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Great Yarmouth Dockers are holding a protest on Thursday 9th July 2009 4.30pm South Quay Great Yarmouth Norfolk UK, please get the word out, we need your support. Many thanks JD.

We have a petition to stop the sacking of Great Yarmouth dockers from the East Port Cargo Handling Company, when these men are gone this company is going to introduce casual dock labour into our port, this comes at a time when the Outer Harbour, paid for by private and public money, is near completion.

Surely with all this money being ploughed into our port, some should be used to save this ports dock labor, when work picks up, then you can build on the core workforce, and recruit people into the dock industry on proper terms and conditions of employment, not agency contracts.

The money put into this port was put there to regenerate this whole area, alas we have the wrong people running it, they are going to put power, shareholders and greed before the people of this town, we are talking about seventeen dockers, most have already gone.

However in the greater scheme of this port, we are talking of retention of skilled labor, building on this with recruitment around are area and succoring the future of our port, town, region and the welfare of our people.