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ABORTION: The facts about, Genocide or What every girl should know               

To wilfully kill an unborn child is a crime against the law of man, see the Q
ueensland Criminal Code:
S 294 Death by acts done at childbirth.                       S 224 Attempts to procure an abortion
S 313 Killing unborn child, Penalty life Imprisonment. S 225 The like by woman with child
S 577 Charge of homicide of child.                              S 226 Supplying drugs or instruments

And a
crime against the law of God. Witness numerous injunctions against unlawful killing
generally and abortion/Infanticide specifically In the Koran, which also describes circumstances when deliberate homicide Is lawful. Being Just retaliation for unlawful killing following a fair trial, during the course of Jihad or just war against an agressor who must first have waged war upon oneself, ones children, ones family or ones country, or for capital corruption. Injunctions and penalties endorsed In Mosaic Law and Christian Testament which Moslems recognize as proceeding from God.

Since 1970 Abortion has taken around eight million Australian lives. This
document calls Australia to Islam to wage war In defense of human life and warns the guilty their lives are forfeit in accordance with AL-ISLAM, on which basis It Is expected executions will be numbered in hundreds of thousands, anticipating the demise of virtually the entire medical, political and law enforcement establishments In this country. It anticipates the fulfillment of the prophesy of Jesus Christ that 'children shall rise up against their parents and shall put them to death.' And heralds a new age of human history.

In 1978 Bob Foreman aggressively declared interest re the deaths of Judith
and Susan Mackay aged five and seven years, raped and murdered near Townsville In 1970. In 1987 in the P&D's union rooms at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane he declared he had been questioned by the police re this crime on two separate occasions. He stated the police Interest re his possible Involvement stemmed from the fact a witness recalled seeing a car, subsequently identified as his, parked unattended on August 26 1970 the day the children disappeared, near where their bodies were subsequently found at Antill Creek midday on August 28. Foreman said he told the police he had lent the car to another man that day, who had suffered mechanical breakdown at that spot. That fellow Foreman said, had telephoned him from a pub near there, telling him of the breakdown. Foreman said he walked to the spot and found the car, but not the man. He walked to the pub and conversed with the female bar attendant, claiming he still had not found the man to whom he had allegedly lent the car. He walked back to the car, got it going and drove away. He said, as of mid 1987, the man to whom he says. he lent the car, was dead.

In 1987 the day after he told that tale, in the union rooms in precisely the
same circumstances and in the same company as the previous day, he launched Into the same story.
His face was hideously contorted, and a ghastly light shone from his eyes,
he was thrusting with his pelvis and hauling with his arms In 'a terrible parody of the sex act. He hooted and hollered and repeated the word 'tight whhoo tight' thrusting and hauling 'whoa tight...' At this time one concluded, he was admitting and boasting that he had Indeed committed the crime.

We in the union allege, it was not an off the cuff' admission, but an attempt to entrap any member who may wish to go to the police. In that we allege, as soon as it became obvious to the police, who we allege were corrupt, who had come from Brisbane Homicide to Townsville In 1970 to head the murder Investigation, that Foreman was guilty. They had, Instead of charging him, decided to make use of him to carry out such deeds as were conducive to their corrupt activities. Eventually infiltrating him into the P&D's where he would make such admissions. Then If anybody went to the police, bearing in mind he made the above disclosures in open crowded company, that person would be then exposed by the same police, back to Mr Foreman as an informer, to suffer such consequences as he saw fit: Bob Foreman is not this persons right name but the name under which he fought as a professional boxer. He was employed in the meatworks at Townsville at the time of the sisters murders, and is a dark haired unkempt looking man of about 5 ' 9", who answers the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop on the morning of the day they disappeared. Last seen by the author of this document in September 1998 In Queen St. Brisbane. The scab trade unionist Teddy Abott who put a rumour about in the late 80's that he was dead, knows all about him Including his correct name.

1982 Leslie Smith then Qid President of the P&D's union, said Peter Beattie
then Qld President of the Australian Labor Party, was blackmailing him, under the terms of which he had committed murder. 1987 Painters and Dockers Union members Ron Chap
man and Les Batkin are murdered. Members tear Smith murdered Batkin after Batkin told him where to get off after Smith had attempted to blackmail him. Chapman was beaten then thrust from an upper floor balcony of flats In the Brisbane suburb ' of Kangaroo Point. A former member was charged with his murder, the charge never made it through the magistrates court. The union alleges the police and the prosecution ran dead.

Gazetted as scabs: Don Burns, Brinleigh Williams & son, Mal Golik & two sons, Joe Stella & two sons, Chris Hoylarnd, Des Youngberg & son, brothers Bohane, Keith Conway, Jack Wilson, Les Hewen-Nlcholls, P.W. Watts, Bruce Saunders, A Redding, A Sloan. These personnel and those scabs named on page 8 & 10 are regarded as having work records tainted with the murder of their workmates.

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