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Hitler Deserted the Reich in 1945 & Lit Out For Argentina - Paintings Horseplay MT

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  • Hitler Deserted the Reich in 1945 & Lit Out For Argentina - Paintings Horseplay MT

    Hitler's Escape to Argentina.

    The photo in the montage top left allegedly taken in Chile shows Adolf Hitler when he was over 90 years old, he died in Mendoza Argentina in December 1985, where he had spent forty years after fleeing the Reich in 1945, protected by the local Sephardic Jewish community and the Nazi SS. He was a grandson of Baron Salomon Mayer Rothschild of Vienna, he was buried in a public cemetery in Palmira 30 Miles southeast of Mendoza, he completed many paintings.

    Fieseler Storch.

    Hanna Reitsch landed her Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate April 26, 1945, departing in a down wind take off April 28, she had on board passengers Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun who she flew to Jugoslavia then under the Military Governorship of Sepp Deitrich head of the Waffen SS, where they remained until 1947 before taking regular sea passage to Argentina.

    Have a good time lads, you will want snow shoes and a Russian road map .. hyuk-hyuk

    Adolf Hitler, My Political Testament.

    More than thirty years have passed since 1914 when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War, which was forced upon the Reich.

    In these three decades love and loyalty to my people have guided all my thoughts, actions and my life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions ever to confront mortal man. In these three decades I have spent my strength and my health.[/B]

    It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enough always to disregard, for responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be placed on me.

    Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America. Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its henchmen.

    Only three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I proposed a solution of the German-Polish problem to the British Ambassador in Berlin - international control as in the case of the Saar. This offer, too, cannot be lied away. It was only rejected because the ruling clique in England wanted war, partly for commercial reasons and partly because it was influenced by the propaganda put out by international Jewry.

    I have left no one in doubt that if the people of Europe are once more treated as mere blocks of shares in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then the sole responsibility for the massacre must be borne by the true culprits: the Jews.
    Nor have I left anyone in doubt that this time millions of European children of Aryan descent will starve to death, millions of men will die in battle, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned or bombed to death in our cities without the true culprits being held to account, albeit more humanely.

    After six years of war which, despite all setbacks, will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle for existence of a nation, I cannot abandon the city which is the capital of this Reich. Since our forces are too meager to withstand the enemy's attack and since our resistance is being debased by creatures who are as blind as they are lacking in character,

    I wish to share my fate with that which millions of others have also taken upon themselves by remaining in this city. Further, I shall not fall into the hands of the enemy who requires a new spectacle, presented by the Jews, for the diversion of the hysterical masses.

    I have therefore decided to stay in Berlin and there to choose death voluntarily when I determine that the position of the Fuhrer and the Chancellery itself can no longer be maintained. I die with a joyful heart in the knowledge of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our peasants and workers and of a contribution unique in the history of our youth which bears my name.
    That I am deeply grateful to them all is as self-evident as is my wish that they do not abandon the struggle but that, no matter where, they continue to fight the enemies of the Fatherland, faithful to the ideals of the great Clausewitz.

    Through the sacrifices of our soldiers and my own fellowship with them unto death, a seed has been sown in German history that will one day grow to usher in the glorious rebirth of the National Socialist movement in a truly united nation.

    Many of our bravest men and women have sworn to bind their lives to mine to the end. I have begged, and finally ordered, them not to do so but to play their part in the further struggle of the nation.

    I ask the leaders of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force to strengthen the National Socialist spirit of resistance of our soldiers by all possible means, with special emphasis on the fact that I myself, as the founder and creator of this movement, prefer death to cowardly resignation or even to capitulation.

    May it become a point of honor of future German army officers, as it is already in our Navy, that the surrender of a district or town is out of the question and that, above everything else, the commanders must set a shining example of faithful devotion to duty unto death.

    From left Goring, Himmler, Adolf Hitler.

