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Prince Charles Says "Islamists" are Persecuting Christians - The Crimes are by Zion!

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  • Prince Charles Says "Islamists" are Persecuting Christians - The Crimes are by Zion!

    Long for the days the Prince was aboard the 911 truth bandwagon - Prinzowhales @ CBS: January - May 2008 & Prinzowhales @ CBS: June - December 2007

    Obama has sworn fealty to Israel - His campaign manager Axelrod, is tied to the Israeli agent Rahm Emmanuel, the Israeli Defence Force veteran who is a Representative for a district in Chicago, who ran the Congressional Election campaign for the Democrats, and made sure anti war candidates didn't get the support from the party.

    Obama's foreign policy handler Ziggy Brzezinski thought America needed a new Pearl Harbor to rally people to war, he got it on 9-11, when elements in the Regime and their Israeli accomplices carried out the false flag attack on America.

    9-11 was an inside job! The biggest conspiracy theory is the official fable of 9-11 in which 19 Arabs who could not fly jetliners, seven of whom are still living, rammed planes into the WTC and Pentagon. The FBI has admitted they have no case against bin Laden for 9-11...they don''t even want him for it on their website.

    They cleaned up around the Kennedy assassination...they cleaned up around the Clintons, around OKC.. these people murdered a police officer...Officer Yeakey who knew too much and was looking too closely at the real perpetrators of the April 19 attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

    Prinzowhales @ CBS May 9, 2008 10:23 PM EDT ..**

    On 9-11, Israeli intelligence agents had cameras set up to document the attack prior to the attack on the WTC, one would think Americans would be angry about this, one would assume that they would demand to know why they were not warned.

    A Mossad crew from a Israeli psy nest centered around a moving company in Jersey was ordered to document the attack.

    Only traitors and dogs support Israel--who with their accomplices in Washington murdered 3,000 Americans and started the wars in the Middle East. If the gung-ho Neo Con trash wish to destroy terrorists--Israel is where it has always been for the last 60 years!
    David Icke - Satanic Ritual

    At 10 minutes 30 sec in the above video David Icke says, "Satanic activity and human sacrifice, take place at Sandringham and Balmoral residences of the British Royals," suspect HRH's change of heart re Israeli guilt is the result of blackmail!