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The July 2000 Disappearance of Steven Goldsmith in Brisbane, Australia

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  • The July 2000 Disappearance of Steven Goldsmith in Brisbane, Australia

    Brisbane Australia July 2000: On the supermarket checkout line one evening, there was a red haired guy in his twenties who looked a bit lost, his name was Steven Goldsmith, he had come to my door a couple of years before hawking a book of his poetry.

    He was wearing worn football shorts, sneakers, T shirt, and a light jacket, the line I was in ran parallel to his while he shuffled forward open faced and vulnerable, he was with a fellow who was a regular patron of the local gym, who was a policeman as far as I knew, who saw me looking and glared.

    A couple days later Goldsmith was reported missing by a flatmate who had not seen him for several days .. after getting no response from an internet campaign, in 2006 I contacted Queensland Police Missing Persons, and told them I had information re this young man's disappearance, the woman to whom I was directed said her name was Clair then got bitchy and hung up.

    Ringing back she would provide no further information like her full name and police rank, when I protested she got bitchy and hung up again, going into Police HQ in Brisbane the next day, Dec 28, 2006, the same KS' body was found in Sydney, and telling them I wished to report the sighting, the police at the desk told me to "get out."

    The case resonates with the murder of Katherine Schweitzer, whose body was discovered in a wheely bin inside her high security Sydney apartment building December 28, 2006, who said her family was arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1944 whence only she survived out of fourteen, by another Jew who had taken up residence on the same street in Sydney.

    Update: A Google search for Steven Goldsmith turned up a listing for Australian Missing Persons, contacting them in November 2006 and telling them the whole story, that this was only one of many cases we have on file re inadequate police response re murder.

    Then getting back to them again in May 2007, the same ppl @ said an Australian TV Station had contacted them re this young man's disappearance, that they had advised the television people of the connection to Fitzone Gym, that the TV people had contacted the Gym in question and the supermarket where I had reported seeing him.

    Whereas the supermarket said security footage from that far back was no longer available, while Fitzone Gym said Steven Goldsmith had never been a member .. no one ever said Goldsmith had been a member, the person with him on the night he disappeared was for a period of years, a regular and prominent member of a clique of undesirables who frequented the gym.

    Who were police as far as I knew since they looked and acted like police, and drove half broke down old automobiles which is what police drive. Which leads to the conclusion the Australian Missing Persons website, is a false flag op in the matter of murder and disappearance.
    Steven Goldsmith was a Jew, his disappearance appears to be ground work for future charges Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn becuz they were Jews!

    The height of cynicism: This poster has recently appeared in Sydney Street New Farm, adjacent to Mr Goldsmith's previous residence!

    Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch!!

    The whole case resonates with the Johnny Gosh case in the United States, he was abducted at twelve years of age in a highly publicized kidnap to become a "Milk Carton Kid," whose image was published on some billions of milk cartons across the USA .. during which campaign he was photographed in company with George HW Bush, then Vice President of the United States!

    Editorial: This case is the tip of an iceberg of murder and disappearance, that has characterized political and police activity here, at least since the 1973 fire bombing of the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub in which fifteen ppl died, an earlier firebomb had devastated Torino's, another night spot located in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

    In 1978 after criminal charges were levied against one Police Superintendent Tony Murphy, at whose behest Billy McCulken says he bombed Torino's, Mr McCulkens wife and two beautiful school age daughters disappeared, the Coroner recommended Vincent O'Dempsy and another man, be charged with three counts of murder.

    Evidence linked the pair to police, who wanted to urge McCulken not to testify in a court case then pending which concerned police corruption, the Crown Prosecutor did not proceed in the matter, issuing a terse statement that in his opinion, evidence valid in the Coroner's Court was invalid in the Supreme Court, because some of it was hearsay.

    No bodies have ever been found, O'Dempsy is said to be the proprietor of a private cemetery, and like former rogue Painter & Dockers Union official Les Smith, a known associate of former Acting Police Commissioner Ron Redmond.

    We contend at the P&D’s that Kay Chambers was murdered to silence her.

    Angelo Vasta was DPP in 1978 who decided not to prosecute 0'Dempsy and the other man, recalling evidence the Coroner heard, that Mrs M and the girls firstly did all they could to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their assailants, hoping thus to save their lives, after which the screaming went on for hours before they died.

    Recalling Vasta being elevated some short time later to the bench from where he was removed in 1988, allegedly because he maintained an allegedly unhealthy relationship with senior police, who had been adversely named in evidence.

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    Update - Detective Robert and a female Detective from Brisbane Homicide came to my residence in Brisbane regarding the material I appended onto the i'net in relation to the SG disappearance Sunday July 19, 2020 .. I reiterated to them my knowledge as encapsulated in the story above then they left, they did not appear interested in the vast amount of other material we have, while the female officer said I should take the material to the local police.

    We had gone thru the range of police resources in Queensland in 1994, which culminated in then Commissioner Atkinson laughing in my face over re the rape and murder of Townsville sisters Judith & Susan Mackay, whereas we had told the police former pro boxer Bob Foreman was constant in his boasting he had murdered both girls.