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The Martian King - Nefertiti, Long Heads on Earth and on Mars

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  • The Martian King - Nefertiti, Long Heads on Earth and on Mars

    Statue on Mars Photographed in Gustev Crater by NASA's Spirit Rover in 2008, shows a robed figure wearing a Crown.

    That he could pass for a modern man turns Charles Darwin's Descent of Man on its head, as well it refutes Adam and Eve and the notion men evolved from Ethiopian ape brutes .. as well discern the King has an elongated head.

    Neues Museum en BerlĂ­n: 7 opiniones y 26 fotos para tu reserva
    Strange `Shaping' of Humans

    Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti 1370 - 1330 BC, the Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, whose name means "the beautiful one" who ruled Egypt after her husband's death and attended to affairs of state in the nude..

    Also was possessed of an elongated head which is a Martian trait, as per the elongated skulls photographed by the Opportunity Rover lower right, the shot top right attests to the sheer abundance of skulls on the Martian plain.

    The skull outlined in green could be a lot older than the crested skull in yellow, enlargement shows there are numerous others like the small skull in red in the frame, while the straight brow line and triangular eye sockets on the blue skull identify a Martian alien.

    The headware favored by the Sanhedrin who sentenced JC for blasphemy two thousand some yrs ago, no less than that of Royalty & Bishops today bespeaks Martian influence.

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