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                          The Tale of Vinland Why the Vikings left America

                          TheDillinger22 26 February 2024

                          Hi, great video can I add something .. the theory I have developed is that when the Viking settlements in Greenland which endured for around 500 yrs roughly centered on the year 1250, were abandoned due to the encroachment of colder weather. Instead of returning to Norway the Greenland Vikings went west across Davis Strait between Greenland and Baffin Island, then into Hudson Strait and North America thru Hudson Bay and James Bay, where after navigating upriver and reasonably easy portages they arrived at the Great Lakes which gave them access into Minnesota and the Heartland.

                          ​​​​​Thus "Vinland" as being the traditional Viking name for North America actually means "Flat-Land, "Meadowland" or "Pastureland" as per the US heartland they would have encountered in what is now present day Canada and the US.

                          Various scenarios have been forwarded as to what became of them .. the eastern settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland which had existed concurrent with the Greenland colonies, collapsed around the year 1003 after Thorvald Erikson the son of Erik the Red and brother of Leif Erikson, murdered eight Skrælings in a berserker style drunken rage which turned the indigenous population against them.

                          I am also somewhat sceptical re the L’Anse aux Meadows claims, the Vikings were great stonemasons and sculptors attested to by the sturdy Viking structures and stone carvings located in Greenland .. there is nothing like that in the Americas. Thorvald Erikson was killed when the native tribes counter attacked, the western settlement in Minnesota had allegedly aroused the ire of the local tribes for felling timber .. others say they were wiped out in the wake of European expansion.

                          Thus we say the Minnesota Vikings of American folklore - not the football team - are thought to have been part of an intact settlement which was razed by the "first explorers," who similarly erased all trace of their presence.
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                            The Geography of Tasmania Explained

                            MartinTimothy1 22 February 2024

                            The thumbnail shows a massive impact crater in the middle of the island with the central peak at the Mt Ossa region in the Central Plateau, in the north it abuts into Bass Strait at Devonport whereas the eastern wall is defined by the hills east of the plain, while it abuts into the Southern Ocean near Hobart, the ring formation can similarly be traced around to the west .. the "Horns of Tasmania" west of Burnie and east of Launceston are fallout from the initial impact which must have been in the order of billions of years past.

                            DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil

                            TheDillinger22 21 February 2024

                            Yeah I purchased 5 bottles of 30 CBD gummies, I took five before turning in then ten more in the middle of the night and finished the first bottle off in the morning .. no effect .. after that I scoffed the next 120 gummies in the last four bottles over about an hour .. nothing .. no effect whatsoever.. save yr money and light up a joint of flower weed is my advice.

                            MH370: Senior official says he knew ‘early on’ they were looking in wrong place

                            MartinTimothy1 20 February 2024

                            Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that disappeared in flight March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was an identical Boeing 777-200ER which crashed near the Ukraine / Russia border, while on a regular flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur July 17, 2014 .. we say they were the same plane.

                            Every commercial flight is tracked by radar from the moment it takes off, while the satellite shot shows an air to air missile launched by a MiG 29 fighter plane en route to MA Flight 17.

                            Some bodies among the smouldering wreckage of MH17 were visibly in a state of rigor mortis indicating death took place some short time prior, insofar as RM is a temporary condition that alleviates itself within hours. While sources on the ground in the Ukraine say other bodies that rained down from the stricken aircraft were not fresh and reeked of decomposition.

                            Which indicates the months old MH370 corpses were in the cargo hold of its alter ego MH17 when the passengers joined the flight in Amsterdam .. postulate Flight MH370 was hijacked in mid flight March 8, 2014 that the cabin was depressurized causing the passengers to lose consciousness and die, before the plane was flown to the island of Diego Garcia and kept incommunicado in a secure hangar.

                            Using the same Rabbi Dov Zakheim pioneered tech which allowed remote controlled planes to be flown into the Twin Towers at the WTC Sept. 11, 2001, where after it assumed the identity of Flight MH17 and was flown into a waiting ambush before it crash landed in the Ukraine .. the same tech is thought to have been used to cause the July 16, 1999 plane crash that took the lives of John F Kennedy Jr his wife and her sister, which was allegedly to ensure Hillary Clinton's elevation to the US Senate.

                            Except JFK Jr and his wife Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy both of whom are supposed to have perished July 16, 1999, are identified alive & well in an undated montage that has been doing the rounds for the last few yrs, foreground figures are wearing MAGA hats which indicates the montage was assembled during the Trump Presidency in any case .. yeah the scope of the deception boggles the mind.

                            The Lost Cannibal Tribe Of Native American Anasazi | Canyon Cannibals | Timeline Classics

                            MartinTimothy1 17 February 2024

                            Hi, my understanding is Asasazi is a generic term used to describe the Chaco Canyon culture, however Navajo historian Wally Brown says that in the Navajo language Anasazi means ancient enemy, while the ones who built the great houses and towns a la Pueblo Bonito are called Ancestral Puebloans by the white man anyway.

