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WTF is Going On in McAlester Oklahoma

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  • WTF is Going On in McAlester Oklahoma!3m1!1e3

    Under the shaded part on the map?

    The claim it is an Army Munitions Depot does not ring true ..

    My best guess is it is a Cold Fusion experiment, that the white structures house cyclotrons and that the patterns of cellular scars in the landscape visible on the satellite shot above are from an earlier generation of cold cyclotrons!

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    Feedback ..

    TF32 @ Zen Zone says .. "I checked it out. Most definitely a military base. Multiple helicopter lading zones and the whole place is marked off with a fence. Definately a lot of scientist in and out. And they have a friggin I believe an America's best in ON the base itself. It has a lake named rocket. And another one named brown. Judging on the color of the water I would say most definitely dumping toxic material to change the waters that color as opposed to the surronding none military based lakes.

    Most definitely the older ones have blown to smithereens. Definitely Nore than an ammunition plant. I mean what type of military ammunition plant have an on site hospital with multiple medical helipads. base People seem to get very sick there very often. And almost all of the hospitals have something like Doctors rude.

    Or when you go there you go there to die. Not another one. Cancer is threw the roof also. There is something going on there and you can always tell a lot about something by the pictures and things it keeps around it. Where did you find this information."
    "Also looks like possible ufo activity. There is a triangular yet cylindrical shaped craft with what looks like three run ways leading off from the front in a triangle and the entire area is surrounded by large Freshly planted trees except the front the front seems to Shrouded with much older looking taller trees. What kind of Ammunition factory needs a runway like like multiple helicopter landing sites. a hospital that google maps says you go to die and the doctors are mean there.

    2 dirt landing strips one with the name Fly h I think. The whole area is blurred out to some extent. 95% of the area no plant life on it. That is cnn worthy just with pictures alone. I am going to go grid by grid and see wat else I find. Which I am sure will be more. I will submit attachments or coordinates withing the week.

    Numerous weird triangle shaped ponds or lakes. Also a field with what looks like a Human shaking hands with a little either dark green or black form. I t has multiple colors to it. Man this **** is freaking my ass out I think I'm going to stop there before the CIA com knocking on my door."