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    Publisher's preface: A book that details Israel’s lead role in the events of 9/11 author Victor Thorn aka Scott Makufka reveals how the 911 truth movement has been co opted by Zionist interests, whose aim is to steer suspicion away from Israel and the many Israeli agents in the US Government.

    Victor Thorn should have more on his mind than trying to squeeze a dollar out of 911 truth, like what were his movements in Austin Texas on April 18, 2008, at the time of the murder of Palestinian activist Riad Hamad, Thorn was in Austin as a studio guest of Alex Jones then, and is similarly thought to be a high level Mossad executioner. .. Hamad's body was found bound with duct tape, cut from the shoulder to the stomach, his arms were cut and his face was bruised, the rear of his skull was bashed in.

    These letters by Mr Hamad were published before his death.

    May 12, 2007:

    Time for apology is now

    The Cho family apologized to the people of the United States, for the murder of 32 students at Virginia Tech University, so I think the right thing is for the Bush family to apologize to the people of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan for the war crimes committed against them, by its delusional son President Bush.

    It is the right thing to do. It is the ethical thing to do. It is the legal thing to. It is time for remorse and restitution for the people of Iraq and Palestine.

    Riad Elsolh Hamad, Austin
    June 3, 2006:

    Antone was no saint, it is really unfortunate that the American-Statesman treated Clifford Antone like a saint, Antone was a convicted drug dealer, who contributed to the destruction of hundreds and thousands of lives, and ruined many youths. Has the Statesman no shame? Stop treating him like a hero and tell the truth for a change.

    Riad Elsolh Hamad, Austin
    November 27, 2005:

    Practicing faith freely, I heard with disgust the statement by President bush in China, encouraging the Chinese government to allow Christians to practice their faith freely.

    The statement is outrageous, considering the plight of the Palestinian Christians who carried the torch of Christianity for centuries, and taught the Western world the message of Christianity.

    It is an absolute farce, for the president to call for the Chinese government to open the doors for the Christian evangelists, and Christian Zionists, to proselytize their brand of Christianity in China, when the Palestinian Christians cannot even reach their churches to pray, and celebrate their holidays.

    The Palestinian Christians, who once constituted more than 20 percent of the population of Palestine, are less than 2 percent of the population today, because of the economic, political and religious restrictions imposed on them by the Israeli military occupation.

    The President has no credibility, in calling for the Chinese to allow converted Christians to worship freely, when the true Christians and the custodians of the Holy Land in Palestine, are suffering at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

    Riad Hamad, Austin