                            My assessment is the AP's were slaves of the Mayan pyramid builders in Mexico, who migrated north sometime around 700 AD to escape the culture of human sacrifice and cannibalism that flourished south of the border, they were farmers and tillers of the soil and settled peacefully in Chaco Canyon where they enjoyed cordial relations with the Hopi, the Zuni and the Navajo, and where they used their building skills to erect the amazing constructions we see today.

                            Their escape from Mexico had not been forgotten and around 1200 AD or so the cannibal Anasazi came up from Mexico to catch their run away slaves, they raided the Puebloan towns and great houses murdering and eating those who would not survive the journey south, and taking the rest back to Mexico as slaves. The Mexican cannibals did not stop at Chaco Canyon and progressed all the way into Utah seeking, searching and cannibalising as they went, a la Professor Turner finding evidence of cannibalism right unto the extent of the AP range.

                            The surviving Ancestral Puebloans had never lost their building skills and built the very elaborate cliff dwellings we see today as places of refuge, however the Anasazi eventually located them and laid seige, as before they took the skilled workers back to Mexico as slaves and ate everyone else, the survivors still had the building ethic however their skill level had decreased exponentially, thus the hilltop forts and lookouts they built are the rude dry stone constructions we see today in Arizona and New Mexico.

                            The depredations appear to have continued until the Chaco Canyon culture per se was wiped out, where after the survivors were absorbed by the Hopi and the Navajo.
                            MartinTimothy1 18 February 2024

                            @jaredthehawk3870 It appears the Anasazi only attacked the Puebloans and did at no time launch hostilities against the Zuni, Hopi or Navajo communities, and despite advancing right into the western heartland similarly avoided antagonizing the Utes who were in the mountains, and the Kiowa, Apache and Sioux who were on the plains.

                            This could be because they recognized those tribes were better able to defend themselves, that if they did attack it would precipitate war and they weren't prepared to take on their combined might. Just as it seems the northerners still remembered the Ancestral Puebloans had got there from Mexico in the first place, so they could have regarded the situation as an internecine struggle between two Mexican groups and were happy to keep out of it.


                            MartinTimothy1 17 February 2024

                            Good video .. a strong union representation is where the industry should be headed, no one is gonna get anywhere begging and pleading for a better deal from the captains of industry .. in a unionized environment the union backed by a million voices tells the brokers and dispatchers what they need to pay per mile, and under what conditions the drivers will work .. the other side recognizes this and both parties should be able to get together and work out an amical agreement, you have done a good keeping yr truck on the road after the nightmare start .. good luck .

                            Mountain Goat, Ibex.

                            MartinTimothy1 13 February 2024

                            The abundance of petroglyphs featuring ibex that can be found right across Europe, thru Mongolia and China and into North America, indicates the ppl who populated those places going back to the Neolithic had unbounding admiration for this species.

                            Tales from The Hangman's Record. Episode Twenty-Seven, Pascoe & Whitty – 17th December 1963

                            TheDillinger22 13 February 2024

                            21:00 .. "at five to eight he is offered a large tot of whiskey," was this the normal procedure for a condemned man and did the custom persist at every prison or just at Bristol .. great video, great series .

                            U.S. WW2 Submarine Torpedo Guidance Gyro Spun Up to 20,000 rpm

                            MartinTimothy1 13 February 2024

                            The only thing I know of that will spin that fast is a Telsa Turbine the drawback to which is they produce very little torque so ppl don't now what to do with them most times .. maybe this application does not require much torque.

                            BigRigTravels LIVE | Green River, UT to Glenwood Canyon, CO (2/11/24)

                            MartinTimothy1 12 February 2024

                            Losing yr wallet in dream can be connected to an embarrassing situation and might portend loss .. that you have lost the power, honour and respect you deserve as a man and have lost confidence in yourself, it can reveal that someone is trying to pull you down and is a warning against spending money extravagantly, if you dream of finding it again it means you will bounce back.

                            EXCITING NEWS - Derek Paravicini live streams are BACK!

                            MartinTimothy1 12 February 2024

                            Hi Derek, I would really like to hear you play the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73 called the "Emperor Concerto" .. cheers from Brisbane, Australia .

                            Enormous Pre-Flood Mega-Structure Discovered in Siberia

                            MartinTimothy1 6 February 2024

                            Geologists say the rock terraces called Gornaya Shoria in the Altai Mountains are natural formations ..

                            How did Napoleon die?

                            TheDillinger22 3 February 2024

                            Good video except there was no assassin .. Napoleon's body had an ultra high Arsenic reading, whereas that substance was used to treat syphilis then in epidemic proportions throughout Europe .. thus we say as the disease progressed so did Bonaparte increase the dosage, which exacerbated his stomach condition and hastened his death.

                            As for"Montholon" who sounds like a bully and who seems to have taken over the funerary arrangements after N's death, he had on the testimony of Andrew Darling the undertaker "helped" him measure the body, which they say was five feet seven inches, whereas Doctor Francesco Antommarchi who performed the autopsy says he was five feet two inches from "the top of his head to his heels," we say Montholon falsified the measurements in the interests of concealing his true height and importuned Darling to keep quiet about it.

