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    When I got home from school one day in 1959 at 8 yo my father started choking flogging and bashing me I began to black out and knew he was killing me, I landed a left to his face and felt a squishing sensation as I landed a right to his gob area and kicked him .. no use blackout, coming around I could not move or shake off the blackness and blacked out again.

    Like walking thru a stage curtain I stepped onto a path of white decomposed granite edged with gray blue stone, the path was undulating between hills of cotton wool texture .. along came a man leading a horse I asked if he knew where the path led and he assured me he did, I waited for him to move off planning to make my own way when he told me he had come for me.

    I told him I thought I would have to go back, he glanced in the direction I came from and said I won't be going back which was great news to me and brightened me up considerably, I asked if it was his horse and did it have a name he told me it was his and his name is Bukephalus, after a little more chit chat he lifted me up onto the horse who he told me would take me the rest of the way.

    Before I took off on the horse I remembered to ask him his name he said "Ah-Leg-Xander," I asked him to take it slower he said "Alexander" .. the horse took me slowly at first then at a full gallop me hanging on to its mane, along the path which ended at a pair of open arched gates framed by the same pearl blue gray stone that bordered the path, here the horse indicated I should dismount and as he galloped back so did the path recede with him.

    The gates then appeared to be floating in space like the door drifting in space in the TV series The Twilight Zone, the outer view was as for a winter's night the stars of the Milky Way and the constellation Sagittarius, one star appeared to be moving and resolved into the figure of a man striding along a path similar to the one I had been on.

    He was middle height aged in his early twenties with light olive skin and dark hair, he was lightly bearded and had long legs, he was attired similar to Alexander in a home spun smock affair tied at the waist and sandals Pisces, he drew near and said "Martin I'm Jesus," he gestured with his right hand down and to his right my gaze following his gesture.

    I saw my body on the floor of the bedroom I shared with my brother, Mother had just walked into the room and seen my body and was screaming the house down, like making a performance shrieking .. Jesus said "you can stay with me or you can go back," I told him "I will go back," then instead of looking at him I was looking at the gray linoleum on the bedroom floor.

    I was pushing myself up on to my hands when Mother came in she looked at me then walked out without saying anything, next Father came in and did the same .. things never changed much maybe nine days later both parents got stuck into me again, with Mother urging him on to batter me at eight years of age.

    Later that year he would present me with the bodies of aborted twins to dispose of in a backyard incinerator, I had spoken up in their favor when Mother announced she was off to have an abortion .. after this flogging I am lying in bed when I hear a voice calling my name "Martin," I did not answer, he called me again and again I don't answer.

    He called my name the third time "Martin" I said "who's that" he said "God," the next night I am laying in bed the same voice as the previous night calls "Martin..
    I said "you said you were God,
    He said "I am.
    I said "you're God,
    He said "yes.
    I said "you are actually God,
    He said "yes.
    I said "I hear voices all the time, they are not God,
    He said "no, they're not,
    I said "but you are,
    He said "yes.

    I formed an image in my mind of a large sweeping bay of white sand beaches near where I lived in Adelaide South Australia, and asked if he knew how many grains of sand there were, he said he did .. I picked up a handful of sand and told him I have the same problem of being unable to check, then telling him not to look held three grains between thumb and forefinger and asked "how many?" he said "three" I told him ok I believe he is God.

    I asked him if he knows everything he said he does, I said "if there was something that you did not know you would not know you did not know it, so you should not really say you know everything," he says he knows that too .. I said "you know there is nothing you do not know" he said "yes," I said "sure."

    He asked if I wanted to know anything, I asked him if there is a Hell he said there is then asked if there was anything at all he could do for me, I told him "I would like a guided tour of Hell please", he said "sure are you right" I said "are we going right away he said we were .. it was dark like it was night time from where his voice was coming there just seemed to be a mist of grainy gold light.

    He went before me and the wall of the house just seemed to be gone, my spirit body astral body if you will just followed his light and for a moment I saw the outside of the house illuminated by a street light in the rain, then we were aloft and into the clouds and total blackness, after maybe forty seconds there was a light .. I said "I can see a light," he said "that's where we are going and I want to see a good landing."

    The light resolved into the figure of a man picture King Kong Bundy the great athlete from the world of pro wrestling, that's what this guy looked like, he wore a full length gown of some brown material over a white full length smock affair Allah said "this is Philemon he will be your guide," Philemon is the warden of Hell I stood still while he received his instructions facing the light, he is a big guy and pale phosphorescent light shone from his person he nodded a couple of times and spoke.

    The golden light of Allah faded and the big guy turned to me, we appeared to be standing in the pool of his light on a vast stone plain bare rock and blackness beyond, he said "when you came here you just came through the air right" I said yes I had, he said "this is just the same watch," and he just walks out off of a precipice into a vast abyss..

    He is hanging there in mid air and says "come on out," out I go and standing beside him see that we are unsupported a couple of meters from the cliff edge, he starts talking to the stone as he does the figure of a man resolves among the cracks and ledges at the cliff top, Philemon told me this is another of the guards of Hell whose instructions are that I should pass.

    He said "we are going down" like being in an elevator down we went into Hell, we were going down a long way black stone all the way I began to wonder if there was ever going to be a bottom, when in the gloom one perceived Gothic arches tombs in various stages of construction, eight or nine in number some firmly chiseled giving the appearance of dressed stone others mere outlines carved into the rock.

    We were past the overhang of a vast cavern .. our descent had slowed, the ghastly figure of a human being blue white skin stretched over bones shrouded by a mist of fine white hair, crouched chipping stone with a crude mallet and chisel at the entrance to one of the tombs, flees shrieking into its interior at our vertical approach.

    Then landing at the top of a steep narrow path beside terraces carved into the rock, on the upper terrace twenty two crouching figures like hologram images their human features become the features and visages of eagles, another terrace below with one hundred and nineteen figures representing lesser raptors, hawks and kites similarly changing appearance from bird to man.

    One is blind, there is the mummified body of a man who appears to have been felled by a sword stroke to his left knee then finished off with a sword thrust thru his left eye exiting the back of his head, another terrace below almost hidden in the gloom has eight or nine figures smooth and rounded like stones in a stream bed, some fairly large man sized some smaller.

    We take a few more steps down and along the path and reach a landing there are crouching figures below and ahead, Philemon turns to me and says "this is Hell, of all who have entered here none have left," we were standing at the top of a circular pit no more than a few meters in diameter, containing the crouching figures of one hundred and twenty two comely blue green winged creatures.

    Attending them are two hideous demons one in human form though scaled like a snake, the other a small black figure with short thick bat like wings, to our front the wall falls away and dejected amid his defeated company is [Satan]() crouched, his left arm stretched around his drawn up left knee cradling his right arm and shattered right shoulder, his right leg is amputated high up with a portion of bone sticking out of the raw stump like a leg roast in a butcher's window.

    A small quantity of dark green blood is pooled on the stone below the wound .. past him three hundred and twenty nine human figures their group profile suggesting the arboreal physiognomy of a low sturdy powerful tree, its leaves and branches indeed the heads faces and limbs of the fallen these are the recidivists of Hell.

    See on the other wall further in past the tombs a low stone shelter maybe four meters long a meter or so high and twelve hundred mm wide built onto the almost vertical slope, this is the dwelling of Chablis the Devil of the Darkness.

    Higher the stone levels out and one can perceive in the gloom what looks like a hospital bed with two demon attendants, themselves attended by the green, glowing bearded human figure of another of the guards of Hell, further in thru and beyond the entrance of another cavern faintly illuminated in pale phosphorescence, the dark billows and strong current of an underground river.

    A flat bottomed craft is against a stone landing a gaunt straining figure is poling his vessel into the stonework against the fierce pull of the current, this is Charon the Ferryman, the boat is about two thirds laden with the crouching figures of one hundred and two women in twelve rows of eight then six more.

