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The Denizens of Hell - One Day in 1959 My Father Flogged & Choked Me to Death

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  • The Denizens of Hell - One Day in 1959 My Father Flogged & Choked Me to Death

    Hell, Dockers Union Forum.

    The ones in the image were altogether in the First Circle of Hell, from whence there is no return.

    In Hell one is able to view 3D tableaux of the past however this time only the first eight files can be visualized .. they were arranged in four ranks of about eighty bodies each, they are not in perfect alignment hence the spacers except in file 6, the Maharaja, Mao, Yellow Hair and Boney.

    In 1959 there were three hundred and twenty nine here, following the break in 2010 when I negotiated Satan / Lucifer's release the chamber remained empty for some time, then filled with about five hundred sufferers including virtually all of the ones who went out at the break, none of the one hundred and two women have been back.

    The two aliens must generate static electricity that gathers dust, underneath the dust they were spindly stick insect figures that brought a wasp's physiognomy to mind, they went back into Hell a few days after being released and stayed about another two weeks before being released once more, other aliens have had short stays in the circular pit .. some are now going into the main body.

    Two of the ones who went into the pit were very small perfectly formed humans approximately 20 inches in height who were there a couple of weeks only, three others were more or less human in shape and size however they had transparent skin, one was dark amber like a cockroach, another was light amber the other had purely transparent skin whence you could see his internal organs .. all three were there for a few weeks only.

    Two alien figures have recently entered the main body of Hell from whence there is no removal .. one looked like a perfectly normal human being - Alan Jackson indeed mustache and all - however his skin was deep ashen white like no human on Earth, the other was smooth and white like a porcelain statuette.

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    Files 9-16 in the First Circle of Hell.