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Brisbane File - Murder in Stafford, Police Inspector Tony Murphy & the National Hotel

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  • Brisbane File - Murder in Stafford, Police Inspector Tony Murphy & the National Hotel

    One Saturday morning in 1971 while I was still in the Army I ran into another soldier I knew who had two girls with him who needed a ride back home after a late night out, driving up Stafford Road following the girl's instructions..

    Leader of Corrupt "Rat Pack" Cops Tony Murphy Dead at 82.

    They said turn left and I drove into Windorah Street, they told me it was the wrong street that I should have taken the next left at the traffic lights into Shand Street so I had to turn around, the street was too narrow to do a U Turn so I drove down a little looking for a place to turn.

    It is only a short street and there was an unattended Police car parked with its windows down against the kerb outside of the last house in the street on the right, past the police car the road petered out there was a vacant unpaved area that appeared to back onto a creek.

    I entered the vacant block to turn around, someone had placed a row of about eight or nine light wooden fruit boxes in a semi circle nearly blocking the way, a Holden sedan was parked twenty meters or so to the right, while another Holden Station Wagon was parked straight ahead by the trees.

    A man carrying a rifle who I recognized as the manager of the National Hotel walked across the block and shot the man behind the wheel of the Holden Station Wagon thru the window of his car. He was a local boy who had attached transfers right over a previous Holden wagon he had.

    The last time I saw him was in the Royal George Hotel in Fortitude Valley he told me that he did not drive that vehicle anymore, he was a nice guy though he seemed a bit depressed.

    Google Earth.

    The National Hotel was a great place where thousands of Brisbane's young ppl went and where marriages often came about .. young men were required to wear a tie and you could hire one for two dollars, the same manager who shot the guy in Stafford had a big box of them and if you never returned the tie he kept the dough.

    While I was in the Army everybody I knew had a good collection of National Hotel ties .. this night I had my own tie on, when I went in the same manager who was the friendliest fellow you could meet was being roundly abused by a person I now to be Police Inspector Tony Murphy, which stressed him right out.

    He was subsequently arrested and charged with the murder the case went to trial and he was sentenced to life in prison .. the National Hotel had a darker side there was an alleged Queensland Police sponsored prostitution racket underway, which became the impetus for the National Hotel Inquiry.

    We say the deceased party had somehow become aware of what was going on and went to the police, that those same police - Murphy - had in fact turned him into the subject of his information who was the hotel manager who shot him as a "grass,"that the police knew the shooting was to take place hence the unattended squad car parked adjacent to the crime scene.

    File shots of "The Nash."