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US Attorney General Holder ok's Targeted Killings

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  • US Attorney General Holder ok's Targeted Killings

    Holder said the process surrounding the approval of targeted killings meets the constitutional requirement for due process and that American citizenship is no protection..

    Jesus Christ in reply to Pontius Pilate who had assured him of his power of life and death, said he had no power, else it was bestowed by God .. Neither has Obama, and just as Jesus decried those Jews who handed him over to Pilate as guilty of the greater sin, so is Eric Holder.

    Obama and Holder's conduct as officials of the United States Government is unacceptable in the light of the killings .. and for turning from evidence linking Jews to the 911 attacks, else why were 60,000 or so Jews absent from their workstations at the WTC on the day.

    And from the criminality of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among other things .. both must answer charges of capital treason & murder as Israeli assets for the premeditated killing of US citizens, for war crimes and for the 2007 murder of two of Obama's butt buddies from the days he spent peddlin' his ass at the Chicago bath house!