                            WARNING: STAY FAR AWAY from ALASKA

                            TheDillinger22 2 February 2024

                            Alaska Triangle" r'soles .. just stick with the facts.

                            "As close as anybody has gotten so far": Mark Martin on possible Amelia Earhart plane discovery

                            New sonar images may reveal location of Amelia Earhart’s plane

                            Potential new discovery in Amelia Earhart's disappearance

                            TheDillinger22 MartinTimothy1 31 January & 1 February 2024

                            July 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan departed Lae, New Guinea, in her Lockheed Electra 10E Special NR16020 bound for Howland Island in mid Pacific thence Hawaii .. lost and low on fuel they landed on the reef at Nikumaroro Island in the Republic of Kiribati 4°39'30.37" S Latitude, 174°32'40.23" W Longitude.

                            The aircraft was visible on the 2018 Google Earth listing for Nikumaroro Island above which must have been taken at low tide, the latest GE image seems to have been taken at high tide since the plane can no longer be seen.

                            The plane is located a few hundred meters north of the wreck of SS Norwich City which ran aground in bad weather on the northern part of the island, while on a voyage from Melbourne Australia to Hawaii on the night of Nov. 29, 1929, taking the lives of eleven crew members.

                            Greg Valentine - How Much Money I Was Paid in WWF

                            TheDillinger22 27 January 2024

                            Greg Valentine was my fav wrestler virtually throughout his entire career.. I never saw him get beat, he knew all of the moves and holds and did everything how it should be done, it's great to see him lookin' so well .

                            I Am Damn Sure Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted

                            TheDillinger22 22 January 2024

                            Madeleine McCann was allegedly abducted aged a few days under four yrs from Praia de Luz, Portugal May 7, 2007, she has since emerged as i'net CP model Miss Alli.

                            The Mark Warner Ocean Club apartments in Praia da Luz Portugal, the McCann's apartment where Madeleine went missing is bottom left of the picture. The same apartment and pool complex are visible in a Viv Thomas lesbian porn production, whence lesbian superstar Jo is at an upmarket swingers party in what appears to be the McCann's holiday apartment.

                            Jo and a black haired chick leave the party and proceed to the poolside where a torrid lesbian encounter gets underway, one of the background figures looks like lesbian queen Vera, we are gonna say it was in fact Kate McCann! We will say the ppl at Viv Thomas Productions know more .. this case has the potential to bring virtually the entire political and policing establishments in the UK & Portugal to legal trial and execution.

                            15 Stunningly Beautiful English Words YOU Should Use More Often! (+ Free PDF & Quiz)

                            MartinTimothy1 21 January 2024

                            Yeah .. I always thought "manifesto" to be the prince of English language words, "tutelage" is another good word I use when I can .. good luck .

                            Paul Murray predicts cannabis will be legal ‘in the next few years’

                            MartinTimothy1 21 January 2024

                            0:15 "never smoked it in my life," my travelling bs meter flashed red when I heard that ..

                            #Viral video Hilarious Dog Joke

                            MartinTimothy1 20 January 2024

                            What a bewdy ..

                            Who Is Christian B? The Real Prime Suspect In Madeleine McCann Abduction | Ep 2 | Absolute Crime

                            MartinTimothy1 20 January 2024

                            Madeleine McCann was allegedly abducted aged a few days under four yrs from Praia De Luz, Portugal May 7, 2007, she has since emerged as internet CP model Miss Alli ..

                            How The Green River Killer Evaded Police For 19 Years | Gary Ridgway: Born To Kill? | Absolute Crime

                            MartinTimothy1 20 January 2024

                            Alleged "Green River Killer" Gary Ridgway pleaded guilty to 48 homicides in Nov. 2003 in trial where no witnesses were called and no evidence was presented, whereas the Judge simply read the charge of aggravated homicide and a victim's name 48 times where after Ridgway said guilty 48 times - Which is no good since under US Law before a conviction can be recorded guilt must be proven, that applies to everyone ppl can't just turn up in a courtroom and declare themselves guilty, they have to prove they committed the offence.

                            Ridgway has since pleaded guilty to a forty ninth murder and says he committed seventy one killings in all, while some say there were as many as ninety Green River victims .. it seems he will nod his head to anything and is taking the blame for kills "cleared" with the FBI and regional law enforcement, who in turn receive accolades for solving the crimes .. at no time does it look like Gary Ridgway slaughtered forty nine women.

                            Forensic research proves a person fights like a demon when he or she is being murdered .. it takes two hands to strangle someone, while rake marks on the perpetrator's face and body and skin recovered from under the deceased's fingernails have secured convictions, Ridgeway's mugshots show his face is unmarked. His claim that while driving in company with his son he picked up a prostitute then took her into some brush and murdered her while his offspring waited in the car, does not ring true.

                            He told investigators he would take them to locations he had concealed bodies, he had a day out of prison but no bodies were found, he said he strangled the first victim the police say she was shot. It is not uncommon for innocent ppl to confess to crimes .. there is no evidence Ridgeway murdered a single victim while he is known to have been at his place of employment when many of the killings took place - So if Ridgway never killed them it means someone else did, the police, prosecutors and judges have taken the easy way out by accepting his guilty plea.