    The furthest back a commanding and imposing woman of indeterminate age, black flowing hair with a broad band of silver giving her a curious badger like appearance, read Dodie Smith's book 101 Dalmatians, her description of Cruella de Vil surely resembles this lady in Hell with her hundred and one acolytes .. Hell is full of similar ironies.

    The other passengers each seem to have gone aboard at different times later, the most recent a woman in her fifties her black hair streaked with gray, her bony lezzo's face expressing only anxiety and an immediate readiness for departure, as she and her companions in their turn chant the litany then the response to the Rosary.

    The landing had another occupant .. another of the guards in a sentry box affair carved into the stone, a young soldierly type dressed in a full length white smock, his shoulder length fair hair held by a circlet of some bright metallic substance, armed with a broadsword he fixed his gaze upon me like I was a candidate for execution and adjusted his grip on the sword.

    I had noted he and his sword were more than capable of causing the death of the mummified body on the terrace and of severing Satan's leg .. Philemon told him to put up the sword explaining I was on tour, I proceeded to go straight ahead when Philemon indicated our way was to the right thru an entrance and into another cavern, then downward via a ramp deeply rutted and strewn with boulders.

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    Incredibly one large boulder is inching upward balancing it seemed upon the shoulders of what first appeared to be another stone, the proportion that of a tennis ball and a basketball the smaller bearing the larger, this is Sisyphus whose torment described by Homer was to convey a large stone to the top of a similar incline, whereas even as he gets the stone so near to the top does the burden become too much even for this mighty man, in physical form a Tom Thumb yet we know from legend and rhyme that TT was a particularly nice guy, Sisyphus never came to this end by being nice.

    The stone topples from his shoulders and rolls back down .. he chases down after it and catches it where sandy floor of the cavern is rolled flat and the sand has slowed the stone, running he gets behind it, checks its motion and hoists it onto his shoulders, he traverses the rolled flat sand and runs up the first third of the twenty meter incline, entering one of many deep ruts in the soil the stone appears to be inching upward of its own volition.

    Sisyphus emerges where the rut is shallower with the stone firmly upon his shoulders, upward till unsteadily the stone falls from his grasp and rolls back .. we proceed down the ramp and across a dark sandy place the light coming from my guide the only illumination, our way seemed long .. presently from the darkness ahead came a flash like distant lightning, proceeding in that direction a red glow lit the horizon.

    Another flash and drawing closer the roar and crackle of flaming fire, the flashes were coming regularly and had become explosions .. we were at the entrance to another giant cavern the inner view as for an industrial furnace, long high stacks of burning bodies like haystacks in a Grant Wood painting stretched to the horizon in three directions, it was great.

    Philemon says "this is it" he seems proud and asks "what do you think," I told him I thought it was great .. a mighty flash as a human being atop an adjacent high stack of corpses explodes into a pillar of bright yellow flame, we head in that direction, thru the glare of the flame the corpse stack is about five meters high, about two hundred long and open or unfinished after a section of about thirty meters at our end.

    Beyond in the fiery haze higher stacks six and seven meters high laid out four hundred meters long by two hundred fifty wide, millions of corpses burning in the fire, standing amid all this is a critter glowing green amid the flame like the other guards, a more or less human upper torso complimented from the waist down by shaggy haired feral hind legs and cloven hooves.

    This is a faun, he has a goatee beard and a long faun's face with Mr Spock type pointed ears and short sharp horns protruding from a mop of curly hair grown right down his spine, he has a dark olive skinned clergyman in a full nelson going on a hammer lock, he breaks into a broad smile when Philemon introduces us, the priest has his eyes fixed upon a patch of soft golden light and has his most sickening pastor's smile on his face.

    He proceeds to ask "what's the joke," he gets no further .. within the light like on a computer screen the image of well manicured garden and an expensive car on a white gravel driveway, ivy is climbing on a wall past an ecclesiastical arch a young person decked out for his first communion has got out of the car, and the clergyman's speech turns to a scream as his face freezes into a mask of terror and horror combined.

    And bright yellow flame explodes out of his body .. the guard folds the latest entry into Hell backwards and downwards from his knees and locks his inner arm onto an adjacent corpse, from a large box like structure with a square hole in the bottom like the trapdoor on a gallows tethered a couple of meters overhead, tumbles the naked body of a European man.

    Picture a spiv from the Reeperbahn in Hamburg or yet a Muscovite hoodlum white slaver, he crashes a few meters onto the corpse pile the keeper grabs his left ankle and drags him leg first up and locks that ankle into the pile, the Euro is made of stern stuff with his free leg and both arms he tries to climb back up the wall of flaming corpses, too bad about the other ankle.

    The keeper grabs him and applies the hammer lock, the golden light appears the victim starts blubbering about being molested in a public toilet while still a teen, it does not help his cause any and he explodes into bright yellow flame .. next a teen suicide blubbers before exploding into flame, then one after the other two elderly Japanese men mutual suicides one supposes, before a Sikh Doctor tries to mitigate before he too explodes into fire.

    In the cubicle above dwells Baphomet the Devil of the Fire, he greets the fallen from his within his lair the outer view has another of the ironies of Hell, hear the crooner's lyrics "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," or yet view the classic film The Wizard of Oz wherein adventurers begin their trek upon a yellow brick road, for here in the antechamber of Hell the way is paved with yellow bricks.

    In this place you can see the fallen in those moments between death and damnation when they themselves are unsure whether mercy or justice is to be their lot, we know of course .. a Texas Redneck pops up head first out of the yellow paved road as he attains height so does his body achieve form and substance.

    He looks about, down the road a little are four arched gates going the full width of the road they are sealed and appear intimidating, to the front a doorway in a plain wall washed the same yellow color as the paved road like an anonymous entry to a Madrid Bar. To the right a low wall of some light gray volcanic stone, beyond a scree slope of similar volcanic material.

    At the doorway a figure tall and lean clad in western style jeans and a red check shirt looks like a spiv chalking his cue at a poolroom bar, who looks out the door onto the street and recognizing a like soul beckons him in .. inside the Devil has a mirror, not an ordinary mirror however but a demon mirror that can change shape.

    When this particular devil wishes to vex mankind he sends the mirror along, next time you are in the horrors or have the delirium tremens and you see The Wisp you are looking into the Devil's mirror.

    Looking in the mirror the Devil sees the Redneck, the Devil looks from the front and above chest level much like a goat, in that he has short curved back horns a goats head and a full mane a bit like a lion, he resides behind a counter like affair and in some respects resembles a barman behind a bar where whiskey for instance might be served .. he extends his right appendage here any resemblance to a quadruped has vanished.

    His right arm looks like a long hairy tentacle or a hairy spiders leg, grasped in a coil is a stick about six hundred mm long with a crude replica of a human hand at the end, the Devil flicks it into the doorway from his side, outside the Redneck sees the stud at the door sees the hand beckon in an inviting conspiratorial way, believes his salvation to be at hand and hollers "hallelujah."

    He enters the doorway and his bulk blocks the light, taking the next step forward in darkness then inside and he is face to face with the Devil, whose upper body and simpering feral head is illuminated in the red glare from the flames below, who sends this sinner tumbling face like stone into the fire.

    Next a rubber faced Quebecois politician pops up he does not like it at all, he has time to walk down and take a look at the sealed entrances, he walks back avoiding the doorway in the wall with its spectral doorman and the Devils beckoning hand stick, he decides to tackle the volcanic slope and the scree .. unbeknown to him that way is guarded, four demon eyes on two demon heads have been following his every move.

    The demons resemble small feral humans lowbrowed and rangy, in a trice one leaps upon the others back both falling forward the arms of the upper and the legs of the lower become the fore and hind legs of Cerberus the Hound of Hell, now have these demons become a demon dog, snarling and snapping it drives the unfortunate to the door, he locks his elbows either side of the opening and faces the dog, inside the Devil casts the mirror now become an iron chain with large links, lasso's his neck and drags him in.

