History, Semaphore South Australia.

I was five yrs old it was his 7th birthday, Mother and Grandmother had taken us to Semaphore they had been just as cruel to me at Glenelg beach when I was about 4 yo, this time they were ignoring him and were deliberately distant when he sought their attention which drove him spare.

They took us to the spiral slippery slide seen at upper right in the photo below, where at ground level two girls one of about the same age as me who had smiled at me the other was a little younger. To go on the slippery slide you had to pay the man there money and he would give you a burlap bag to slide down on, then you had to access the top of the tower via the steps.

The girls had gone on ahead and T followed them up .. while I was getting my bag and paying the money to the attendant, the older girl who had smiled at me plummeted from the top of the tower and died instantly when she hit the ground .. see Adelaide Advertiser August 28, 1955 re front page headline "Fatality at Semaphore."

I looked up and saw my brother peeping from near the top of the slide the attendant told me not to go up I went up anyway .. the younger girl was at the top crying hysterically my brother was near the top, he had pushed the girl from the top of the tower he did not say anything and got close behind me as we both slid down, he stayed that way while GM and Mother hurried us away.

The Advertiser.