                            37 AFTER & BEFORE Photos Taken DECADES APART

                            MartinTimothy1 19 January 2024

                            5:09 There is something about the red brick structure on the corner that reminds me of Edward Hopper's great painting Nighthawks ..

                            The Chilling Home Movies of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen | Born to Kill? | Absolute Crime

                            TheDillinger22 15 January 2024

                            I met Dennis Andrew Nilsen in Brisbane Australia in 1973 .. after walking home from work at the Evans Deaken Shipyard at Kangaroo Point, I got to the Brunswick HotelJPG in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm at around 4:20 that afternoon. The pub was fairly crowded, there were some ppl I knew including an Englishman from London who had done a bit of time, who was in company with DAN who he introed as a former London policeman. I said "you were a Bobby then" and asked if they had known each other in Blighty, they said they had not ..

                            I had seen video interviews and photos of Dennis Andrew Nilsen over a period of yrs, without ever recognizing him until I realized he was the man in a YouTube thumbnailJPG. He looked to be aged about halfway between the clean shaven, dark eyed dichotomization shotJPG taken during his military service, and the Murderpedia shotJPG shows him in a collar and tie. He told me he had served in the British Army in Aden and said he was into underground gladiatorial contests, whether as an observer or as a participant he never made clear ..

                            He was a fairly big strong boned type and gave the impression escaping his clutches would be difficult. I did not much like the way he looked at me as though I were a slab of meat, and it was because of that and because of the shady rep of his companion, I departed the pub a short time later I guess the period was after Nilson left the Metropolitan Police in 1973, and before he took up employment with the Civil Service in 1974.

                            The person in the pub with Dennis Nilsen was a below average height fellow named Peter, who was working as a painter who I had met in the pub a few times before. He was a fairly good humored type who said he had a hard time in prison because of his English accent, which to the other crims sounded like the screws who were mostly Englishmen. The day he was with Dennis Nilson was a Friday, when I went back into the pub the following Tuesday he was there without Nilson, when I suggested he join me he was rude .. I drank my drink and got out of the place like I had on the previous occasion, I never saw him again.

                            Two days later on the Thursday came a news report a man's body had been found in his New Farm flat, I immediately thought of Peter the rude English painter, as well I surmised he had become a victim of his friend Dennis Nilson. The police never launched an investigation, eventually assuring the public that since there were no signs of forced entry, and no suspicious marks on the deceased's body it was a natural death ..

                            The day I met Dennis Nilson in the pub he came right up close. I knew he was an ex London Policeman he looked very strong and his profile suggested he was gonna place me in a policeman's arm lockJPG, which is a wrestling move that can quickly be turned into a sleeper holdJPG, which will cause death if held for long enough by an experienced assailant. Suppose he killed his man in Brisbane in 1973 and the rest of his victims by the same method.

                            Part 2 - After running into Peter the Painter in the pub on the Tuesday afternoon following meeting Nilsen in his company the Friday before, sometime around 6:20 am the following Wednesday morning when I left the digs I was in at the lower end of the New Farm peninsular in Brisbane there was a bus coming. Since the fare to where I had to get off then walk across the Story Bridge to work at the Evans Deaken shipyard was only 10 cents I went aboard, despite it was the wrong bus which went the long way 'round, thus very shortly I realized I could have walked the distance as usually did in less time .. no matter.

                            When the bus turned back onto Brunswick Street and proceeded to the next stop outside the NF Police Station looking out the front window of the bus, I saw DAN walk out from Terrace Street where PtP lived and head across Brunswick Street to the next bus stop near the pub, I was in the standing section of the bus which was by then almost full. DAN got on at the bus stop and proceeded to the same standing section of the bus .. he recognized me and I asked him if "he had stayed at Peter's place" he said "no," I said "did you get a flat up there" he said no to that as well .. that Peter's body had been discovered inside his Terrace Street flat was on the evening news the next day. MapPNG. It was initially reported as murder, however on the evening news Friday came a statement it was a natural death.

                            According to pub scuttlebutt Peter's neighbors knew Nilsen had been visiting and was present in the flat with him on the Tuesday night, they heard a quantity of thumping and banging and were aware Nilsen had left the flat alone on the Wednesday morning, and that there had been only silence since. It was they who notified the police who entered the flat and found the body .. Queensland has a long history of stymied police investigations they let him get away with it, the ppl in the district were up in arms when Nilson was not arrested!

                            Dennis Andrew Nilsen is not the only one I recognized off of a YT thumbnailJPG, in Nimbin, New South Wales in about 2009 I purchased some marijuana from a dude who introed himself as Israel Keyes, the bag I bought at cost had a stone in it to make up the weight. He is thought responsible for as many as eleven murders in the US, and fits the bill for a double murder at an isolated farmhouse in Northern NSW at around the same time, he committed suicide in prison in Anchorage Alaska Dec. 2012 while awaiting trial for murder.

