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Planet Pluto Misrepresented as Jupiter's Moon Ganymede, Charon as Europa

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  • Planet Pluto Misrepresented as Jupiter's Moon Ganymede, Charon as Europa

    Howdy friends ..

    I witnessed the occurrence of Supernova 1987a in the Large Magellanic cloud, at around 5:30 am February 23, 1987, on my way to my car to go to work, a bright light appeared in the sky low in the South, on the same vector commercial aircraft use to approach Brisbane airport, it looked like a plane had switched his landing lights on!

    That night the SN was reported on the evening news, which was highly visible the following morning as a new star, somewhat brighter than the star Arcturus though identical in color, which faded over the next weeks .. the morning before when the light came on it was accompanied by a very brief flash, that it there after remained stationary in locus of the LMC actually presaged its true identity![/INDENT]

    However the most glorious sight was the face on spiral galaxy M33 in the constellation Triangulum in 7 X 35 binoculars .. scanning in the north east early one morning before sun up, searching for the first apparition of the planet Mercury after it had passed inferior conjunction ..

    Scanning over Praesepe the Beehive Cluster which looks like a bag of dots, then even as a rosy tint filled the north eastern sky and scanning some more in near daylight, when gor blimey M33 came into view .. just like a super bag of glittering white specks were individual stars in that galaxy!

    However it was not to make you all privy to my observation log I came here.. this pic proves scientific fraud at Shutterstock thence Google Images, and numerous quasi educational websites that similarly misrepresent Jupiter's moon Ganymede as the planet Pluto!
    This image from Space Travelers website, sponsored by the Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation, purportedly of the Planet Pluto and its principle moon Charon, not only misrepresents Ganymede as Pluto, but similarly misrepresents another of Jupiter's moons Europa as Charon!