    Back at the hearth and two West African brothers twins in appearance seem overjoyed to actually be in Hell, first one then the other seemed to be digging every moment wide eyed and exited, right up until they started screaming and exploded into flame. Then a young Caucasian male maybe nine years old absolutely impassive, gives out a bit of a squawk when he bursts into fire.

    Then an old man has Old Peoples Home Proprietor written all over him impassive at the fire, doctors, lawyers, clergymen, young and old burning like mad made me feel good. Watching the sinners burn and looking around Hell, another guard happens along he is on mobile patrol thru the fire and stops by to see what the fuss is.

    Philemon introduces him and for a while there are the three guards and myself watching as sinners are flung into the flames, there were a lot more young people than I had anticipated, Chinese doctors were the most unrepentant and a couple of them aggressively spoke back into the light.

    Positive ID's here included Jolly Old Emperor Bokassa one time head man of the Central African Republic, who massacred schoolchildren and had the body of their schoolmaster hanging in his pantry when he was arrested, Myklos, the perpetrator of the 1995 Hillcrest Massacre near Brisbane Australia, wherein he murdered his two beautiful teenage daughters, his in laws, his wife then himself.

    I had met him a few years before he was a millionaire printer and a boor .. my father and the abortion doctor. Watching them tumble in then burn fatigue began to set in, bearing in mind that when Allah called it was night time, I told Philemon that I had to get a bit of sleep and that I had to attend school the following day, that is if it was not past midnight already.

    Philemon had never heard of sleep nor school and knew of no way I might return, explaining to him about sleep he says to doss down anywhere, I tell him the fire is too bright and that I needed darkness. The other guard had finished his patrol thru the fire and was going that way so we three bade farewell to the keeper of the fire, or the racker up of the dead, I did hear his name but forgot he was a cool guy cloven hooves and all.

    Heading back out of the fire cave they say just relax crash anywhere you like on the sand, we go along the far wall where there is a bit of an overhang and lying down there try to crash out, unable to sleep and telling both guards .. then sitting down then lying down to get some sleep, before going off to sleep I wondered how I was going to be able to get back from Hell.

    The next day I just woke up at home and proceed to school as per normal, so it is that sometimes when I go to sleep at night I will wake up in Hell then will continue the tour until I go back to sleep and wake up at home .. the very next time I wake in Hell there is a sensation of rats running all over me, I go to sleep at home after school normally I wake with the sensation of running feet..

    A tiny hand has lifted my right eyelid,rolling my eyeball down I am eye to eye with a little rat sized critter, I sit up with a start Philemon and the other guard ask "what's the matter" and I explain that I have been over run, by way of illustration a swarm of rat critters doubles back over my out stretched legs, the guards tell me that these are fire demons and explain that they live in the fire and are in fact the wildlife of Hell.

    That they come to this spot indeed the location I had chosen to lie down adjacent to a bit of an overhang, got that way because here the fire demons mine sulfur and spread it throughout the fire .. in another of the ironies of Hell the fire demons are dressed in Personal Protective Equipment, resembling a hood woven of some coarse substance, which comes right down the body forming an apron.

    They scratch away at the deposit of sulfur and gather it in the apron then race back and spread it thru the body of the fire, along tunnels built in during construction. MAN Magazine was published in Australia until about the 1970's, it had a serial comic set in Hell drawn by Australian comic artist Jack Gibson called Infernal Nonsense which portrayed the fire demons perfectly .. so the guards tell me the fire demons are harmless.

    I want to take a leak before going back to sleep they say just do it and I splash some onto the fire demons, they become exited and a group of them gather .. I get the lot then move on down a little to get some more sleep .. bye and bye I wake in Hell and stretch a little thirst troubleth me not nor hunger, looking around and there is definitely a grayness it was not as black as before, whence came this illumination I was never to find out.

    Both guards are still there they wanted to know if I had slept well I told them I had, the fire demons were nowhere to be seen though their tracks were everywhere in the sand, the guard who had been on mobile patrol said now that I was awake he would resume his normal duties and bade farewell.

    Philemon and I headed back across the sand to go up the ramp and back into the first circle of Hell. I explained to him that it is most unusual for someone from my culture to meet someone like him and asked him if I might ask him a little about himself, he said "that's fine go ahead." he told me he was a mortal being and that he was past normal life expectancy for his people.

    That he had recently attended a funeral for a friend of his who was in fact a little older than himself, he said he had been in Hell for most of his working life and that he was sore tired of it, I asked whether he had any notion of an afterlife, he told me he was in fact an unbeliever and that he did not subscribe to the notion of an afterlife at all.

    He said his position was not unique among his kind however there were very many of his people who did have a different perspective, I could not believe it .. I said how can he doubt an afterlife and still be the Warden of Hell, we had just been at the fire where millions upon millions of burning bodies testified to an afterlife at least in so far as these were concerned anyway.

    I told him I was the same species as these burners, likewise said I it was not adherence to any creed nor testimony that placed them in the fire they simply wanted to be bad, he said that one could muse endlessly on such topics and that in any case his orders were clear that he keep count .. we were back at the ramp where Sisyphus continued his toil.

    On and past him and into the first circle past the Swordsman, Philemon tells me that as we go now thru this place we would pass close by a lot of committed sinners, for that reason Allah had decreed that here I can only see and hear nor touch or feel and that the fallen would be unable to see me .. we went right and proceed a few paces more to be level with Satan.

    He had a wild fearless bold face and appears to be about twenty four years old, in human terms crouched down with one only leg he is still fairly large standing he would be a tad over six feet .. maybe there is the trace of a pout, as Philemon who is of the same tribe as he passes his visage becomes satanic as he beholds his jailer in vile loathing, a turnkey only since both are here by direction of higher authority.
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      We pass and he looks at the ceiling of his dungeon as if beholding Allah his face expressing concern that his friend should abandon him, then from this angle his face is a mass of wrinkles and creases betraying his great age. The path proceeds to the outer most branches of the Zaqqum Tree, described in the Koran and the home for the recidivists of Hell.

      A recent arrival a young male person is sobbing uncontrollably, he would have been a nice looking young man in his day ironically not unlike a small version of Satan himself who is doing his time as described just a couple of meters away. The Warden touches him lightly between the shoulder blades at the back, and he lifts his tear stained face to see what wondrous soul could have shown him kindness here.

      The other residents of this place crowd along the path crying "touch us .. look upon us" and although they are crowded together none are actually touching, and nowhere in Hell do the fallen provide comfort to each other. Philemon produces a whisk from his cloak and whips the souls away from the path, where the lash falls so do the fallen know such marvelous comfort. Here the way narrows and at this place the tree dwellers are covered with thick dust attesting to the very great length of time of their stay.

      Our way is now past the Zaqqum Tree we have come to another place called The Outer Darkness the home of mortal women, a vast plain with row upon row of lost souls, up this end and close by they are in more or less pristine condition, back further and signs of wear, then right down the back really badly worn corpses eyeballs gone hair, skin, bone and sinew.

      We go left our way has taken us around a large pillar where the path runs parallel to the front row of femme corpses, and we come to the ladies place of judgment under the ferry landing, thus for the underground river the boat and the ferryman was illusion, the blue green water is now an undulating layer of imps, succubi tethered to and feeding upon the fallen, the ferry is now a stony place with one hundred and two reciting the Rosary nonetheless,

      The ferryman like the demons in the other place consists of two like beings Gog and Magog, one perched upon the others shoulders the upper asleep the lower alert, the ferryman's pole now a support for the upper slumbering demon, the ticking of the clock in this place is when they change places .. on the upper level the ladies destined to undergo Hell enter.