                            Visiting The Gates of Hell and a Castle Built By GOBLINS in Scotland

                            TheDillinger22 15 January 2024

                            So who financed the construction in today's terms you would need a billion dollar budget to build anything like Yester Castle, saying the Devil put up the dough doesn't really gel with me .. I thought I did hear a human vocalization after the 22:12 mark .. I wish Jessica would keep up, a few times she has been completely out of sight and I keep envisioning Michael waiting for her and she doesn't show, which considering the evil associated with the place could portend absolute horror .. so keep up pls Jessica, other than that it was a good video.

                            Could You Survive in the Lord Nelson’s Royal Navy?

                            MartinTimothy1 14 January 2024

                            Yeah lets not forget there was a syphilis epidemic underway throughout Europe at that time, nor Winston Churchill's famous quote "the traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash,'" or Horatio Nelson's final words "kiss me Hardy" that indicate he was into "boy love" as well .. thus it seems to me that virtually the entire RN manpower list would be syphilitic .. sounds like impressed ppl would be sexually assaulted, raped thence poxed up the minute they came aboard .. from what I have seen of them things don't seem to have changed much.
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                              New South Wales' Hidden Giant: The Massive Tweed Volcano Uncovered | Inside Look

                              TheDillinger22 13 January 2024

                              The "Tweed Volcano" is in fact an impact crater, whereas Mt Warning is the central peak ..

                              Wild Camp High Above the City of Sheffield

                              MartinTimothy1 12 January 2024

                              Hiya Patrick .. still got a spring in yr step after all these yrs, where you are is where you want to be a happy man in his chosen environment good luck.

                              Mars Rover Perseverance SOL 339 #shorts #youtubeshorts #youtube #shortvideo

                              MartinTimothy1 7 January 2024

                              There are 1,180 images on the Perseverance Rover website for Sol 339, none of them show anything like what we see here .. fake in other words.

                              Entire cabin was filled with smoke, survivor of Japanese airline crash

                              TheDillinger22 4 January 2024

                              It does not appear to me that 389 ppl got out of the plane .. the couple of seconds of video show about 12 got out on the rear slide and about twenty on the forward slide .. makes about 350 dead.

                              Chaos breaks out at Amazon in Atlanta GA on Christmas after 3 day haul. 😤🤬

                              MartinTimothy1 3 January 2024
                              18:09 "that's the only glimpse we get of the reservoir" .. yeah hiya my understanding is the thru road formerly went right across the Hoover Dam wall, that the part you drove on is a reroute built at a cost of X billion$ of dollar$ after TPTB decided the wall route made the structure susceptible to terrorist attack .. just what a terrorist would be able to do was never made clear however the plan went ahead, I'm pretty sure you would need a battery of nuclear tipped hypersonic missiles to put a dent in the wall anyway, good luck.

                              Mars Life's Latest 180° Unexpected Terrifying 4K Video Footage Sends By NASA's Mars Rover -Sol 4002

                              MartinTimothy1 2 January 2024

                              1:30 .. this image was taken by the Mastcam aboard NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover on Sol 590, April 4, 2014.

                              Who Hunted the Dinosaurs in England?

                              TheDillinger22 25 December 2023

                              An abundance of stone axes have turned up in shots returned by the NASA Mars Rovers, as well as boats, various animals including a live fox and a live snake, petrified whales, a petrified crocodile, human remains and living and dead Martians.

                              Captain Beefheart 1997 The Artist Formely Known As Captain Beefheart

                              MartinTimothy1 17 December 2023

                              Yeah he had a pretty good show Beefheart and his guitar ensemble was part of the act .. just the same he was a little too 'beefy" and 'hearty" for me most of the time.
                              Was Napoleon Poisoned?

                              Dillinger22 10 December 2023

                              Analysis of Napoleon Bonaparte's body tissue reveals traces of arsenic which was in his time - and for a long time there after - the recognized treatment for syphilis .. he was not "poisoned" per se.

                              Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 81 (Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy - Sunset Strip Murders

                              Dillinger22 2016

                              7:58 .. after leaving the party hosted by her boyfriend, their Beverly Hills acquaintance Mindy Cohen took Cindy Chandler and Gina Moreno to the home of Rod Stewart and Britt Eckland, their bodies were found beside the Ventura Freeway sometime later.
                              Dillinger22 9 December 2023
                              @johnmathis1754 since you got back to me on a seven yr old comment .. Niteclub singer Australian Jack Murray who was allegedly mixed up with the killers who eventually did him in by the sound of things, was an SAS Warrant Officer in Vietnam he was something of a celebrity and although I never met him I did see him on one occasion, he was in a jeep heading back up to SAS Hill the high point after which Nui Dat which means "small hill" was named, which is where the SAS were quartered.
                              Scuttlebutt has it he was not as well thought of as he might have been .. he played his guitar and sang every night which generated rancor among the others who couldn't get a word in edge wise .. the SAS were assh*les two of them turned up at the infantry company where I was they knew one of our corporals who was a parachute jump instructor.

                              He was on R&R I was the duty NCO - Lance Corporal - and I told them if they wished to leave their weapons in the Orderly Room I would take them over to the wet mess where they could meet some of our ppl and take a little beer onboard .. the SAS Corporal fella who had already put me right S.A.S not "sass" said "where I go this goes" he had an M16 with agrenade launcher underneath called an "under & over," his mate had an M16 .. so I told him you and it and yr mate had better get off of the site, it was my finest moment in Vietnam.

