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CIA False Flag Attack on Kuwaiti Shopping Mall - by Joe Vialls, 1 April 2003

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  • CIA False Flag Attack on Kuwaiti Shopping Mall - by Joe Vialls, 1 April 2003

    Shortly after midnight during the night of 28/29 January 2003, a lone American B52H strategic bomber was flying at 40,000 feet over the Red Sea, on what was described as a “routine transit flight” between RAF Fairford in England, and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

    Well, almost routine. As the aircraft passed abeam the Aswan Dam in Egypt, its bombardier threw a series of switches and checked a handful of status lights, then launched CALCM [Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile] serial number 5420 from a pylon on the B52’s wing.

    Now under the power of its own internal jet engine, and already out of sight of the bomber crew, CALCM 5420 spread its retracted wings and commenced a steady descent towards its final transit altitude of 500 feet, starting a slow left-hand turn at the same time.

    None of the bomber crew members knew where CALCM 5420 was headed, but this is considered quite normal in an age of push button warfare. All cruise missile guidance systems are programmed by targeting specialists, normally but not always working for the Pentagon, either by remote secure data transfer or locally with a computer floppy disc.

    Unlike the usual “To Saddam With Love” or other crude remarks in English, this cruise missile had Arabic writing sprayed on its side at Fairford, with hints to the bomber crew that the target was “probably” one requested by US Special Operations teams located in Djibouti. The obvious inference was that CALCM 5420 was headed for somewhere in the Yemen, but the crew didn’t really care.

    Flying down the Red Sea was a lot less stressful than carpet bombing the outer edges of Baghdad, and just for a change they were not under the direct control of Central Command Headquarters in Qatar. Strategic bomber transfers outside the “Iraqi War Zone” are not the business of Central Command, so General Tommy Franks was, and would forever remain, ignorant of the covert “Strategic” launch of CALCM 5420.

    Not quite so ignorant was the Saudi Arabian Air Defense radar north of Jeddah, which was monitoring the B52H flying down the Red Sea, and detected the smaller cruise missile as it turned left across Saudi sovereign territory.

    It was easy enough to plot during its gradual descent from altitude, because unlike the smaller radar-opaque Tomahawk cruise missile, the CALCM was originally designed as a decoy intended to deliberately attract the attention of Russian radars during the Cold War.

    Back then in the late fifties, the main risk was to the nuclear bomber itself was from surface to air missiles, so a system was devised to give the bomber a better chance on its way to a target deep inside Russia. The plan [mercifully never tried in real life] was to launch six of these decoys from each bomber, which would then spread out in a fan formation, hopefully presenting Russian air defense with seven bomber plots, only one of which would be real. But that was then, and now is now.

    Saudi radar plotted 5420 as it crossed the sovereign border on a descending course [apparently] towards southern Iraq, finally losing the picture as the cruise missile settled into the ground clutter below the radar horizon. The launch of a single weapon from the Red Sea initially puzzled them, and then later alarmed them considerably when they discovered that the main cruise missile strike on Baghdad that night, did not take place until 0330 hours, i.e. several hours after CALCM 5420 was launched.

    Although they did not find out until later that day, the Saudi radar operators were right to be alarmed. At 0145 hours local time, CALCM 5420 approached Kuwait City directly from the south, and exploded on a jetty fifteen yards offshore the Souq Sharq shopping mall — a multilevel shopping center with department stores, restaurants, theaters and Western-style shops. The massive shock wave and shards of missile debris shredded the southern side of Souq Sharq, easily the biggest shopping mall in Kuwait.

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    Initially identified by Central Command as an “Iraqi Silkworm or Seersucker anti ship cruise missile fired from the Al Faw peninsula”, the attack was immediately attributed to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the “Evil Tyrant” who was “obviously” trying to kill innocent Kuwaiti women and children in an unprotected shopping mall. Imagine the propaganda value to America if the missile had not fallen a little short, and had instead landed and detonated in the middle of Souq Sharq.

    Those readers who are already mentally linking this “shopping mall” attack to the two later “market” attacks in the outer suburbs of Baghdad are probably right to do so. All we know for sure is that Central Command later blamed the two lethal strikes in Baghdad, which killed more than 60 civilians, on “Saddam Hussein’s anti-aircraft missiles which fell back down on the city”.

    We know this is pathetic propaganda because we also know that all surface to air missiles self destruct at altitude into thousands of small pieces of shrapnel, if they miss their designated airborne targets.

    The strike on Kuwait initially had the Kuwaitis themselves confused, which is hardly surprising. Why would they expect their “ally” to attack their own women and children? In the words of Kuwaiti military spokesman Colonel Youssef al-Mullah, ‘‘It was from the family of Silkworm missiles which the Iraqi regime developed.” Enlarging on this theme, al-Mullah said the missile did not have an unconventional warhead, and there was writing in Arabic on one of its fragments. He said the type of missile can be launched from a mobile battery and “has the range of 90 km to 200 km”.

