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    Human Skull on Venus 1.

    Human Skull on Venus 2.

    Boat & Stone Axe on Venus.

    Human & Alien Life on Mars & Venus - The Evolution of Man.

    Data returned by the Soviet Venera program that went from 1961 to 1984 proves there were humans on planet Venus, information that has been kept under wraps. Link.

    Check the cluster of volcanoes on the Tharsis Shield on Mars and the ones that formed the Hawaiian Chain of Islands, and be aware of the vast flat volcano that exists on planet Venus which we say extends into the core of the planet.

    And postulate they were all caused by the same swarm of high speed projectiles in galactic orbit that are virtually unstoppable, indeed some say the Olgas / Ayers Rock formations in Central Australia - Kata Tjuta / Uluru - are exit wounds, that an impactor went right thru the Earth and came out there.

    On Venus when the exhaust from the super volcano rises high and reacts with the vast amount of water vapor that originated in the Sun, sped outward on the Solar Wind and condensed in the planet's atmosphere, it produces a protein a la sea foam that forms when sea water mixes with rain.

    Radar images returned by successive Russian probes that went to Venus showed ant nests - this information is suppressed however they absolutely did, the single source was a television news report sometime around 1983 / 84, that spoke of the vast flat volcano and showed radar images of it and a perfectly formed conical ant's nest.

    Postulate the Venusian ants various tribes of which rule the planet gather the protein fallout and take it to their Queen, that she alone can digest the substance only after it has been in honeycomb structures the worker ants build for a certain period, that the Queen then produces food from her person that sustains the ants.

    Halifax Today.

    Guest Neel Patel on the Halifax Today podcast quotes the hellish temperature and very high atmospheric pressure that has been recorded on the planet, without mentioning recent findings that have determined the poles on Venus are indeed quite cold.

    Therefore we can conclude there is a region in between that does have temperate conditions, while deep sea observations confirm life can be quite comfortable in high pressure / high temperature environments. Black Smokers.

    He talks of the reluctance within the scientific community to launch Venus landers, we say the Secret Space Program has done just that, that landers have been sent to planet Mercury and to the moons of the outer planets as well.

    Science News.