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Thread: The Murder of Katherine Schweitzer - She Said Jews Sent Her Family to Auschwitz

  1. The Murder of Katherine Schweitzer - She Said Jews Sent Her Family to Auschwitz

    Katherine Schweitzer was a Hungarian Jew last seen alive in Sydney Australia December 22, 2006, in an interview conducted by Richard Carleton for Australian 60 Minutes in the 1990's, she said that her family was arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1944, whence only she survived out of fourteen, by a Jew who had taken up residence on the same street in Sydney.

    On 30 November 2006, an account of her arrest and internment in Auschwitz, went world wide on a union email to around five thousand e addresses, December 28, 2006, her body was found in a wheelie bin inside her high security apartment building, we say she was murdered by Jew elements in reprisal for telling the truth, to warn any other Jews want the truth to come out, just what the consequence will be!

    Former and current Australian Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd & Tony Abbott, were recipients of the union email that went out November 30, 2006. with her story in it, we will call both as witnesses when the New South Wales Government holds the Coronial Inquest, that we are demanding takes place into her death.

    Fritz-Harry Cremer, who could be Mossad and could have talked his way into her apartment and killed her, he rang and asked if he could visit me in January 2007, he said he had read some of my internet posts and had seen the material on my website, he said he was going to an arranged public meeting in Brisbane, and invited me as a guest speaker.

    I declined on the grounds that I had been public in Brisbane since the mid 1990’s, re murder and disappearance on the Docks, and nobody but nobody had shown the slightest interest.

    When I told him I had posted the details of Ms Schweitzer’s death, his demeanor changed visibly , leading me to believe he was her killer, later that year he rang back and wanted to come around here again, I refused telling him that since he is a big strong fella, I would have little chance of defending myself if he turned nasty.

    FHC Aug 26, 2008.

    Hello Timothy,

    I am certainly not Mossad and I do not have killed her, as you question on your web-site. Trying to make me a suspect in this case does not help the cause we both of us fight. I really did not expect such a negativ move to make me a suspecious person in those case from you .. Please consider what you publish on the internet carefully!

    Cheerio Fritz Harry Cremer
    I want to know why nobody from the world wide Jewish community has bothered to lift a finger, to get on side with me and demand that her murder be investigated, to the end that prosecution be levied against her killer. Jewish credibility is zero… nil… it does not exist, I have appealed personally to as many Jewish groups, at as many websites as I could find that would take the post of this time there has been no response except scorn.

    No Motive' for Murder of Widow in Bin, by Stephanie Gardiner

    AAP February 15, 2010

    Katherine Schweitzer built a life in Sydney as a successful and generous businesswoman after she was one of the only members of her family to survive the Holocaust.

    That life ended abruptly when she was strangled for no apparent reason and stuffed into a wheelie bin, an inquest into her death has been told. The body of the 81 year old Hungarian born widow was found in a bin in the stairwell of her Bellevue Hill unit complex in eastern Sydney on December 27, 200, it was hidden underneath a pile of items including a quilt, underwear, and newspapers, with two belts around her neck and her hands bound.

    Counsel assisting the inquiry, Ian McClintock, SC, said there did not appear to be any reason why someone would want to kill the elderly woman, who gave significant amounts of her money to charity. Mr McClintock said Mrs Schweitzer had moved to Australia with her husband in the 1950s and the couple had successfully acquired many shares and assets.

    He said Mrs Schweitzer remained a wealthy, "astute" businesswoman after her husband's death in 1997, but did not flaunt her wealth and had no valuable jewellery or art in her home.

    "Nothing in her past suggested any plausible motive," Mr McClintock told Glebe Coroner's Court in Sydney on Monday. "There is no realistic suggestion that any known person had any significant grudge against her, let alone a grudge which explained the circumstances of her death."

    He said the wheelie bin was discovered that evening by her elderly neighbour's carer, Connie Salomon, and was later inspected by several other people, including a visitor, Maria Agovida.

    The inquest heard that many of them, including a man named as a "person of interest" who cannot be identified for legal reasons, also put their hands into the bin to feel the body, in an apparent state of panic.

    The group twice removed and replaced a purse found in the bin, to confirm that the body was Mrs Schweitzer's, before calling police, the inquest was told. Mr McClintock said the residents' actions had contaminated the crime scene and complicated the police investigation.

    Ms Salomon and Ms Agovida had also cleaned the bin to remove their own fingerprints, he said. "The reason why Salomon and Agovida's prints were ... to be removed ... was that they were effectively illegal immigrants and if they were determined to be at the scene it would be almost certain that their status would be discovered and they would be deported," he said.

    The inquest continues before NSW Coroner Mary Jerram. © 2010 AAP Police at the scene of the murder in Bellevue Hill.

    December 29, 2006 Holocaust survivor's body found in bin!

