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New Yorkers, People Without Pity in a City Without Shame, the 911 Victim's Faces

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  • New Yorkers, People Without Pity in a City Without Shame, the 911 Victim's Faces

    These hundreds of citizens of New York City, were sold out by their comrades at the Fire House and the Police Station, who allegedly received between 1.8 and 5 million dollar$ apiece, to keep silent about anything they saw or heard, that deviates from the official 911 line!

    Port Authority civilian fatalities 9/11/01

 ... GRAPHIC/9110210.PDF

    FDNY photographer Richard Smiouskas, was on the roof of the South Tower taking photographs, and witnessed ppl people pushed out of the windows of the North Tower .. he says his cameras were lost in the subsequent melee!

    He says he took the elevator to ground level, and sought shelter in Bldg 6 .. If he was on the roof of the ST following the first strike, it seems highly unlikely that he would have abandoned that vantage point, or that he would have abandoned the film he shot at any time!

    Maybe he photographed the air strike on the South Tower from close up, and witnessed the missile strike, recorded on Evan Fairbanks video, the dateline on his interview is 27 November 2001, so the conspiracy had from 11 September until then, to convince him to toe the line, and to get on board!
    Like if he speaks up nobody gets paid, and a whole lotta thugs and dogs at the NYPD and FDNY, are not gonna like that

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    Christopher Bollyn's credibility is another matter..
    Christopher Bollyn

    Bollyn says WTC 6, the US Custome House was damaged by a missile concurrent with the airstrike on the South Tower, at about 09:03 am.

    Above left the shot taken after the ST collapse at 10:00 am, that shows Bldgs 5 & 6 undamaged, at right after the NT went down, Bollyn has made no effort to set the record straight, and refuses to publish the above shot despite numerous requests that he do so!