                              Getting Stuck Twice in One Day.. I Should Have Known Better!!

                              MartinTimothy1 9 December 2023

                              Yeah ok Mike, except you lost me around the 28:00 mark with the 13 feet / 21 feet conundrum .. good video just the same HAND .

                              Nasa Mars Rover Perseverence new video today

                              Dillinger22 5 December 2023

                              Looks like a human skull in the foreground ..

                              21 July 2023

                              Dillinger22 6 December 2023

                              Great footage of Brisbane City and the Brisbane River .. I take the twin hull ferries like the one passing under the Story Bridge quite frequently, I live not far beyond the cliffs you can see downstream of the bridge ..

                              Flying Scotsman passing the farm this afternoon.

                              Dillinger22 5 December 2023

                              Learn how to edit yr videos mate .. 6m44sec of watching paint dry then about 30 sec of action .. dv'd.

                              Arnold Schwarzenegger's FIRST EXECUTION - Donald Jay Beardslee

                              Dillinger22 5 December 2023

                              The Countess Lady Veronica Lucan inquest regarding the 1974 disappearance of her husband Richard John Bingham 7th Earl of Lucan, and the murder of Sandra Rivett her children's nanny, whereas material leaked from UK Police sources allege Arnold Schwarzenegger killed Nanny Sandra Rivett and Lord Lucan.

                              That Arnie spent several years in London working on his physique as part of his body building training, to make a bit of extra cash on the side he worked as a goon for London debt collectors, who needed scary looking guys to intimidate gamblers into coughing up.

                              While the tenor of the piece suggests Lucan and Sandra Rivett were "having it off" that Lady Lucan found out about it and decided to kill them both, that she brought Arnie in to fulfill the deed. Her story to the police was fabricated while her injuries were self inflicted to add credence to her story .. which begs the question if there is evidence against Arnold why did the Police not make arrests.

                              Remember Ted Heath against whom monstrous allegations of sadism and child murder have been made was British PM at that time, it appears the Police and Scotland Yard just let them, Arnie and Heath get away with it. As well speculation has appeared that Arnold Schwarzenegger was connected in some way to serial killers Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, and victim's bodies recovered from a well near Linden, California.

                              Worst Sting on Earth! (Stonefish)

                              Dillinger22 3 December 2023

                              I am a cast net fisherman and have been stung by stonefish many times .. the first time I thought I had netted a sea sponge when I picked it out of the net about four spines got me in the hand .. the pain never diminished I had to abandon the trip and head home .. as things turned out I had to wash some dishes and when I put my hand into the hot water the pain lessened considerably the hotter the water the more pronounced the effect, after that if I got stung I used the same hot water treatment it worked every time .. believe it or not you do get used to them, cheers from Brisbane Au.

                              ​​​​Tucker Carlson: We were shocked to learn this

                              Dillinger22 2 December 2023

                              Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for shooting President John Kennedy from a 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas TX., at around 12:30 pm Nov. 22, 1963, and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photographs and film show him at the doorway of the TSBD when the shots were fired at the President in the first instance, and show he was still in the doorway when "The Three Tramps" were marched by hours later, similarly exculpating him for the murder of Officer Tippit.

                              The Sami | How They Live In The North Of Russia | Indigenous Peoples Of Russia

                              MartinTimothy1 16 November 2023

                              A lot of ppl speak very highly of the Sami and Samoy ppl who inhabit the Finland / Russia border regions, they should be aware both tribes have traditionally been particularly ruthless cannibals, indeed the word "Samoyed" in the local dialect means "they eat their own." Imagine someone who has installed his or her self as a "Village Chief," making it known to underlings that they had better bring food into the tipi or they will be going onto the menu themselves.

                              DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil

                              MartinTimothy1 16 November 2023

                              Yeah well I just paid X hundreds of $$ for 5 bottles of 30 Hemp Gummies I got ripped off .. just to fill you in on a few details, yesterday a couple hours after I got the Gummies the doctor rang and told me all of the biopsies he performed on me the week before came back positive for cancer, that I'm gonna need surgery ..

                              Ok I have been smoking pot since I went to Vietnam in the army at age 19 yrs in 1969, I get it by DVA medical prescription since I was wounded in action and have chronic pain, as well I was caught in a chemical bombardment whence cancerous lesions can turn up anywhere on my body over night.

                              So in those years of smoking marijuana I have developed considerable tolerance .. it still keeps the pain in check but it hasn't made me feel "high" in thirty yrs or more is why I sought the gummies for extra relief .. so overnight I had consumed a full bottle then earlier today opened a new bottle and chewed the whole lot in one go.

                              All for nothing I don't feel extra calmness neither did it cause me to sleep any better bearing in mind two or at best three hrs sleep is all I ever get .. I will not be getting it again, cheers from Brisbane Au. .

                              20 Times African Safari Trips Went Horribly Wrong

                              MartinTimothy1 11 November 2023

                              The critter in the thumbnail is an Asian elephant not an African beast ..

