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    Tia Dargaville, one of three scab Mouri brothers, introduced himself in Gove when he told me in the crib room at lunch time, I had been on the job about four days, that he thought all Aussies were cowards, he\'s mumbling this **** for a while then starts mumbling \'...bring it on.\' Brave in company with his two scab brothers, I did not bash him sensless as I normally would have since it was at work, and I did not want to be sacked.

    Earlier that day on the way back to the scaff yard Benny Ratahi had stuck his finger up his nose produced a fair sized lump of black **** held it under my nose then after about twenty seconds asks \'...what do you think of that.\' Working out on the wharf I find a fishing reel and some bait, I bait up and throw in ten minutes later I check the line, no fish and still baited,

    A Mouri bloke one of the crew men on the tugs comes up tells me that I am out there to work, not to go fishing. \'... yeah righto mate\' I tell him, presently Tony Williams the team leader arrives and gets up me for fishing. I know that I am among scabs thugs and dogs.
    In about June I am elected co-delegate and attend with Dana the delegate who is herself a foul mouthed scab, a combined union meeting comprising the maintenance staff as well as construction personnel on the G3 expansion then underway.

    The issue was a detectable level of mercury had produced a spike in a test reading. The test had been conducted some weeks before, had been restricted to one only water cooler on site and the matter had been rectified, likewise weeks before and was for all intents and purposes ancient history.

    The matter became an issue when someone scrutinized the report sheet that is issued from time to time on site and decided that mileage may be made over the fact that no alarm had been sent when the spike was discovered, so here we were in a combined meeting. Listening to debate ... \'we are not taking this sh*t... they can fly the water in from Darwin...

    This BS goes on for a while then I put my two bob\'s worth in. I tell them not to panic, there is nothing wrong with the water there never was, on a bauxite site mercury contamination exists throughout the whole site, the fact that a mercury spike showed up in test data indicated a bit of dust or something had got into the system. That the hospital had taken no extra measures, neither had the aboriginal community.
    At this point heckling and slander had broken out a Mouri guy in the crowd starts screaming '... whose this ****' at this point I tell him that I am not a **** and for him to address me that way rendered him liable to getting smashed in the mouth, he says \'...wha... what the f**k...\' read above about Eric at Newlands Mine and the coons in Brisbane, same **** different day., he says 'you\'re an old man, you\'re not worth bashing," I say "hop up here we\'ll see who is an old man.

    The cannibals are not real brave either, and the dog who stuck his finger up his nose was about two seconds from getting the floggin' of his worthless life .. we have a day and a half off, the dispute had no merits and was a power play by the meeting\'s organizers. Up until this time the major drama apart from racism on site consisted of smoking in the twin cab company vehicles used on site.

    As an employees elected representative the most requests I got were from workers who were made ill constantly day after day and in response to the same persons smoking in the vehicles. I told them at duly constituted employees meetings: It was against Civil Law, company policy, and site rules and the union policy was that any departure from site rules constituted a breach, thus anyone sacked, reprimanded, disciplined, or served notice as a result of smoking in a non smoking area had no case at all.

    Month after month the same ones did not care about anything, their mates going home crook after breathing smoke in a twin cab all day. I try to get the safety officer on side, about all I knew about him was his chortling and chuckling when he showed photographs of deceased workmates which are included in incident reports when a fatality occurs in the industry.. He stormed out of the meeting hopped into a company vehicle on site stuck a fag into his gob and drove off!
    The supervisors approach, he was a Dutchman was the same, re smoking he said it was OK provided there were no non smokers in the vehicles, during this debate a black guy from Mackay in Queensland spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth just where I would have to put my foot when I got out of the vehicle, the next day he was rude to me so I belted sh*t out of him.

    Someone else said it was only courtesy that you did not smoke when there are non smokers in the truck, I say that courtesy consisted of not farting in the truck, site rules on the other hand were concerned with smoking., this debate raged in October my two workmates Darryl Russell and Joe Guzara turned on me at work, Joe threatened me with a hammer then went berserk attacking a scaffolding wedge all the time frothing at the mouth, he's fukkin' stone mad.

    The other turd had asked me what his leave entitlements were, his mother in law was in an old peoples home in Port Augusta a new wing was being built just where her bed was. She'd taken a bit of a turn, he told me and was he able to get leave. I reckon he went down and finished her off. This prick like Joe, different personality every day.