      Here the pale green light of another of the guards and the fake hospital bed with its two demon attendants prevent hysterics, providing the illusion to the newly arrived and damned woman that she is to be conveyed to some sanatorium place, and a construct not unlike an aquarium .. the woman's perspective is she dies on Earth, testimony says she will be drawn down a tube past an exit leading to a happy place.

      The way becomes cold, then colder and colder and tighter and tighter until form and substance is achieved, she is delivered intact and unharmed into the aquarium like enclosure, though she can move and breathe there is very little room to move her feet it is very cold .. in an adjacent place in a fore described dwelling Chablis the Devil of the Darkness stirs, maybe four meters long tip to tip lean in human shape and going on all fours.

      Pointed chin and long crescent moon face, his eyes are tiny peepers at the inner end of conical eye sockets open mouthed he does not seem possessed of a tongue, no tail visible .. he flows across the stone and up the slope glancing from the top into the aquarium, he reaches with his left hand and finds a device seen in the possession of the Joker in a pack of cards, a stick with the three pointed star and a painted face.

      A Marotte is a prop stick with a carved head on it typically carried by a jester or harlequin, the miniature head will often reflect the costume of the jester who carries it, their hats were especially distinctive made of cloth they were floppy with three points called liliripes each of which had a jingle bell at the end. Wikipedia.

      In this document the ironies of Hell are described, from the perspective of the woman who is about to be cast into Hell the Devil's marotte resembles in both detail and legend Humpty Dumpty, and like in the verse he is sitting upon a wall. The Devil tweaks his wrist and Humpty's arms and head piece wave, this attracts the horrified attention of our woman.

      The devil's other arm reaches in past an airlock he is a monstrous creature and he takes hold of her by the waist, his touch is freezing and like the passengers on the Titanic that jumped into the icy North Atlantic she suffers Diaphragmatic Paralysis inducing a condition known as Dyspnea, she is unable to inhale or exhale.

      He pulls her thru an opening that is altogether too small, placing the marotte back beside the aquarium structure he inspects his prey like King Kong and Fay Wray in the movie KK, then like Vida Blue at Yankee Stadium he pitches her head first into the solid stone of the central pillar of Hell the target zone well defined by splatter marks, she slams into the column and slides down the almost vertical slope before crashing semi conscious into Hell proper.

      Dazed and disoriented she hears the clip clop of cloven hooves and the approach of a monstrous creature, horned and hoofed the identical twin of the critter that racks up the sinners in the fire, not ungently he picks her up and takes her to the place where she is to hear the judgment and to be joined onto a vast chain of women's bodies.

      The first time here first left turn past the Zuqqum tree, walking with the Warden of Hell along past a long row of women bodies all crouched holding hands, two in from the end and there's Mum she died under aggravated circumstances in 1980, there were signs of a struggle part of the door frame was broken as though someone was hanging on with finger and nail yet dragged away and killed, Father drew one's attention to it, he said he did it in his grief.

      I was working as a rigger on a ninety seven meter tower in the Queensland town of Dalby, the groundy radioed the tower that the local police wished to talk they said ring home and Father told me she had passed away thru the night, he would not let me view her body. I wanted to see whether her fingers were bruised, prior to his own death in 1993 I told him that before any reconciliation could take place he would have to tell me again about how he should not have let me live.

      This was after presenting me with the bodies of the aborted twins in 1959, he went into Hell praising God totally fooled by the illusory doorman and the Fire Devil's hand stick, so while I was camped out overnight in the back blocks of Hell twenty one years had passed on Earth .. she did not look any different a bit tense is all, I did not dwell on her circumstances and continued the tour.
      Here the racker up of the dead picks them up by their elbows after they have tumbled down after slamming into the stonework, drags them their heels dragging the few meters adjacent to where Philemon customarily stands, which is the judgment place of the outer darkness, a soft golden light shaped like a television screen appears and the wrong doer will see just what has gotten her into Hell.

      An elegant African lady is in the hands of the monster as we approach, she is transfixed at the images in the light the gentle touch of the giant has relieved the symptom of dyspenia and canceled the diaphragmatic paralysis caused by the chill touch of the Devil, "no" she says "no .. no-oooo," the last breath she took in was in the breathable air of the aquarium which remained frozen in her body till now.

      She breathes in and is paralyzed by a symptom resembling Carbon Dioxide Paralysis of the Respiratory System and collapses at the knees, the demon locks her hand and fingers to the woman on her left, and a tremor goes thru the whole of the outer darkness as the slack is taken in and the place at the front is ready for the next customer, she is not long in arriving.
      It is a malnourished looking peroxide blond with close cropped hair you might see her at a pro abortion rally or voting for Hillary Clinton, she starts screaming "I don't believe ..I don't believe," until she runs out of puff and locks up and gets locked in.

      The next is a small dark Woman in her late years from some Mediterranean place, within the light high top limo's from a bygone era and an assassination outside of an immigrant barbershop, she watches smug from an upstairs window across the street, she screams abuse in some home dialect straight into the light, the scream dying on her lips as she locks up and joins the chain.

      So this is the outer darkness then, having a good look about the ranks of bodies stretched to the horizon in three directions, as the body is racked up and chained on a succubus rises out of the physical entity that was recently a human being walking abroad upon the planet Earth, it first looks like a balloon tethered with a cord down the spine and out of the head of the deceased.

      Within the body of the balloon a faun critter like a miniature version of the racker, shaggy haired feral legs and cloven hooves a curly mop of hair with horns and pointed ears, I would later learn that this being will be the judge at the second judgment .. looking about and taking it all in I tell Philemon it was great and thanks very much for the tour, he says he thought I wanted to see the whole of Hell.

      I said I did and was there more, he assured me there was and cast an image into my mind of serried ranks kneeling in the oriental prayer position, tall spires of ash on their shoulders and heads balancing on the balls of both feet and their knees, straight backed, hands on thighs palms downward, fingers together resembling the statues in a Thai temple.

      Just where they could be I did not know .. he says to follow him, back thru the first circle past the Tree, Satan and the Swordsman, past Sisyphus straining up the incline with his stone, across the desert and back into the fire cave, down past the place of judgment and explosions of fire every forty seconds or so, thumbs up to the faun racking them up, then down between the vast flaming stacks of burning bodies to the nether part of Hell.

      As we move further from the front so too are the bodies burnt down, past the yellow green burners at the front to charred corpses further in, then burnt charred corpses, flickering blue flame and human coals, on to a place where the bodies are mere cinders blackened and burned beyond recognition .. a spectral guard here tries to block one's way I sidestep him and he fades away, at this place a huge four armed being dismantles the stacks of charred cinder corpses.

      He takes the body and reconstructs it in his four hands then consults a blue green flying creature that has appeared from somewhere, which was indeed this sinner's guardian angel during his tenure on Earth as to whether he will re combine, whereas if the angel agrees he conveys the body to his right in his two right hands, whence the charred metallic body of the sinner crumbles to dust revealing only the bright white pure human soul.

      They rush together and embrace their union sealed in a blinding flash of arc light, that fades to reveal a composite white robed flying creature which departs this place at a rate of knots. Otherwise the angel lets out a scream of outrage and horror and takes off like a bat out of Hell .. thus in place in the two left hands of the Angel of the Second Judgment Philemon did tell me his name which I have forgotten..

      He is a pretty cool guy notwithstanding he looks a bit like a snake just jutting up out of the ground with his four arms, he has a mustache and a part in his hair and looks a bit like Sir Richard Hadlee the great New Zealand sportsman. So the fella in his two left hands is placed alongside another of his kind.

      They are in a column of six like the chain of women in the outer darkness, some unseen mechanism is causing the column to move like a snake of its own volition taking the men backwards out of the fire chamber .. thru and beyond another overhang they turn 90 degrees toward the front, thus looking back into the fire red hot volcanic cinders alight like snow upon their heads and shoulders.