                              ABBA Pianist

                              MartinTimothy1 9 November 2023

                              Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, "some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral sensation" .. yeah Vinheteiro just reported a billion hits, not withstanding his enormous talent my fav pianist at this time is a pussy cat .

                              Running Rings Around The Police At The Piano

                              MartinTimothy1 7 November 2023

                              Who's the vocalist ..

                              The Truth About Quartertone Chords

                              MartinTimothy1 7 November 2023

                              Hi, I have been thinking about quarter tones since I wanted to play Chinese and Oriental music on my guitar, the solution could be to use a seven string instrument whereas the extra top e string is tuned down a quarter tone, which should enable Chinese melodies to be played ok, by alternately picking the extra string and the regular e string no matter which fret you are on, on a twelve string guitar one might be able to refine the technique further, I wonder what you think about it all .. cheers from Brisbane Au.
                              MartinTimothy1 19 December 2023

                              @quartertoneharmony7100 It probly is .. thanks for the reply, good luck .

                              What It Was Like Meeting THESE 6 CELEBRITIES! My GOOD & BAD Celebrity Encounters

                              MartinTimothy1 3 November 2023

                              Yeah .. after taking a flight from Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory I was directed into a departure lounge at Sydney airport to await a connection to Brisbane, one other bloke was there a fellow about my age, size and shape, he was looking straight at me and in the spirit of traveller's bonhomie I said "hiya mate" .. he pulled a face.

                              I mouthed a suitable repy and left it at that, he took a connecting flight to Coolangatta, whereas on the evening news that night came a story George Harrison had flown into that place, on his way to Murwillumbah in Northern NSW to attend a Hare Krishna festival, they showed footage and I recognized him as the dude who had been rude at Sydney airport.

                              If it is any consolation to anyone celebs are said to be equally offensive toward each other .. in Sydney another time there was a dude carrying a guitar case prancing up the street in his elevator shoes, just from the way he looked I knew he was a top line player.

                              He was coming up the other side of the street, when the lights changed I crossed over and was virtually face to face with Albert Lee who was Eric C's rhythm man for a substantial time, he scowled at me .. both incidents put me off of celebrities for good.

                              Tallest man ever Robert Wadlow’s height in every year of his life

                              Tallest Man in the World | Comparison of the Tallest People in History

                              MartinTimothy1 2 & 4 November 2023

                              John Middleton born in the village of Hale, in Lancashire England in 1578 known as the "Childe of Hale," was 9 feet 3 inches tall.
                              MartinTimothy1 9 December 2023

                              @Dr.Ian-Plect Well actually the place where John Middleton is buried whose grave inscription does indeed "substantiate" his height at 9'3," is next to the "Childe of Hale" pub favored by the Home County lads whose barracks are close by .. thus virtually every army man in the British Isles is aware of his height, ppl go on that there was no reliable measurements during that era the 16th and 17th Centuries, the same way they refute Napoleon's height of 5'2" .. there were, the naysayers can't bear to be gainsaid that's all .. cheers.

                              Audio Recording of Botched Execution

                              MartinTimothy1 2 November 2023

                              I worked in an automated abattoir that used 400 volts @ 22 amps to kill a full grown bullock, thus the 2080 volt charge used on this occasion likely did not have enough amperage to complete the task at hand ..
                              MartinTimothy1 14 November 2023

                              @njdewit "how long was the cycle?" .. it was very fast the beast received a singe jolt and that was that however it never finished 'em all off, in that there were always a significant amount of "breathers" that had to be knocked with a traditional knocking pistol .. it was a pioneer plant using robot tech, whereas as soon as we had finished building it the whole thing was stripped and sold for scrap 40 million bux down the drain they say .. the whole automatic abattoir tech was financed by Japanese, where after they condemned the pilot plant here in Au. they are said to have built a major robot plant in Japan.

                              100 Guitarists Left Off Rolling Stone Top 250 List..forgot Gary Moore

                              MartinTimothy1 2 November 2023

                              Hiya mate, I thought the most glaring omissions from yr list were Australian classical player John Williams known for his flawless rendition of the Spanish repertoire, and Pat O'Brien formerly of Cannibal Corpse whose playing similarly has few equals, I thought Buckethead could have got a mention as well as the late English guitarist Big Jim Sullivan .. good luck .

                              Bra Boy Explains what Really Happened During the 2005 Cronulla Riots | TSWS CLIPS

                              MartinTimothy1 1 November 2023

                              January 2006 video shows an Italian Australian man attacked on a public street in Cronulla New South Wales, by about eighty thugs described as of "Middle Eastern" origin and beaten to death, the police took no action his attackers posted a video on You Tube partying with the same security footage of the attack playing in the background. Wait for the day the Big screen is showing the same footage, both of the attack and of the party, and as each participant is identified so will he or she be brought forth and put to death, might be a couple hundred or more, hanged legally under the capital strictures of Australian Law, with the politicians and police who never investigated or refused to lay charges .. couple fat boys right up front in the vid, watch 'em choke and die at the same place they killed an innocent man!

