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The Execution of a Jew.. Sweet Daniele Gets it in the Neck!

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  • The Execution of a Jew.. Sweet Daniele Gets it in the Neck!


    See the photos of Israeli girls signing artillery shells that were subsequently fired at a Lebanese orphanage, then witness the bodies of the dead children where the shells struck.

    After The Victory… Courts Martial are underway at the very locations atrocity was carried out, either under the auspices of the war against terror, or yet Zionist reunification of Palestine, or for the sake of world wide CIA Mossad clandestine ops.
    Daniele is at the beheading dais, years have passed and she is a handsome young woman, the sing song words of the executioners steward echo across the a assembly, as he reads her indictment, the verdict of the jury, then the sentence of t the judge ...death, I sever her head from her body with one stroke of a sword

    Then the other girl, and the one with the camera, followed by the mother of at least one of the girls it looks like, the dude atop the Howitzer will have been hanged, along with the rest of the beardo’s, whose shots are on the same reel having a picnic day at the killing fields in Lebanon, visible at other sites.