Escape From Buckingham Palace, the Naked Man Saga.

David Icke Video - Satanic Ritual at the Royal Residences of Sandringham & Balmoral.

Aquarius Channelings - Glamis Castle home to Shakespeare's Macbeth and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Queen Mother and late matriarch of the current British Royal dynasty, alleged to be the site of Satanic rituals attended by the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Camilla Parker-Bowles.
  • The Queen Mother pushed a knife into the rectum of two sacrificed boys, aged 13 and 18.
  • Prince Charles sacrificed children .. Andrew, Prince Philip, and Anne, were at the rituals.
  • The Queen cut the victim’s throat from left to right .. went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh.
The tenor of the piece suggests it was written by David Icke since it relies on lizards and reptiles to get its message across, key witness Arizona who allegedly witnessed the Royal personages commit murder could have been Icke, he went public yrs ago they were up to the same thing. Reputed cannibal Somerset Belenoff is said to be the current Mistress of Glamis Castle.

Glamis Castle, inset Somerset Belenoff.