      Here they resemble the statues in a Thai temple, then only their faces and eyes are visible as the ash buries them .. on downward and deeper into Hell the time for remorse long gone, the underground column comes to a trip place where the bodies do another pivot, with the men now facing forward, the column of the damned continues downward where in this place of dust and ash the fallen sleep.

      Nor yet is their journey thru Hell over, deeper and deeper goes the column of six and its company of snoring losers, two weeks pass on Earth and the column intersects an underground stream .. in this place of water and steam, where the pious man looks toward heaven bitter and beaten a witness of failure and dashed hope, in vindication of the prophesy of John the Baptist that "all flesh shall know the salvation of God," the damned are raised.

      Two two hundred kilo attendants looking like funny parody drawings of Cherubs with loose skin and tiny wings on an overgrown wrestler's body, one reaches out his hand where the column goes over a hump and the ranks open out, he takes the hand of the soul of the sinner who has been in the Eastern prayer position for as many weeks .. while this is an elegant pose it produces physical agony after only a short time.

      The attendant assists him up then massages him up and down the legs, toweling down his upper body with a cloth he keeps over his shoulder .. the sinner is an ancient Walter Brennan type you gotta believe just how old this man is, never would anybody really encounter any person on Earth this old, old or not and notwithstanding his double trip thru Hell he is jaunty and full of witticisms toward the demon attendant.

      He thinks he is still in hospital and tells the demon about this really vivid dream he was having until woken, the attendant has heard it all before and mumbles something, he has massaged both legs and feet and done his upper body and arms with the towel, he dips it into a stone basin of water then wrings it out and does his face and ears.

      Walter is still chattering away as the wrestler hands him up to his brother who is up a couple of steps on another landing .. when he passes from one brother to the other, so does a shiver of white light commence from the brother's fingertips, then go right thru the newly resurrected sinners body, until he is fully up on the landing once more a young man in the full vigor of youth, whence the guard directs him to a then unknown destination.

      The next sinner freed is a wizened little bloke could have been a gunslinger in the wild west mouth just a slit and cold eyes, untalkative he is toweled down and rubbed, he thanks the attendant who passes him on to his brother .. the next is a Dyak head hunter maybe from the island nation of Borneo, an incredibly old little dark skinned man seems happy to be going.

      I pass with him onto the next level, he approaches a gate beyond the gate his extended family his grandfather, his mother and his brothers and sisters are overjoyed to have him back .. the next there is a Caucasian youth his beautiful wife and children their features indistinct from my perspective greet him .. the column of annealed metallic corpses progresses a little further, until they are ground to atoms after tumbling into an ash whirlpool resembling a bottomless pit.
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        That's Hell .. the second judgment in the outer darkness is much the same, the girls progress right thru Hell till they come to a body builder who has a horn trumpet attached to a thong around each wrist. When their time comes the succubus that emerged at the first judgment, has drained all the goodness out of the woman's body which has gone up the umbilical cord and has nurtured him, the umbilical cord snaps and the newly hatched faun emerges.

        Thus woman's guardian angels are indeed proto fauns whereas male persons are accompanied by a different class of angel, when the angel fauns decline to recombine they are reborn as fauns on suitable worlds. The bodybuilder .. like this guy is built is mostly indistinct, the guards in the darkness are a more reserved group than their counterparts at the fire, in that his light which shines from a disc above his head is most often very dim.

        He interviews the angel and depending upon the response, raises either the trumpet horn in his left hand blowing B flat signaling that there will be no removal. Or yet he raises the right trumpet horn and blows D .. the released human spirit standing at the place of judgment like an intact Venus de Milo risen from a terrible waste of corpse debris and the angel embrace, within the arc light their union produces the robed figure of a flying angel emerges who wastes no time leaving, the losers collapse and so does the floor receive them.

        Losing all human shape and like a procession of bright white maggots, they make their way toward a place where they will tumble down out of the main body of Hell and be buried in freezing cold volcanic ash .. down until they are liberated when the ashy medium intersects an underground body of water, and they are washed out of the ash over a waterfall and into a pool of water.

        Here they dive and plunge about in this strange limbo world till they drag themselves up on a cinder beach and flop down like seals .. two demon attendants here resemble Asterix The Gaul in the European comic strip of that name, in that they are armored from the waist up and fully helmeted against the amorous passions of the newly resurrected women, their eyes visible thru a horizontal slot in their helmets.

        Handing the girls onto the next level, the white light tingles over their skin and they arrive on that level once more in human form as beautiful young women stark bollicky naked however. Up the path there is a high arched bridge, below just cloud then across and a gateway with no gates on the hinges, inside a dress shop with diamond shaped crystal panes in the windows.

        Here the girls get something to wear, this one chose a short sleeve blue and white full length dress with a modest neckline that would not have been out of place among the Amish communities in Pennsylvania, outside the shop there is a family group waiting, one young man a clean limbed type seems a tad self conscious among people he does not know.

        Then erupting from the group's center a black shape nor yet human but beast, carnivore tongue extended and feral teeth exposed this is a puppy dog of the poodle variety .. that is what happened in Hell, Mother went to the second judgment after twenty two years and some months, I never witnessed her ordeal but guess she would be no chance to be rescued by her guardian angel.

        Father went to judgment after seven years three months I watched him leave Hell facing backwards in September 2000, the Doctor did only eighteen months and went to an unknown future, Myklos who did his family in got five years.. I told Allah after the tour I felt injustice was being perpetrated in the matter of Satan and all of the inhabitants of the first circle of Hell.

        Directing his attention to the monstrously inadequate sentences handed down to my father for instance, and to the Doctor who performed in excess of one hundred and fifty thousand abortions, he replied the disposition of his slaves was a matter for him and that Hell was not the place for temerity, I went on to negotiate their release after Gog and Magog appealed directly to me that I petition Allah in their favor.

        I did that he relented and Hell did empty .. Gog and Magog facilitated the repair of Satan's chest wound, and at my behest found and fitted him with a new right leg and a pair of short pants .. never was his dignity compromised, once more called Lucifer I escorted him to the light and handed him into the light, the same way I had seen the demon angels do with the resurrected humans at the end of Hell.
        Chablis the Devil of the Darkness has the ability to split into many miniature replica's of himself, it is extraordinarily good luck to capture one .. I caught one and held it in a bottle for about four years before releasing it into the light, when it coiled out of the bottle and disappeared into the light I saw it had the form and shape of an oriental dragon, I told the dragon I would see him and the bottle back on Earth.

        When he gets here I will be using him as a front line soldier in the Jihad I am in the process of fomenting against the abortion lobby .. after taunting Chablis into chasing me, I had assumed the shape of a beautiful woman using my sweet Lizzy as a model, then climbed back up the cliff face where he splatters the woman against the rock, he went berserk with fury and got after me, I had anticipated this and had prepared an opening into the outer world.

        Thus viewing Hell from space I drilled a shaft twelve millimeters in diameter using a burr bit attached to the top of my astral head, he pursued me across the first circle, when I shrunk down and shot up the bore hole he sent one of his most trusted miniature replica's of himself after me, I had been training in high speed astral maneuvers and got to the top of the shaft in time to place the neck of the bottle I had stashed there over the hole, when he cannoned full on onto it I placed in and locked in place the glass stopper that came with the bottle.

        He was a small black winged creature resembling a pterodactyl more that a bat, with bright red eyes, horns and a tail with a flattened arrow head shaped tip, if he had a pitchfork he would have been identical to the Devil of popular mythology. Chablis was enraged he can not harm my astral self however, the place I took the bottled devil is where the blue green angels go when they have refused the advances of their onetime guarded companion.

        They fly across the ether until they come to a structure much like a sea urchin a sphere with a hole in the top, down thru the hole and imagine that you are inside a lamp the central flame a bright white light, no glare and easy to look at, ranged around in concentric tiers are a few hundred of the blue green angels all similar but none identical, some are sleeping and some stretching their wings at various times there are a lot of them then sometimes only a few.

