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The Rand Paul Declamation

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  • The Rand Paul Declamation

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    Rand Paul urges conservatives to fight with him for liberty

    US Senator Rand Paul and his sire former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, deliberately entered the 911 conspiracy on the side of the Zionist perpetrators, which has well and truly rendered them liable to prosecution thence execution, as capital traitors against the United States.

    The Pauls have wagered their lives that the Jews who perped 911, who carry out similar terrorist attacks world wide, and the massive cover up that exists at every level of the US social order, will never be brought to trial.

    They with the entire roll call at both houses of the US Congress, and all members of successive Presidential administrations, should be charged as capital traitors by way of the United States Justice Department, via lawful summons to appear in a duly constituted court convened under existing US law, where after they will be put to death by order of the court if guilt is proven.

    If they decry US Law as Texans and deploy weapons to prevent arrest, like Saddam Hussein’s kids did, heroically following the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, there could be a similar bloody outcome .. Jews at Mossad HQ in Tel Aviv Israel, made hundred$ of million$ wagering on airline “Put Options,” at stock markets in Frankfurt Germany, and in Canada on the day of the attacks.

    Jews were hoppin' about in glee filming as the WTC Towers turned to dust, thousands of Jews never went to work at the WTC on the day, while warnings to stay away were distributed from New York synagogues the Friday before, via text messages, and from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service.

    We are talking the 911 attacks and illegal war .. Paul Sr.'s lip service to the Palestinian cause, in no way absolves him from the responsibility of standing firm in the face of enemy attack, if either had used the high office bestowed upon them by the American ppl, in both houses of the US Congress.

    Which would mean screaming invective at those other Senators and Congressmen who have similarly failed to stand firm, and decrying the echelon leaders at the FBI, whose role it is to to properly investigate terrorism in the United States, quoting the same gif file posted above that shows a cruise missile slamming into the Pentagon as evidence, they might be assigned some credibility.

    In the absence of that, and in the face of their refusal to condemn the wars, that got underway based on the false premise Moslem fundamentalists, led by Osama bin Laden were the responsive parties, properly instructed jury should have no hesitation in finding both Pauls guilty of capital treason .. then it will be off to the gallows!