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The Holocaust, Inside Job say Schweitzer and Kaplan

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  • The Holocaust, Inside Job say Schweitzer and Kaplan

    The J's are fond of telling sob stories about how the wicked Nazi's led by wicked Adolf Hitler did a job on the Jews, except AH and the Nazi's were Jews who perped the Holocaust then went on to establish the illegal modern state of Israel.

    It was a Zionist plot to kill those Jews who remain true to the Divine Covenant by which Allah assures Jews the Messiah will appear, whose purpose will be to restore the fortunes of the Jewish people and to establish the nation state of Israel, it exhorts them to patience until that time comes.

    For more research Rudolph Hess often quoted as Hitler's Deputy or his Secretary, who is widely supposed to have assembled the ghost written manuscript for Mien Kamph H's contribution to world literature. A useful project would be subjecting the literary style of MK to academic scrutiny, then comparing the style with the work of contemporaries. Update: Winston Churchill appears to have penned at least some parts of MK!

    Maybe the real writer would be identified just as the real perps of 911 have already been identified their Semitic origins confirmed in warnings to stay away from Lower Manhattan, delivered at Friday prayer services at New York synagogues days before the event! Hess piloted a Messerschmitt 110 into Scotland in 1941 and was imprisoned there until the end of the war, and was thereafter kept incommunicado in Spandau Prison in Berlin until his death in 1987.

    His flight appears to have been a diversion .. like how did Hess gain access to a fueled up Me 110 plus weather data essential for such a long flight, the story goes that when Hitler learned Hess had taken off he ordered the Luftwaffe airborne in a futile bid to intercept him.

    Katherine Schweitzer was a Hungarian Jew the only member of her family to survive the Holocaust, last seen alive in Sydney Australia December 22, 2006. She had gone public in the nineties in an interview with Richard Carleton on Australian 60 Minutes, saying the Jew who arrested her and her family in 1944 had taken up residence on the same street in Sydney.

    November 30, 2006 we put her account of her arrest and internment in Auschwitz onto a union email to around five thousand e addresses world wide, December 28, 2006 her body was found in a wheelie bin inside her high security apartment building, maybe she was murdered by Jew elements in reprisal for telling the truth.

    To warn any other Jews who want the truth to come out just what the consequences will be. Fritz-Harry Cremer could be Mossad and might have talked his way into her apartment and murdered her. Ed: FHC has subsequently denied involvement.

    There was no Anne Frank and if there had been the Zionists who took out the rest of the non Z Jews would have gassed her too. - This is Holocaust truth the gassings were selective only some Jews were gassed, witness Moshe Dyan Kaplan's testimony re his Amsterdam family emerging unscathed, his claim to be a Pharisee and his contempt for those Jews who were gassed.

    Kaplan was a pilot who had served in the RAAF in WW2 who had known Bomber Harris the British Commander of the air raid on Dresden in 1945 and had flown on that mission, after the war he flew Lockheed Electras for KLM in Holland and for Lufthansa. He was the son of a well established Jewish family with antecedents in Johannesburg South Africa, in Amsterdam, and in Western Australia later he was a pilot in New Guinea and dabbled in pawnbroking.

    He was the image of the actor who played Emmanuel Goldstein in Michael Radford's 1984 movie 1984 starring John Hurt and Richard Burton, when I confronted him with that and asked him how Radford had obtained the footage and under what circumstances it had been shot, he was unforthcoming and seemed amused.

    He told me that after the war he returned to Amsterdam and took up where he had left off, my response was that it must have been heart rending to go back to Europe which must have been empty rooms and deserted halls since Hitler's men had their way, he said that it was "good," I said "sure but what about all his friends and rellies," he said they were fine, I said that they could not have been fine since Hitler had the whole lot of them rounded up and sent to Auschwitz.

    Indeed The Diary of Anne Frank a tale of oppression of Jews by the Nazis was set in Amsterdam, as well Stanley Kramer's great movie Ship of Fools based on the true story of Jews fleeing the Nazis, had its culmination in that city where the ship finally docked after having been turned away from Havana Cuba and from New York, the passengers speedily transported to Auschwitz, gas and death.

    Moshe nodded sagely he said that my understanding of the Jews was not all that it might be, he told me that he was indeed a Pharisee that the Jews of Amsterdam as depicted in The Diary of Anne Frank, were certainly Jews they were not however in the same category as him.

    They were he told me called Cheesies since their diet consisted largely of that product, and they were indeed missing from the community because they had been gassed, he gave me to understand that as far as he was concerned they were neither missed nor mourned.

    Look then at The Holocaust as being a collaboration of high ranking Pharisee Jews who provided the finance, the uniforms, and the marching songs and the Nazis who would do the dirty work, to reduce the number of those Jews who might if they had the numbers declare the day of the Pharisee at an end.

    And to clean up any racial minority or dissident group who were perceived as a threat, or were seen as capable of being a threat some time in the future. Thus the trade unionists, commos, pamphleteers, whackos, crazies, and the lunatic fringe were all bundled in with the Cheesies, Gypsies, Russians and Poles and in Hitler's words exterminated.

    After each phase of dirty work proceeded in a master plan devised by the Pharisees, the thugs who had carried the dirty deeds were themselves murdered .. Ernst Rohm, murdered with numerous of his thug mates in The Night of the Long Knives massacre in June 1934, was leader of the thug SA movement, the bully boys who did the hands on jobs of thuggery, the scabs of their day.

    Witness the 1929 murder of numerous members of the Gasfitters Union in Germany, deeds that were done to empower the Nazis after they had emerged as a political force with Hitler at their helm in the late 1920s, murdering, bashing, extorting, and thugging their way along until they were the dominant political force gaining absolute power in 1933.

    The relationship with Moshe Kaplan had run its course by the mid 1980s, It was in many ways similar to the relationship between Rod Steiger in the title role and Jaime Sanchez as Jesus Ortega in Sydney Lumet's great 1964 film The Pawnbroker, thus does life imitate art.

    He visited me in hospital after antisocial scab elements had driven a dockyard crane at me while I was union delegate at Cairncross Dock in 1984, severing four toes on my right foot, and was kind toward my sister and her infant child in 1985. I left that address in 1986 in subsequent inquiries those that knew him were uncertain, and given his at least moderately advanced years one supposed the worst.

    Until the television news one evening in 1993 had a report from Israel of a violation by Israel, of deal extensively negotiated by Scandinavian peacemakers that was to guarantee the at least limited withdrawal of Israeli forces from the city of Hebron, Moshe Kaplan was visible in a group of similarly attired Jews who were to their credit witnesses of Israeli treachery.

    According to Alex Jones, George Soros then in his teen years "cataloged" the possessions of Jews deported from Budapest when KS' family was deported in 1944, we say he was "hands on" in her case!
    Bronder - Before Hitler Came - A Historical Study (English Translation)(1975), this tract which was banned in Germany as soon as it appeared, is the main source for the claim Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews.

    Large File ..