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Demolition Squibs on the WTC Towers & Bldg 7

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  • Demolition Squibs on the WTC Towers & Bldg 7

    Feedback: There were minor explosion appearing incidents on the buildings.

    I guess these are the ones you mean .. on the North Tower at left, the South Tower center, and Bldg 7 at right, they are called squibs in the demolition business and are part of the controlled demolition process.

    Take a look at the structure of the towers, the steel core had to be severed with precisely shaped thermate cutter charges at literally thousands of places, some websites say the explosives were placed over several weekends. To carry out such an op the fire proof cement enclosing the steel has to be jack hammered away..

    Scaffolding has to be erected at every level in the stair wells and service areas, tons of explosive would be needed at every level, thousands of tons overall, then the skilled people who complete the job are gonna keep quiet about it forever more, gimme a break.

    In the early 1970's the Readers Digest ran a story, that said explosives would be built in to the WTC Towers to facilitate their eventual controlled demolition, it was in the Australian edition that was in a dentist's waiting room.

    This image resembles the Tarot card The Lightning Struck Tower which is disaster, the human challenge is to ensure the disaster of prosecution befalls the culprits.

    Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory - Looking up West Broadway toward the WTC from the corner of Park Place, shows absolute carnage.

    How far does it extend, other shots show burnt cars on FDR Drive more than a kilometer away in the other direction, what became of the people in the cars, were their insurance claims settled the same as Silverstein's.
    Feedback: I have not heard this theory prior.

    Reply: That is because "they" want you to be ignorant, "they" want some t-r-a-s-h in a uniform with a gun and a taser weapon grunting at you like a human pig, "they" want to serve your kids up as food, like they do in China where eating houses are located next to abortion factories.

    "They" want to bomb you with drone aircraft like they do in Pakistan, and they want to commit outrage upon you like they did in New York in 2001, and when you protest "they" are gonna send yuk yuks to you and larf and larf and larf, like they do now in response to "troofers," "they" want you to be like them.

    Cutter Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

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    Feedback says .. The inclusion of the Picasso surrealism artwork is both provocative and insightful, did he know or was he aware enough to perceive what was to come .. much peace.
    Peace departed when I read Picasso for Salvador Dali! - Painting by SD.

    According to the ppl at New York, Salvador Dalí (1904-89) considered himself a prophet and a genius! - Salvador Dali, The Face of War.

    While the good folk at TweetSpeak say .. "by the late 1930s, Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali was one of the most notable painters of the movement. Having shown the masterful ability to capture the essence of the unconscious, Dali had garnered a world-wide following, in no small part due to his famous painting, “The Persistence of Memory.”

    However by the close of the 30s, the days were coming darker amidst the building Nazi threat, and the images of molten pocket-watches likely failed to capture the collective consciousness of the day. So, in 1940, Dali set out to capture “The Face of War.”

    The work depicts a head, free-floating in a post-apocalyptic desert. Wearing an expression eerily reminiscent of the figure in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” the eyes and mouth contain other free floating heads, these more skeletonized than the first.

    Dali gives the illusion that the heads exist in infinity, the eyes and mouths of each successive head filled with others just like it. The shadows of the head point west as the rising sun exposes a new, horrific reality.

    Salvador Dali.

    In its day, the painting was certainly shocking, a visceral portent of the coming conflict. But with the benefit of hindsight, one wonders whether Dali was more than a participant in the surrealist movement.

    And whether he had become a prophet of sorts, whether he saw the fall of Hiroshima in 1945, and with it, the rise of a nuclear world where great civilizations could be laid to ruin in the span of an afternoon.

    Salvador Dali was an eccentric fellow, some might say. But I might argue that he was something more. I might argue that Dali came to embody the surrealist exploration of the human unconsciousness, and in so doing, his prophetic vision was the most perfect of the surrealist works.


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      Feedback: Amanda says, I was fatigued when I wrote Picasso instead of Dali, I was probably thinking of Guernica.. [As well] Dali kept company with the cabal / illuminati / whatever of the day, just as George Orwell had.

      Guernica, by Pablo Picasso

      Astute observation Amanda, that's if yr name really is Amanda and yr not some fat guy in Poughkeepsie who signs himself Amanda.

      George Orwell.

      Orwell was a product of the British public school system and is said to have been a nice guy, not withstanding his role at judicial hangings during the British occupation of Burma, he was however a hack writer, and just as the Greenberg studio presents truth disguised as fiction in the matter of 911.

      As well as various other alleged massacres including Columbine School, VA Tech, the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook, so was Orwell importuned to produce 1984 by publishers with a Zionist agenda, and just as those outrages were presaged in various Zionist sponsored television shows and movies, so was GO employed to produce a pseudo political tome, whose narrative would mirror subsequent events.


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        Feedback: Looking at those cars .. what caused that? What caused the materials and fabric of the building - including steel - to turn to dust?

        The jury is still out regarding the steel spire becoming dust as per the montage above ..

        The cars are said to have been cooked by the Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] that accompanied the nuclear destruction of the Towers ..