    Before my death, I expel former Reichs-Marshal Hermann Goring from the party and withdraw from him all the rights that were conferred upon him by the decree of 29 June, 1941 and by my Reichstag statement of 1 September, 1939.

    In his place I appoint Admiral Donitz as President of the Reich and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. I expel the former Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and the Minister of the Interior Heinrich Himmler from the party and from all his state officers. In his place I appoint Gauleiter Karl Hanke as Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and Head of the German Police, and Gauleiter Paul Giesler as Minister of the Interior.

    Apart altogether from their disloyalty to me, Goring and Himmler have brought irreparable shame on the whole nation by secretly negotiating with my enemy without my knowledge and against my will, and also by attempting illegally to seize control of the State. In order to provide the German people with a government of honorable men who will fulfill the task of continuing the war will all the means at their disposal, I, as Fuhrer of the nation, appoint the following members of the new cabinet:
    Party Minister, Martin Bormann.
    Reich Chancellor, Dr Jozef Goebbels.
    President of the Reich & Minister of War, Admiral Donitz.
    Supreme Commander of the Army, Field Marshall Schorner.
    Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. and Head of the German Police, Gauleiter Hanke.

    Although a number of these men, including Martin Bormann, Dr Goebbels and others together with their wives have joined me of their own free will, not wishing to leave the capital under any circumstances and prepared to die with me, I implore them to grant my request that they place the welfare of the nation above their own feelings.

    By their work and loyal companionship they will remain as close to me after my death as I hope my spirit will continue to dwell among them and accompany them always. Let them be severe but never unjust and let them never, above all, allow fear to preside over their actions, placing the honor of the nation above everything that exists on earth.

    May they, finally, always remember that our task, the consolidation of a National Socialist state, represents the work of centuries to come, so that every individual must subordinate his own interest to the common good. I ask of all Germans, of all National Socialists, men and women and all soldiers of the Wehrmacht, that they remain faithful and obedient unto death to the new government and its President.

    Above all, I enjoin the government and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international Jewry. Adolf Hitler Berlin, 29 April, 1945, 4 a.m. Witnesses: Dr Joseph Goebbels, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Martin Bormann, Hans Krebs.

    Der Spiegel.
    Sites of Memory.

    Of 30,000 Germans sentenced to death by Nazi Germany's military courts during the Second World War, more than 15,000 were executed for deserting the ranks of the Wehrmacht.

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    Originally posted by Feedback
    If H & Eva were in Argie, why didn't the Jews (Nazi hunters) come after them?

    Before Hitler Came, by Dietrich Bronder: 1964

    Hitler and all of the senior Nazis were Jews, the above tract which was banned in Germany as soon as it appeared is the main source for the claim.

    Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were..

    The Leader and Reichschancelor Adolf Hitler.

    Reichsminister Rudolf Hess.

    Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering.

    Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Strasser.

    Dr. Josef Goebbels.

    Alfred Rosenberg.

    Hans Frank.

    Heinrich Himmler.

    Reichsminister von Ribbentrop.

    Von Keudell.

    Field commanders Globocnik, called the Jewish destructor.

    Jordan and Wilhelm Hube.

    SS Leaders Reinhard Heydrich,

    Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski,

    Von Keudell II, all of whom were active in the destruction of Jews.

    The Communist / Bolshevik, movement completely devised and executed by Jewish master minds, or partly Jewish like Lenin, to full Jewish like so many of the Secret Police Chiefs, all the way to Marx & Trosky, as well the entire Nazi movement was Jew or half Jew! .. Dietrich Bronder was a German Jew.

    Ernst Rohm and the SA hierarchy the non Jewish Nazis, whose Zionist financed wickedness and thuggery brought him to power, were liquidated in the Night of the Long Knives Massacre of June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor January 31, 1933. Sever Plocker @ Ynet News assures us things were much the same in the Soviet Union, "Stalin's Jews, we mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish."


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      Snyder's Treasures -- Original Adolf Hitler Artworks.

