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The Oracle of the Tao - The Single Coin Method!

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  • The Oracle of the Tao - The Single Coin Method!

    The image of galaxy M 51 surely resembles the swirl of the Tao, no less than the thistle bloom and the crop circle, Radio astronomers have identified two black holes in a forty day orbit at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. In this highly charged environment the orbiting bodies must also resemble the swirl of the Tao, perhaps they have located the source.

    The I Ching or the Oracle of the Tao can arrange the fall of a coin and communicates to man at its discretion. Cast one coin only it should fall on a pliant surface to prevent bounce, Heads means No - Tails means Yes. Thereafter to obtain the Hexagram of the I Ching throw again in six two throw sequences totaling twelve throws in all of a single coin .. the first throw determines the gender of the oracle, a double call makes a moving line.

    Tails first starts a Yang line it represents the light part of the Tao swirl that has one dark spot, it is masculine and positive.

    T x H: then we chart a single straight unbroken line it is an unmoving line that represents a firm single principle, it does not change thru fire wind and weather. ---

    T x T: This is a moving firmly principled line that has grown war weary and lazy, or yet glutted with treasure and weighed down, or become over confident and rash.

    Confucius the most quoted master called it "the dangerous weakness occasioned by too much strength," thus we chart a firm line intercepted by a circle like the Plimsoll Line on a ship. -o-

    A changing masculine line will be feminine in its next incarnation when we chart a single broken line in its place, firmness and might has become far more acquiescent, a bully on the barracks room floor nursing busted up lips fulfills this oracle.

    Heads first starts a Yin line it is the dark part of the Tao swirl that has a single spot of light material, it is feminine and negative.

    H x T: This is the firm unmoving female principle represented by motherhood for instance, it is the female realm and like it or not, it does not change, here we chart the single broken line. - -

    H x H: This moving line represents the corrupt female principle, as it appears when and where women adopt a mutually unsatisfactory role not by asserting femininity for instance, but by trying to be proxy men, here we chart the same broken line as before intercepted by a cross. -x-

    The double call in Heads is a changing feminine line, which will be an unchanging masculine line in its next incarnation, in an evolving situ this overbearing and willful woman is put firmly in her place.

    This Crop Circle turned up in a wheat field in Wiltshire England July 7, 2007.

    Obtain six lines by the above process build the hexagram from the bottom, thereafter consult published literature to obtain the correct interpretations for the four hundred and forty eight possible combinations.