    Next gang first day a dog scab named Daniel Macintyre lights up in the cab. I tell him he is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle he says \'...says who.\' I tell the Dutch super that his duty of care to provide me with a safe working place has not been met and in that case I will be leaving the site. Off site I ring the union talk to Frank Chambers who says Marina Williams State Secretary will be in Gove later that day and will be on site the following day.
    He agrees with me that the situation at Kaefer Scaffolding was scabbing and was critical. Marina Williams tells me on the phone 1 November 2005 that I was correct to make a stand re smoking, and that the smokers were scabs, is aghast re the Safety Officer\'s and the Supervisor\'s assertion that smoking was OK in vehicles except if there were non smokers, assures me that she will ring Brian Keenan the head man at Kaefer, insist that site safety rules are obeyed, and see to it that I was paid for the time I was off the job since it was a safety issue.

    She says she will be on site the next day and she will see me then. That day Rod Welsh the scab leading hand from the previous day says I wont be working with him and he will smoke just when and where he feels like it. Pete Dargaville whose brother reckons all Aussies are cowards tells me that he wont be working with me, Tony Houston another scab who I have taken a collection up for, $ 651.00 plus card since I had seen him he had lost his possessions in a house fire, is giving me the cold shoulder.

    A few months before he had been full of sh*t on the job making one wait for him while he went through a bonding session with one of his bum buddy scab mates. I pull him up about it he tells me to get over it, and undergoes a personality change when I challenge him. Says he thought putting **** on me was OK since he thought I was a space cadet.I do not know what a space cadet is but I know Gus Brooker is a scab.

    Marina Williams had not got in touch with Brian Keenan the boss as she said she would, I ring the union Frank tells me to stay cool, Marina was gonna be on the job later that day, she had already endorsed the stand I took as delegate, had assured both he and I that we were right and she would remedy things ASAP.

    A good man at work tells me that he wants to work with me, he walked one hundred and ninety kilometers after his car broke down four years before, and had backed up with a ninety K walk a few months before I met him, he had given his shirt to his mate who was barefooted to put on his feet. Other good men concur... so I stay there all day, despite there being scabs on the job.

    The wanker who ran the place a morbidly obese man, so named because the only time you would see him on site was when he was heading to the latrines, Penthouse Magazine in hand for his daily wank, has the temerity at the end of the day to hand me a notice saying I had left the site the previous day without going thru the disputes resolution procedure outlined in the workplace agreement.

    Now there\'s a wanker for you, this dispute had been going for months, I tell him I will be guided by the union response, and not to expect me back until he has sorted out the matter of scabs on the job. I ring Marina Williams she has had a personality change says she knows of no place where the union forbids smoking in vehicles, I tell her union policy is that site rules are obeyed, that I will not be going onto the site while there are scabs on the job.

    Wwhich does not mean, as I succinctly tell her that I am demanding any persons dismissal, just in case the wanker reckons I am.<br />\n<br />\nAn apology for being scabs will do as long as a commitment is received from all scabs that is all who just go ahead and light up that their ways are changed, she makes a sort of a snorting animal sound becomes intelligible and is gone from the phone.

    Next day Shane Cotton the wanker rings, tells me he wants me back at work I tell him to ring back when he has sorted out the matter of scabs at work. Brian Keenan rings the same thing, I tell him I will go back when he can guarantee a smoke free workplace as is guaranteed under the terms of my hire, and that I wont be working while there are scabs on the job.

    That afternoon Marina Williams returns my calls, she tells me I will have to provide a written statement, one problem honey, reticence in a scab affair from a trade union official is scabbing, I tell her that. I know my job is gone, I ring Cotton tell him I want to return to work the next day I want to convene a meeting etc he says no.
    There's scabs for you Geoff Hoani is the new and scab delegate he was a scab the day he came onto the job smoking in the vehicles and a scab the day I left it. I haven't worked since and I despise the whole race for their gluttony, treachery and filth. I was warned that the cannibal race Mouris are the most treacherous people on the Earth in grade school. That all is well then one day they are stomping and carrying on outside your house and they are gonna kill and eat ya.

    Their war dance song translates to ;we are gonna come to your village, and we are gonna kill and eat your children in front of you ;that ethic honed up to perfection as their race turned upon itself in an orgy of cannibal feasting generation to generation, till the European man turned up and put a stop to it. Hungarian and Albanian guest workers, white New Zealanders and Australians made up the scab numbers!

    Racism at Waco: Scabs at Bell: thus The BLF enters the new world order: The docks collapse in '93, in '94 I try to get a job at Waco Scaffolding, ring the boss Tia Howson tell him I'm looking for a job '...yes mate...' he says, '...I\'ve got your number' he says, reads my number back' nothing now I\'ll ring when there is a bit of work\'. I put up with this bull ringing him off and on till about \'03, then I tell him he\'s a racist and that if I was a member of the Mouri tribe I'd have been working since'94. He says that's bull and hangs up.

    Trash at Superior Scaffolding in about '97 Paddy Quinn tells me not to ring back I was employed there one day. More of the same at Central Scaffolding in '98 after one day Ray Batchelor says 'you're finishing up.