                              Top 10 Most Dangerous People Held At Wormwood Scrubs Prison

                              MartinTimothy1 1 November 2023

                              I met Dennis Andrew Nilsen in Brisbane Australia in 1973, I guess the period was after he left the Metropolitan Police in 1973 and before he took up employment with the Civil Service in 1974, he told me he had served in the British Army in Aden and said he was into underground gladiatorial contests. I did not much like the way he looked at me as though I were a slab of meat, and it was because of that and because of the shady rep of his companion I departed the pub a short time later.

                              The person he was with was another Englishman I knew from the pub called Peter who was a painter who introed DAN as a former London policeman, I said "you were a Bobby then" and asked if they had known each other in Blighty they said they had not .. that was a Friday when I went back into the pub the following Tuesday he was there without Nilson, I wanted to tell him I didn't much like the look of his mate and when I suggested he join me he was rude .. I never saw him again.

                              After running into Peter the Painter in the pub on the Tuesday afternoon following meeting Nilsen in his company the Friday before, on the bus on the way to work the following Wednesday morning I saw DAN walk out from the street where PtP lived and head across to the next bus stop near the pub. I was in the standing section of the bus which was by then almost full, DAN got on at the bus stop and proceeded to the same standing section of the bus..

                              He recognized me and I asked him if "he had stayed at Peter's place" he said "no," I said "did you get a flat up there" he said no to that as well .. that Peter's body had been discovered inside his Terrace Street flat was on the evening news the next day - It was initially reported as murder, however on the evening news Friday came a statement it was a natural death.

                              According to pub scuttlebutt Peter's neighbors knew Nilsen had been visiting and was present in the flat with him on the Tuesday night, they heard a quantity of thumping and banging and were aware Nilsen had left the flat alone on the Wednesday morning, and that there had been only silence since. It was they who notified the police who entered the flat and found the body .. Queensland has a long history of stymied police investigations they let him get away with it, the ppl in the district were up in arms when Nilson was not arrested!

                              Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences Ever Handed Down

                              MartinTimothy1 1 November 2023

                              These extra long prison sentences appear to have been handed down in contravention of the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution, that specifically prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

                              The Sound of Silence - Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to Play Fingerstyle

                              MartinTimothy1 31 October 2023

                              You should be using a guitar with fret markers just the same ..

                              Butcherbirds In Australia - The Executioners Of The Bird World

                              MartinTimothy1 27 October 2023

                              Yeah butcherbirds are a hard bitten critter alright however they do not always get their own way .. the first bird problem we had around here concerned spotted turtledoves an introduced species called cuckoo birds that made a "coocooo" racket from morning to night .. one bull bird would get onto the power lines and let you have it all day, as well they try to make eye contact with you. That problem was solved when the neighbours on both sides began feeding butcherbirds which have a pathological hatred for that species, thus I was driving up the street coming home from work one day, and there was a butcherbird dragging the dead body of the same bull turtledove across the road.

                              However feeding butcherbirds creates problems of its own since they are a very aggressive species and will hold households to ransom just to get food, so that is what happened with the spotted turtledoves they have not been seen around here for yrs .. noisy miner birds have been here for a long time however more recently they have undergone a population explosion. Thus the "chirp chirp chirp" coming from scores of feathered throats goes on from dawn to dusk every day .. at first I was quite fond of them since they drove the crows away whereas previously a mob of crows who live further up into the hills moved in across the street, the racket they made went on all day .. there are still a few crows but they don't make so much noise.

                              Ok all that being said .. about a week ago there was a butcherbird on one end of a scaffold some workmen had erected nearby, there was a NMB at the other end which was joined by another noisy miner before both of them got stuck into the BB, he held his own and one of the NMB's flew off while the BB counter attacked the one that was still there with a full beak charge to its front, which it evaded but which would have killed it otherwise. The NMB's are a highly aggressive species I have seen them attack herons on the bank of the B'bane River, they attack ibis as well and a few days ago there were three of them bullying a magpie on some power lines .. in the natural environment owls and hawks keep them in check, now there are thousands of them in the suburbs and all you hear all day is "tweet tweet tweet."

                              Cottage on a Hill never had electricity/Built late 1800`s

                              MartinTimothy1 26 October 2023

                              When I see these magnificent stone and brick structures numbers of which turn up on this YT station, my mind automatically goes to accountants and accountancy .. thus everyone who wants to bring a building project to fruition knows the accountant is the most important person, he is the fellow who after studying every aspect of the case will tell you how much it will cost.

                              The cost of recruiting skilled labor bearing in mind trades ppl who need to be housed and fed who demand and receive high wages must be met, then acquiring the building materials that's stone blocks, milled timber & bricks before conveying it all by animal drawn transport into the Australian outback is astronomical, before a single strand of wool or ear of wheat has been harvested.

                              Then look at the similarities in architecture, in that the brickwork at the corners and surrounding the window recesses is seen in many other deserted homesteads built around the same era .. to me the 1880's rural building boom that included hundreds of now abandoned towns and villages, was to provide stage props for whatever plans the ones who financed the European invasion of Terra Australia had in the first place.
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