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Race Not Color - The Murder of Hoera Te Kooti by 15 Blacks Queensland, April 1, 1999

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  • Race Not Color - The Murder of Hoera Te Kooti by 15 Blacks Queensland, April 1, 1999

    Hoera Te Kooti, Cliff to his friends of the seafaring Moldi people of New Zealand left the Prince of Wales Hotel in Ipswich west of Brisbane Queensland, at 11:20 pm on the evening of Friday, April 1, 1999. After crossing the street he was set upon by a group of fifteen aboriginals aged from about 8 yrs upwards, and bashed with a fence paling outside a Baptist church in Brisbane Street. Reddit.

    Government funded lawyers from the Aboriginal Legal Services in Brisbane prevented a jury seeing video of their black hands rifling the dying man's pockets, resulting in the acquittal of the single assailant charged .. he was reportedly seen in Ipswich a few days after the trial wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Murder 1. The plan is to launch capital prosecutions against the original offenders..

    Along with the police, politicians, judges and lawyers who firstly decided that one only of his attackers would be charged, and who prevented the jury from viewing the video tape. Anticipating fifteen blacks swinging by their necks dead at the same locale the crime took place beside as many lawyers and judges found guilty of preventing the course of justice!
    Not long after the Te Kooti murder, in Brisbane at the New Farm taxi rank, a group of five blacks decide to jump the queue ahead of me, and the trouble starts .. one slut gets in front, another comes up on my right while another two a man and a woman cut me off from the left, from the right, "look at this **** thinks he's white" .. I am in fact part aboriginal, the same slut screaming filth to my front.

    These were from the same gang that murdered Mr Te Kooti .. my plan is to chop the one to the right, but grab the one behind me from over my head, the two at left body language indicates that they are just gonna watch, probably already going over in their minds, that their legal team will mitigate them out of serious consequences after I am murdered..

    Just then a police vehicle pulls up opposite and they slink away like curs into the night - That's where I am on blacks, they are on a warning to be no closer than one rifle shot to me and my household at any time .. when these ones are dead, there is another seven black necks to snap for the killing of a white man was playing sand lot cricket with his kids in Western Australia, Christmas Day 2007.

    Two more to hang for the 2007 murder of a sleeping white man in Brisbane, security footage shows one of the black **** hurrying thru evening shoppers clutching the dead man's shoes, he never faced court the other black **** got two yrs!

    However the black I am gonna enjoy hanging most is the one in Rockhampton who called on a white household and asked two white teenagers to accompany him on a bush walking expedition, they went with him in the better interests of race relations whence he bludgeoned both to death, like the one who took the shoes from the dead man, and the ones murdered Te Kooti he never faced court.
    The same political and legal hierarchy who allowed them to walk free quoting his prior schizophrenia should be hanged on the same gallows .. I live to watch watch 'em kikkin' and jerkin' at the end of a rope!

    Rene Peter Ulz was last seen outside the Birdie Num Num nightclub in Gipps St Fortitude Valley about 12:45am Friday March 23, 2007, about 3am he told a friend on the phone he was lost and was trying to find his way back to his unit at West End, he has not been seen or heard from since.

    Brisbane, Friday April 13, 2007 - The body of Rene Peter Ulz was found on inaccessible private property at the bottom of high cliffs at New Farm, blacks frequent that place and it is common for them to throw white people from the cliff tops, we say the police "ran dead" on the case.
    Update: For preventing the course of justice re these crimes and numerous other killings not limited to fifteen dead in the 1973 Whisky Au Go Go fire in Brisbane, and the 1970 murder of sisters Judith & Susan Mackay aged five & seven yrs in Townsville, and the murders of Dockers Ron Chapman and Leslie Batkin within days of each other in 1987 .. it goes on.

    Successive Queensland and Australian political dynasties have granted TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911 and the Mossad cell that spawned them safe haven in Brisbane, in violation of the capital precepts of US Law since the day of the outrage .. hang the lot.