    AN 81 year old Holocaust survivor was murdered at her Sydney home earlier this week. The body of Kathy Schweitzer was discovered by neighbors on Wednesday evening inside a wheely bin at her Bellevue Hill apartment block. Police said that she had been strangled.

    Police spokesperson Georgie Wells told the AJN: "The neighbors had been trying to locate her to deliver a message but could not find her. “They noticed a wheely bin had been brought inside the building which should have been in its normal place outside the building in the yard and this raised their suspicions.

    Police said that early results showed that she died sometime on Wednesday between 2.15pm and 7.30pm, when her body was discovered. The autopsy confirmed she had been strangled.

    Mrs Schweitzer's doctor has told police that she had phoned him around 2pm on the day she was murdered. He tried to call her back but couldn't make contact. He went to the fifth floor apartment later in the day. A neighbor let him in and they were slipping a note under her door when they spotted the wheelie bin in the corridor. The neighbor was suspicious as to why it would be there, investigated and discovered Mrs Schweitzer's body.

    Records lodged at the Jewish Museum in Sydney reveal that Mrs Schweitzer was born to the Goldner family in Rakosplota, Budapest, Hungary on August 22, 1925. She survived World War II in Hungary before migrating to Australia. She lived alone and had no Australian relatives. She was reportedly a congregant at Central Synagogue in Bondi.

    Well know kosher caterer Ester Grunfeld told the AJN: "I knew her very well when she worked with Hal and Col Golstein as I did regular business with her, she was a very good businesswoman and was very successful." Former Zionist Federation of Australia president Dr Ron Weiser added, "I knew her about ten years ago, when many young people were struggling to understand the workings of computers, she was already an expert."

    Strike Force Miriam, comprising detectives from State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Rose Bay Local Area Command, has been formed to investigate the death. The strike force can be contacted at Paddington Police Station at +612 8356 8299 or via Crime Stoppers.

    We got in touch with Detective Inspector Oxford the first day, he never got back to us, another police sergeant from Eastern Suburbs Police rang, we told him of the Jew, 60 Minutes, Holocaust, email connection, and he never got back to us either!

    There was a Jew shindig on in Sydney when Katherine Schweitzer was killed, and many high profile Jews attended her funeral, including the tall dude pictured among the Hare Krishna impersonators above, who remains suspect!

  2. Surely police inaction in the matter of the murder of an eighty four year old woman in her own home, which appears to be in response to her claim that her family was arrested by Jews.

    Not only indicates a massive conspiracy is underway, but is the thin edge of the wedge that will, if pursued to its logical conclusion, bring to light what actually did happen in the Holocaust.

    Here we have Katherine Schweitzer's assertion that her family was arrested by a Jew, four weeks after the story hit cyberspace she was murdered, surely endorses her claim that the Holocaust was an inside job!

    The J's are fond of telling sob stories about how the wicked Nazi's led by wicked Adolph Hitler did a similar job on the Jews, except AH was a Jew like the rest of the upper echelon Nazis, and it was they who caused the Holocaust and went on to establish the illegal MSO Israel.

    It was a Zionist plot to kill those Jews true to the Divine Covenant, by which Allah assures Jews that the Messiah will appear, whose purpose will be to restore the fortunes of the Jewish people and to establish the nation state of Israel, and exhorts them to patience until then.

    For more re the Zionist hold on AH research Rudolph Hess, often quoted as Hitler’s Deputy or his Secretary, he is widely supposed to have assembled the ghost written Mien Kamph manuscript, H’s contribution to world literature.
    Edit: Winston Churchill appears to have written at least some parts of MK!

    Hess piloted a Messerschmitt 110 into Scotland in 1941, and was imprisoned there until the end of the war, and was thereafter kept incommunicado in Spandau Prison in Berlin until his death in 1987.

    His flight proves the existence of a force other than the 'Official' Nazi's, so who gave Hess access to a fueled up Me 110, plus weather data essential for such a long flight.
    Allegedly when Hitler learned Hess had taken off, he ordered the Luftwaffe airborne in a futile bid to intercept him.

    Assume that Jew forces with extremist religious beliefs, who claim to be Jews going about the restoration of Yisrael in accordance with Biblical prophesy, decide to blow up the Twin Towers to collect the insurance money.

    They don't wanna kill Jews of a set purpose, else according to their warped sense of honor they would be destined for eternal banishment.

    So they warn the J's to get out before bringing the Towers down, that the non Jews were left to die confirms them as Talmudists, since that tome advises genocide against non Jews .. Explosives were built into the towers during construction.
    Assume Hess was a Jew and the same protocols that forbade the Zionazi from wantonly killing Jews on 911, similarly was the impetus for sparing his life, the fact that he knew the full story, like how Mien Kamph got written would die with him, since it exposes the Z connection to Hitler.

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