the Mormons suffered so long--and which they consider they still suffer in not being allowed to govern themselves-- they have endeavored and are still endeavoring to repay. The now almost forgotten "Mountain Meadows massacre" was their work.

      It was very famous in its day. The whole United States rang with its horrors. A few items will refresh the reader's memory. A great emigrant train from Missouri and Arkansas passed through Salt Lake City and a few disaffected Mormons joined it for the sake of the strong protection it afforded for their escape. In that matter lay sufficient cause for hot retaliation by the Mormon chiefs.

      Besides, these one hundred and forty-five or one hundred and fifty unsuspecting emigrants being in part from Arkansas, where a noted Mormon missionary had lately been killed, and in part from Missouri, a State remembered with execrations as a bitter persecutor of the saints when they were few and poor and friendless, here were substantial additional grounds for lack of love for these wayfarers.

      And finally, this train was rich, very rich in cattle, horses, mules and other property--and how could the Mormons consistently keep up their coveted resemblance to the Israelitish tribes and not seize the "spoil" of an enemy when the Lord had so manifestly "delivered it into their hand?"
      If the Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre of about 140 California bound wagoneers by Mormons disguised as Indians had been prosecuted to its fullest potential, there would be no Mormons today since Brigham Young and the entire Mormon hierarchy would have been hanged!

      Forty two white men were hanged at Gainesville, Texas in 1862 for failing to support the Confederacy, the same year thirty eight Santee Sioux were hanged in Minnesota, after five American settlers were killed by Indians whose case rested on their assertion the settlers had fired first.

      Eighty five Irish traitors were justly hanged in New Mexico in 1846, they deserted General Taylor’s command and joined Santa Anna’s forces in Mexico, the deserters then crossed back into Texas and slew eleven of their former comrades from ambush on the northern bank of the Rio Grande.

      Fifty four Mormons took part in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of whom thirty two were from England, Brigham Y was up to his neck in it all as well he received livestock and property looted from the wagons .. John D Lee Mormon Bishop and adopted son of BY was the single Mormon executed by firing squad in 1877.

      Last Confession & Statement of John D Lee.

      JD Lee was excommunicated for the crime, he was posthumously reinstated to full church membership on April 20, 1961 - "The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, decided authorization be given for the reinstatement to membership of John D. Lee." TIMH.

      Brigham Young, "unless you repent at once of that unholy intention [to reveal the truth of the MMM], and keep the secret of all that you know, you will die a dog's death, be damned and go to Hell. Today in Mormon History.

      Salt Lake City solved ts homeless problem by rounding 'em up and allegedly knocking around 22,000 of them off, FEMA genocide centers are said to be located at Provo Utah .. they are not averse to killing their own ppl, so it seems the rest of us would have little chance if they ever got the Soros financed upper hand, I call them "Followers of the False Prophet."

      The "Sister of Jared" shot, I have always found it suspicious that a photographer was on hand! Edit.