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Keyboard Problem When Typing Text, it Has Been a Full Week Please Help!

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  • Keyboard Problem When Typing Text, it Has Been a Full Week Please Help!

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    Tae2# Evy tim type text itcan t up to six orseven kestroks

    Ttake 33 evey tie i typtext tatkupt xsven ktses

    Take 43ver timtye texyittakesix revn rokes

    take 5 very tie itype textt tks sx orsevn kystres

    Take 6: Every time I type text it takes up to six or seven key strokes!
    Any one know how to fix??

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    Yo Horse yr not alone.

    Testimonials ..

    * Dan Says, "Keyboard types the wrong letters in SMS text messages."
    * MichelleRo .. "I have the same problem, it types two letters to the left of whatever key I press."
    * Pyrotech .. "Mine did that fresh out of the box, resetting and restoring didn't do anything."
    * Bish0p34 .. "It's so frustrating, I started to wonder how bad my typing was."
    * PartyOnTheMoon .. "I have the exact same problem, it's extremely annoying."
    * Badmoomoo72 .. "I have this problem too on the new phone, this is making me hate my phone."
    * CindyLouWho67 .. "I love finding out I am not the only one, it was making me crazy."
    * Blu_CodeinE .. "When I am typing it will switch to the symbols / numbers without me pressing that button."
    * MaryPain .. "I have the same problem, I need to put my password in however as the keyboard is failing to work my phone is disabled."

    Actionmarker @ Apple Repies in Response .. "Have you tried the basic troubleshooting steps to see if that resolves you issue? Restart? Reset?Restore."
    I had the same problem with a new phone straight out of the box, it went back in and has not been seen since, I communicate by landline and by PC only and I do not get bills from phone companies.

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    Why does this song keep going thru my head, puzzled?