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    Hi, thanks for the good work you did on the error log issue there are a couple more things ..

    When I post a link onto Reddit for instance I choose to use the shortcut link on the forum page, rather than the full story link so that the Dockers Union header does not show, however while the shortcut link opens correctly it does not have a separate url, which means I can not post a link that will open the page without the header.

    My operation depends on numerous edits, thus when I post successive links I open the edit function on each entry numerous times.

    Every time I do that on post material I have C&P'd off of Reddit or Voat fr instance an additional space appears after each block of quoted text, which causes very large gaps to appear all over the place that I need to edit out over and again, it does not happen with C&P's from YouTube just Voat & Reddit.

    The other problem concerns another edit function, when I transfer posts to outside forums such as Pravda fr instance I need to C&P the underlying code, so that image urls appear inside [img] tags, I can not find a way to do that.

    If you can help I will be so happy. Martin Timothy, Brisbane Au.