        Variously they approach the light and are lost in the brightness for a few moments until they emerge chattering excitedly, then they get directions and fly off somewhere or take a rest before departing.

        I believe Gog and Magog are spirits from the world of stone, who somehow began interacting with humanity in an adverse way obviously since they landed in Hell, my plan is to instruct them in the Koran and the ways of Islam, and to direct their attention to the injunction from Allah re waging Jihad or just war against your attacker.

        I will tell these rock spirits to rally their people as Moslems and as soldiers for Allah in the war against the unbelievers, which will be on behalf of those who will otherwise be slain by the abortioners .. he still talks to me and has since told me he has chosen me as his messenger, MT.
        Update 1#: The four sealed gates have been opened, the amnesty I negotiated for Satan all of the inhabitants of the First Circle was passed on and every soul in Hell was released, for a short time Hell remained empty then began filling again thru both the gates into the OD and the Fire, while the multitude entering via the newly opened gates must be those who have rejected the message.

        The place of the Zaqqam Tree remained empty except for two alien recidivist former occupants, the same ones who had been caked in dust who appear to have been in Hell since its inception, whose limbs are like threads and their torso's like rope they stayed about two weeks, by late 2010 an exponential increase of admissions began.
        Update 2#: Gog and Magog are back inside .. after initially agreeing they would forsake evil and wickedness and become front line soldiers for Allah, they balked at the concept of taking orders from a mortal. They were returned to Hell forthwith and took to fighting in a donnybrook that lasted six months, one brother was slain where after they were both removed before returning a short time later in brand new and much younger bodies.

        The Zaqqum area soon filled to capacity with the influx of new arrivals and spilled into the First Circle proper, which too became crowded whence a work gang resembling human workers in every way, turned up and built a wall handling huge blocks of stone like styrofoam, above which they built a ramp like structure that heads downward thru a tunnel and onto a vast open plain.

        All of the new arrivals being those from the Tree, the First Circle and the Desert were relocated thus .. this Devil neither Baphomet of the Fire nor Chablis from the Outer Darkness, but another Hellish entity who either plucks them bodily off the Earth thru a separate gate, or as their turn comes reaches in and grabs them from the Hellward side of the four sealed gates.

        A short round Arab cries "put me down ..put me down," whence the Devil does just that onto the newly built ramp, reforming the same column of four the golden light flicked on for a moment and the voice told the Arab he was there for all time, neither holding hands nor on fire the Devil just let his arms go which fell to his sides, whence he collapsed into a crouch and evacuated his bowels.

        The inner side being the foyer area and the Yellow Brick Road the fallen pop up head first four at a time, like demon robots in Bart Simpson's favorite cartoon Itchy and Scratchy, sprinters like delinquent children running up a down escalator in a department store, attempt to outpace the machine before demons intercede and the Devil gets them!
        Update 3# Dec. 29, 2018: Things continued to change in Hell and several rebuilds took place, until we have arrived at the stable situ we have now .. the ones men and women who enter Hell thru the four newly opened gates are received by a Devil that resembles a giant spider, the fearful creature casts them down into its web before they crash onto the stone, then slide down into the body of Hell proper.

        There they are collected by two fauns who frogmarch them to a suitable position among millions of their fellows on a vast sandy plain surrounded by jagged mountains, the fauns set them down on their haunches fold their arms across their front and depart .. this one coulda been a suicide says "what's this sh*t," the light flickers on for a moment and he is told he is in Hell whence there will be no removal.

        Thus Hell is divided into three main groups, the Fire which only caters to men and the Outer darkness which is only women make up one group, whereas all who enter both those places will eventually be released as per testimony above, currently Fire entries number about four per day while around seventy or so women enter the OD every day .. everyone else to the tune of about twenty thousand a day will be in Hell forever.

        So the second group in Hell are the millions who occupy the newly opened and eternal middle section, the last and smallest human population in Hell are those in the First Circle, whose additional torment is to witness those women in the OD enter then be thru Hell in just a few days .. Allah told me there are more women entering Hell now each day than entered in one hundred yrs under the previous arrangement.

        Some of the fallen angels went back in all have since been released once more .. aliens turn up at times two were very small perfectly presented figures no more than twenty inches in height, others were more or less normal human shaped one had amber skin like a cockroach, others had transparent skin, the Four Gate Spider Devil attacked me and was relegated to the Pit himself for a couple of days, which took the wind out of his [its] sails.

        Where the Zaqqum Tree was as per the text above where every sufferer was released with Satan renamed Lucifer in the amnesty of 2010, a population numbering about sixty has been reestablished, about twelve are recidivists who have reentered after having been released in the amnesty, or who went firstly to the Fire then to the place below and on to eventual release, now in the First Circle for their third, final and permanent tenure in Hell.

        While the rebuilds were taking place two more separate gates and another vast chamber have been opened up .. a creature resembling a gorilla with hair like a bear, who walks upright and straight backed like a man attends both new gates, one on the same flat stretch above the desert a couple of meters past the slide, where the Bear Demon Gorilla reaches in and plucks them directly off of the Earth.

        Satan / Lucifer did go back into Hell, where upon he was attended by the Gorilla Demon whence he regressed backward thru different stages of development unto childhood and infancy. before gaining weight once more into the shape of a fortyish Zorba the Greek type who removed from that place in short order, never to return.

        Following the movements of the Gorilla demon .. like on Google Earth somewhere in Great Britain early morning and rain, in a suburban garage a car with its engine running and a newly deceased male person in the front seat, the Devil takes this suicide by the shoulders and brings him into Hell, another one sitting at a kitchen table in some European place has a pistol he puts to his head and fires, another walks across a farmyard to a barn where he finds a shotgun and places the barrel under his chin and fires.

        One more taken in thru the gate is a youngish man who says he has changed his mind and wants to "go back," there is no going back he is there to stay .. the Devil takes him to the slide and casts him into Hell, the other gate is a slit in the rock at ground level below the landing in the First Circle, the few thousand who enter onto a vast sandy plain not unlike the middle section are from a different level of existence than Earthly humans.
        Addendum - He does not tell me much he dictates the text of what he wants done and that's about it, I never ask direct questions while he rarely provides information as well he does not like repeating himself.

        The things he has told me are the total comprises a little under 4% of humanity and that the population of Hell is 46% Jew, that more women go in every day than entered in 100 yrs previously, and that the ones in the new central portion of Hell where they go in at the rate of about one every five seconds the vast majority of whom are aged 40 yrs or more, will not be getting out.

        My own take on the subject is that the changes in Hell indicate he ran out of patience, the ones in the first circle have all been moved into the main body of Hell, when there is to be a new entry whomsoever it is appears against the wall along the path that runs the full length of the OD.

        They start out very young then visibly age over the next few days until they are placed, in the case of a woman where the Old Girl and the 101 Dalmatians were all of whom were released in 2010, whereas men go to the old now most often uninhabited Zuqqum Tree location for a few more days, men and women continuing to grow old until they too go into the main part of Hell, on average about four or five every month.

        The ones who go into the fire stay there for three or four months while the average tenure in the Outer Darkness is about eight days .. little old ladies are at a premium in the main part, blacks are at about 40% of the total, leaves Europeans, Chinese and Asians at about 5% each .. there was a recent run on Chinese ppl which made me wonder if some sort of catastrophe had taken place in that country in about October 2019.
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          Now Former Residents of the First Circle of Hell All of Whom Have Been Relocated Into the Main Body - As well as human figures there were "stick figure" aliens, other aliens are going in as well.

          In Hell one is able to view 3D tableaux of the past however this time only the first eight ranks can be visualized .. they were arranged in four ranks of about eighty bodies each, they are not in perfect alignment hence the spacers except in file 6, the Maharaja, Mao, Yellow Hair and Boney.