      By Andrew Hough 27 Sep 2010, Paintings by Adolf Hitler to be sold at Mullocks auction house in Ludlow, Shropshire, are expected to fetch more than £150,000.

      Richard Westwood-Brookes of Mullocks Auctions, said the paintings were found in a cupboard in Austria by a lawyer .. Update: As well as the 1975 date, the unnamed painting above appears to show H and Eva "doin' the horse?"
      Painting - Peterskirche Munich, Adolf Hitler 1976.

      Viktualienmarkt mit Peterskirche, Munich, Adolf Hitler 1976 - Viktualienmark Outdoor Market Print from

      See the figure lower left, as H dancing in the street adjacent to gate of Auschwitz!



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        MT Meets Der Führer.

        Melbourne, Australia June 21, 1965 after recently having joined the Australian Army and been located at the Balcombe camp on the Mornington Peninsular, one decided to venture into the city at the first opportunity .. hitchhiking all the way to Flinders Street Station I hit town at about 9:00 am.

        Straight down the main drag as far as the museum and doing a quick five minute in and out before heading back onto the main street and going right at the same corner, then along a couple of city blocks to turn hard right and proceed along the footpath at the next major intersection, a group who looked like Jews were filming from across the street..

        A party ahead consisted of Adolf Hitler in a wheelchair done up to the nines in a silk suit and hat, with Eva Braun who took my photograph, and a tall athletically built male person identified in that day's edition of the Melbourne Age as a retainer whose combined duty was bodyguard and Eva's lover man .. I straightened up when I marched by and gave her my best smile, H beamed back.


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          Large File.

          There are serious reasons to believe AH was an animator at the Disney studio, and that he took part in the 1937 production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


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            Feedback, IST says, "Sure he ended up in Australia and died 20 years later totally legit .. yeah you just happened to be walking around Melbourne and Eva Braun photographed you .. the Melbourne Age Newspaper doesn't exist we have "The Age" .. that this guy who is wanted all around the world who apparently died with his wife twenty years before is reported in the newspaper as being in town, and the paper said "oh but the tall guy that's actually Eva Braun's lover" .. are you a retard??

            Melbourne Age.

            It was them alright, Brunswick St. Melbourne is a heavily Jewified area while the Melbourne Age is a highly Ziofriendly op .. it was a Saturday, the wink-wink nudge-nudge story that spoke of a VIP and his missus who were in town incognito with her fancy man in train was up front in the magazine section of that day's paper.

            So whichever journalist penned the tract was well and truly "in the know" as well we say the entire Age editorial staff and the Brunswick Street Jews were also .. the whole thing illustrates the depth of Zionist infiltration within Australian society and news dissemination.

            "Celebrating Jews" Were Filming as the WTC Towers Went Down in NYC Sept. 11, 2001.

            It just so happens we have a plan in place to bring TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911 who have enjoyed safe haven in Brisbane since the day of the outrage, with every member of the Mossad cell that spawned them to arrest, trial and execution all in accordance with US Law.

            They are the Jews who jumped for joy filming while Americans died choking & gasping behind locked fire doors in the upper levels of both WTC Towers, while NYPD helicopter pilots who had trained rooftop rescue teams at their disposal circled overhead, in New York City, September 11, 2001.

            Who were taken into custody on the day then released without charge seventy one days later and repatriated to Israel, on the orders of Zionist arch conspirator Michael Chertoff then head of the Department of Homeland Security now FEMA Chief.

            With those at every level in Queensland and Australian politics who have granted them free movement .. by extension the Melbourne Jews a la the ones at The Age and the Brunswick Streeters, will be declared hostile assets and will be going down the same hole of arrest, trial and execution. That should take the wind out of the Jews [and their political mates] sails .. don't y'all go howling "pogrom" now!

            It is for others to judge whether I'm a 'tard or not .. I reckon I am ok so sodd you.