          In 1959 there were three hundred and twenty nine here, following the break in 2010 when I negotiated Satan / Lucifer's release the chamber remained empty for some time, then filled with about five hundred sufferers including virtually all of the ones who went out at the break, none of the one hundred and two women have been back.

          The two aliens must generate static electricity that gathers dust, underneath the dust they were spindly stick insect figures that brought a wasp's physiognomy to mind, they went back into Hell a few days after being released and stayed about another two weeks before being released once more, other aliens have had short stays in the circular pit .. some are now going into the main body.

          Two of the ones who went into the pit were very small perfectly formed humans approximately 20 inches in height who were there a couple of weeks only, three others were more or less human in shape and size however they had transparent skin, one was dark amber like a cockroach, another was light amber the other had purely transparent skin whence you could see his internal organs .. all three were there for a few weeks only.

          Two alien figures have recently entered the main body of Hell from whence there is no removal, one looked like a perfectly normal human being however his skin was deep ashen white like no human on Earth, the other was smooth and white like a porcelain statuette.


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            F16 Said, "it's that labor union .. cops on the beat do the same thing federal, state, and city cops they're all in it together, with the same murderous hate in their eyes."
            Thanks for the reply, I am not sure where the unions fit in just the same ..

            Ok I will just present a synopsis of what has happened in Hell since I first went there in 1959, I can still either see it all thru a window a la a compu screen or my astral self can actually enter, I start off in the Outer Darkness and check my location against the stone background and floor.

            To the left the warden and another faun receive the women who enter via the upper gate controlled by Chablis the Devil of the Darkness, two demons and another guard, this place is the easiest pitch in Hell and the women who enter go to the second judgement after about eight days, to the right the path that starts at the level of the upper terrace described above, that goes the full length of the chamber to the place of the second judgement.

            Lined up against the wall are those human and alien figures who are destined to enter the First Circle of Hell, they start off as small dark shapes which resolve into a human figures seated on the stone with their back to the wall, head down peeping over their drawn up knees to left and right, as the days pass so does the figure fill out and attain height as the body physically ages.

            After about six days the creature who runs this place the gorilla bear described above, takes the person just a few meters inwards to where the chamber opens out a little, which was the traditional place of the Zaqqum Tree in the First Circle, the ageing process continues in this place until the consignee arrives at the same age he was in the previous existence.

            They stay in this part of the FC for about another six days before being relocated by the same attendant into the main part of Hell .. the latest entries are giants, the first one about a few months back was a black negro man about ten feet tall, the next was a trifle shorter at about eight feet or so, the next one at about eighteen feet put the matter beyond all doubt, while the latest giant entry stands every inch of forty feet tall.

            IFL Science.

            He could only just fit down the slide and when he got to the bottom a swarm of fauns bound and fastened him seated long legged onto a sled, then thirty or so pushing from behind and pulling on ropes at the front, where they most certainly resembled Egyptian laborers moving vast blocks of stone during the construction of the pyramids, hauled the entire construct along and further in toward the back.

            They got to the place he was to stay, there the fauns loosened the bindings and the giant stood full height for a moment before collapsing into the same crouch as all the others in this place, the fauns packed up the ropes and the sled and headed back to the front where they resumed their normal duties .. there are about seven giants lined up against the wall waiting to go thru at this time with a couple more in the inner part.

            These are the next eight files from the FC there are about eighty in all, it takes a fair while to bring them into focus .. you can take any of this however you like every word is the absolute truth, HAND


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              So in Hell the giants have kept pouring in .. a team of human workmen came along and made another much larger opening into the main body of Hell, that starts at ground level in the desert adjacent to the slide where the humans enter, since some of the bigger fifty footers could not fit thru.

              The ones had started along the wall in the OD who went into the FC after about a week and took up all of the room, could not fit thru into the desert in any way at all .. thus the stone wall at the back became opaque then disappeared completely.

              The one in the FC simply rolled over and stepped into the desert while the ones against the wall were put thru as well before the stone wall reconstituted itself .. they stayed in the desert for a short while only until the workmen had completed the modifications, about thirty of them by the time they were done.

              While all this was going on, in the main chamber a mob of fauns moved all of the humans in the pockets as it were both sides of the entry in with the middle group both sides, and changed things about until there was a narrow path to the left and a much broader path for the giants at right, with the wide expanse of humanity in between.

              The same gorilla brute then led the giants in the desert one by one thru the new way into Hell proper, whence they were met upon by fauns who trussed them onto a sled and conveyed them to where they are to stay .. the fauns loose the bindings and they step off of the sled and go into their crouch.

              The Outer Darkness is similarly receiving female giants to the tune of about eight or nine a day, a couple hundred more man g's go into the fire whereas both groups will eventually get out, and about the same number enter the main body whence there is no return .. makes about five hundred giants entering Hell every 24 hrs.

              As well giants are once more entering Hell against the wall in the OD .. Hell has acquired a cellular appearance, each cell made up of about twelve humans in a row with a very narrow path suitable for fauns only each end and at the front and back, when the fauns place a human in one of the cells they hold him up as they go along the faunwalks.

              32 line 1

              African,Chinaman,Runt European,Large Body Colored,BobMenzies,JozefGoebbels,MosheDyanKaplan,F leshyWog.

              32 line 2

              Burmese,RoundFaceChinaman,BlackMan,DB,DarkComplect ionCheekbones,50'sWhiteEuropean, Overweight Blackie,80'sLinedFaceJew.

              32 line 3

              Indian,SmallHeavilyLinedRoundFace,HeavyBodiedAfric an,ThinWhiteman60'sAdamsApple,SquareJawAmericanMan ,Chinaman,HeavilyBuiltRussian, Aquiline Whiteman.

              32 line 4

              JewDoctor,YoungishWhiteman,SlenderEuropeanDarkHair ,ShortHeavilyBuiltAfrican, Heavily Built BlackAsian,ElderlyAshkenaziJew,Black African,ElderlyWhiteEcclesiastic.


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                Things have changed in Hell there has been a reset, investigate the Biblical prophesy re 144,000 souls .. the souls in the main body of Hell are now arranged in one hundred and two lines of 144 bodies each .. new arrivals go in at about the thirtieth line and go thru to the front in about seven hrs where after their body simply dissolves .. the ones in the back seventy two rows stay there.

                This is a departure from previous estimates .. ok they go into that part of Hell at the rate of about one every six seconds makes ten per minute or 600 per hour .. at that rate there should be ranks of bodies stretching back somewhere around 600 kilometers considering that part of Hell opened in 2010, it is not anything like that the block of bodies is 144 wide as we have said and about 150 meters deep.

                Considering they were supposed to be there forever .. unlucky for some, there were a few I felt some sympathy for but not many, thus the ones destined to stay are placed in at the back where they suffer the additional torment of seeing those who entered in the middle get out.


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                  Ok since then there have been even more changes .. about nine thousand of the ones in the main chamber were aliens, they all looked like worn out Nevada mine prospectors dehydrated and mustashio'd .. they were moved to the side opposite the giants, they were released a short time later .. the giants stopped going in eventually and all were released whence the Giants Gate was bricked up.

                  So by then the humans in the eternal part of Hell numbered just one thousand and nineteen .. count Michael Aquino who went in September 2019 as one, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh who went in April 9, 2021 as nine, then Donald Rumsfeld who went in June 29, 2021 as twelve, so the rate of entry into that place is about one every two months.

                  The giants reappeared so their gate was reopened and around three hundred entered, they were only there for about ten days then were released .. the humans who go in thru the four gates are only in Hell for about one minute .. they are received by giant spiders which cast them down, they are taken past the eternals by fauns then are steered to the right whence their body dissolves and they return to their ancestors, a la the ones who get out of the fire and the OD.

                  Gog & Magog went out of Hell about four months ago .. at that time the Outer Darkness where they were was crammed with giants, they said they were going to stop fighting so the spell that made them keep their hands against the stone was relaxed, as well they said they would obey the messenger. When I conveyed that information to Allah he said to "let them out," whence his light expanded and I handed them into the light.

                  Chablis the Devil of the Darkness became enraged and took a swipe at me, he could not make contact however and his hand .. claw .. talon or whatever just went thru me, now that Rummy is there makes one thousand and twenty immortals in the main body with one Chinaman still waiting to go in thru the Tree entrance.

                  I will keep you all up to date with it all .. the most recent identities in the main part are US Presidents Abe Lincoln, Dwight D Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan, add previously identified Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and George HW Bush makes that office a pretty chancy place to be .. there are only about eight woman in with them.


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                    Vultyrex said: @ Martin Timothy .. what's your endgame here?
                    That's a tough one actually

                    Ok .. you will have read of various aliens I have encountered in Hell not limited to the Nevada prospector types and the giants described above, the most alien of aliens were two that looked like masses of ball lightning then looking closer you were able to discern a human figure in the glare.

                    They came from a high temperature, high gravity and high atmospheric pressure world, that is dominated by sodium produced by the star their planet goes around which precipitates into the atmosphere and onto the ground, they went into Hell via the same route as the giants and stayed about two weeks.

                    They are covered in long filaments of hair that respond to static electricity causing them to stick out, whereas the electricity in the hairs react with the atmospheric sodium and produce light, a la the sodium lamp the miner pictured above would have been familiar with.

                    We came onto their planet in the astral there was a road with what looked like streams of ball lightning going both ways, horse drawn wagons similarly glowing in masses of sodium light, past a farm with purple and green seaweed type vegetation, and down into a city built on the shore of a brown liquid sea.


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                      January 14, 2022 .. in about October I decided to update the identities file as per the images above, it is a fairly laborious task and I only get it done when I am not doing something else .. thus when I started at line thirty two planning to map the identities in next eight rows, I encountered a nest of ppl who were well known to me not counting Joseph Goebbels and former long term Australian PM Bob Menzies.

                      Bearing in mind there were only one thousand & twenty three souls in the eternal part of Hell, Julius Caesar and his nemesis Marcus Tullius Cicero being the longest term inhabitants, while Donald Rumsfeld, the D of E Prince Philip and Michael Aquino were the last celebrity entries. One at least of the others I knew was an assh*le certainly, however he never at any time had the scope to commit wickedness at the level of Caesar, Hitler or Napoleon et al .. a couple of others similarly.

                      One was a carpenter turned minister of religion, ok we know many churchmen are big fornicators and that where there is fornication and adultery there is abortion, another was a notorious philanderer who had a "thing" about other men's wives so maybe he was murdered, another was someone I knew who committed suicide, one more was a fellow who was as far as I knew blameless, another was a Jew I knew .. whatever he got up to on his day off is not known but that is where he was.

                      You will read above how the souls in the fire all are eventually released albeit some go into a deeper level of Hell first .. we that is myself and the Almighty discussed the situation and came to the conclusion, that all things being considered there was no useful purpose keeping these souls in Hell so he said "let 'em out." Yes Aquino, Rummy and the Duke got off easy but that is what happens at the fire, the ones who arrive at the start of the sequence are there for a lot longer than the ones who go in near the end.

                      So after that removal the Fire and the Outer Darkness were both emptied, so the only ones going in went in thru the four gates and as we have seen they are only within the precincts of Hell for minutes .. as from this date things have returned to normal, there is a line of giants forming against the wall in the OD, souls are tumbling into the fire and the OD as per normal, while the unluckiest soul in the place is a Sri Lankan aged in his twenties who has found himself as the only inhabitant in the eternal part of Hell.


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                        Hell - At 8 Yrs Old in 1959 My Father Choked & Battered Me to Death, I met Jesus who gave me the option of staying with him or returning where after God spoke and said he would grant one wish, I asked for a guided tour of Hell - Betty Battenberg, Elizabeth Windsor, QE II the latest hi profile entry.‚Äč

                        There are numerous different levels in Hell .. the Queen is in the lowest level from whence there is no return, makes her the third member of her immediate family to go into that place, Prince Philip the D of E went in in April 2021, Earl Mountbatten entered August 1979.

                        Feedback: "Sent to the depths of Hell just for being Queen .."


                        Canadian researcher Kevin Annett alleges Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip murdered up to ten indigenous children near Kamloops BC in October 1964, they allegedly did the same in Australia post HRH's visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs March 29, 1963.


                        Questions were raised in the Australian Federal Parliament in 1963, re what had occurred at a remote aboriginal community shortly after Queen Elizabeth visited the Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs in March that year. Some time later images that appeared to have been taken with modern circa 1963 photographic equipment, which were in a buff manila envelope and resembled official police photographs, were passed from hand to hand at Port Augusta High School.

                        The one I saw was of an aboriginal girl of about 8 yrs whose body was severed completely in two, from about her breast bone one side to her kidney region the other. The Norther Territory politician who raised the matter on a number of occasions in the face of hostile criticism, is thought to have met his demise at the height of the controversy .. check Hansard.

                        At a game of football in Alice Springs in 1966 a middle aged aboriginal man approached the group I was with and told an identical story, that the Royal Party including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had carried out a massacre at his home community. His story evoked memories of the photographs that had gone around at school three yrs before, and of the news reports re the questions in Parliament.

                        He wandered thru the crowd telling everyone the same tale, a local bloke said he was on about the same thing all the time, that he repeated the same material to everyone with whom he came in contact, the local consensus was it was true but in the absence of an official inquiry what the Hell are you gonna do about it.


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                          Update March 31, 2023 - Things continue to evolve in Hell, as things stand there are no souls in either the fire or the Outer Darkness, there are two women in the eternal "boat section" above the OD being Queen Elizabeth and one other, as well there are seventeen souls including Pope Benedict in the re inhabited Zuqqum Tree region adjacent to the OD.

                          Souls continue to tumble into Hell at the rate of about one every four seconds thru the four gates .. thus the devil in situ which is a giant spider, grabs them by the ankles and drags them thru an opening in the wall and casts them into Hell proper .. in the case of truculence demons whose role it is to keep things moving swarm him or her, while the spider comes in thru the hole, wraps them up in web and drags them in.

                          They land on a stone shelf which gives way to a slide whereas they tumble downward and their body disintegrates in a shower of glittering shards .. there are a few hundred alien giants in this section but no humans. I negotiated the release of the ones that were there previously numbering 1023 of whom Julius Caesar was the longest term resident, about a year ago on the basis that in the absence of Earthly response they would take orders from the messenger .. I've heard nothing since.


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                            Originally posted by Gummy Malone View Post
                            Update March 31, 2023 - I negotiated the release of the ones that were there previously numbering 1023 of whom Julius Caesar was the longest term resident, about a year ago on the basis that in the absence of Earthly response they would take orders from the messenger .. I've heard nothing since.
                            Neither have I, however there has been another readjustment in Hell in that out of the 1023 I released in 2032 about two hundred or so including Napoleon - who is now as far as I can see the longest serving resident - Franco, Hitler, Winston Churchill and Philip the Duke of Edinburgh have reentered, thus about nine hundred including Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Roy Cohn and Meyer Lansky have stayed away with plenty of others too numerous to list, Michael Aquino is gone Anton LaVey remains. There are now three sufferers in the permanent women's section above the OD, the latest is an Indian woman placed beside HRH QE - making both the patriarch and the matriarch of the current Royal line in Hell to stay - and one other.

                            Whereas at this time there are no souls in the fire of Hell the last ones numbering about twenty were released after only a few weeks a few weeks ago, there are giants in the main body of Hell along with those who tumble in thru the four doors as per the description above who are in there for about an hour, and the permanent human residents who have been removed from the now empty "Zaqqum Tree" place .. the "Pit of Hell" the circular region formerly the home of fallen angels is now occupied by a single alien resident who more than anything resembles "The Incredible Hulk." Edit.