    No, it does not. The maximum effective range of a Silkworm is 80 kilometers, and the distance from the only known launchers on the al Faw peninsula to Kuwait City is more than 120 kilometers. Furthermore, any attack from al Faw in the east would have resulted in an east-west impact, hurling the missile debris relatively harmlessly along the water and beach towards the west, rather than into Souq Sharq Mall on a proven south-north trajectory.

    When he made his initial announcement during the middle of the night, and presumably because he was also slightly lost in the “fog of war”, Colonel al-Mullah had no way of knowing that daybreak would soon reveal the serial number and type of the weapon, and Saudi radar tracking information and timing [based on precise airspeed] would prove conclusively exactly where it was launched from.

    Its serial number proves 5420 started out in life as an ALCM, and was the modified to carry a conventional warhead [CALCM] under classified contract number F34601-91-C-1xxx [last three digits deleted for national security reasons, and to block my extradition from Australia under the “Patriot Act”].

    Slightly less than twenty four hours after American CALCM 5420 exploded on the jetty in front of Souq Sharq Mall in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were shocked into action and united together, to ban the over flight of their respective sovereign territories, by all missiles belonging to any member of the illegal “Coalition of the Willing”.

    The use of these “black op” tactics tells us much about the progress of the invasion [sorry, “The War of Liberation”] because they are normally only used as a last resort to bolster the public relations image of the losing side. Clearly Saudi Arabia and Turkey both know full well that the Coalition of the Willing is losing, and appreciate the terrible dangers that must therefore exist in the future for the Middle East, especially where missiles of this particular designation are concerned.

    Megalomaniacs who are losing a war, frequently resort in the end to their most powerful weapons, which in the case of America versus Iraq means tactical low yield nuclear. Certainly the most effective way of delivering a low-yield W-54 or W-81 nuclear warhead or warheads to the center of Baghdad, would be the cold war version of the CALCM, known generically as the AGM-86.

    Several dozen of these nightmare weapons still exist in the American arsenal, updated with state of the art GPS satellite guidance equipment. Though the better-known ship and air launched “Tomahawk” cruise missile has a maximum range of only 600 nautical miles, the nuclear AGM-86 was designed to fly all the way to Moscow from safe airspace, and has a “classified” maximum range of 1,500 nautical miles.

    As Saudi Arabia and Turkey both know well, this means that a single B52H carrying up to six such weapons, could deliver the final nuclear knockout blows on Baghdad by launching a “standoff” strike from as far back as the central Mediterranean or Somalia. Thus the ban of their respective sovereign airspace will serve to stop any “accidental” nuclear strike on Saudi Arabia or Turkey, but might not save Baghdad if Bush, Blair and Howard [Australia] slide the final centimeter or so into complete insanity.

    That time might be closer than we all think. About thirty minutes ago the news came in about a bunch of American GIs machine gunning a minibus in broad daylight on the outskirts of Najaf, an Iraqi city which contains the shrine of Imam Ali, one of the most important shrines in the world for Muslims, and in particular for Shi’ite Muslims. Though virtually unheard of in the west, this shrine is probably as important for Shi’ite Muslims as Canterbury Cathedral is for Anglican Christians.

    Store this information very carefully, because it is the Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims who were encouraged by America to “rise up” against President Saddam Hussein back in 1991, and were then contemptuously thrown aside and abandoned by America when they failed.

    Although the military statement from Central Command said thirteen women and children were in the minibus, the Washington Post journalist “embedded” on the spot with the 3rd Infantry, said fifteen unarmed people were in the vehicle and ten were killed, including two women, and five children who appeared to be younger than five years of age. One of the other wounded was a man not expected to live.

    The Post journalist describes a 3rd Infantry officer watching the minivan through binoculars and ordering the soldiers by radio to fire a warning shot first, then shoot a 7.62 mm machine-gun round into the vehicle's radiator. When the vehicle kept coming, the captain ordered the soldiers to "stop him!" About a dozen shots of 25-mm cannon fire were heard from one or more of the platoon's Bradley fighting vehicles, the journalist said.

    Well, yes, that works! Twelve rounds of high explosive 25-mm cannon fire is more than enough to bring down a very large batwing B2 Stealth Bomber. Where a small minibus full of children is concerned, the words "massive" and "overkill" immediately spring to mind. Apparently the officer then shouted over the radio at the platoon leader, "You just [expletive] killed a family because you didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!"

    Believe me, it can and does get worse than this. The [few] survivors were taken to allied lines further south at Karbala, before, as the Washington Post accurately records, “US troops gave three survivors permission to return to the vehicle and recover the bodies of their loved ones”.

    Time for a reality check here. Now let me get this right: Unarmed Iraqi survivors in Iraq need permission from the armed American murderers of their loved ones, before they can be permitted to recover their bodies for burial? George Orwell peddled some pretty crazy stuff in his time, but none of it came even close to being as crazy and obscene as this.

    Evidently American soldiers are taught nothing at all about the cultures of the nations they attack. In the Arab-Muslim world the driver would not dare to stop his minibus full of women and children for an armed Muslim man, because the women and children are in his personal care. Therefore, under no circumstances whatever would he dare stop for a band of heavily armed foreign invaders, which is what these soldiers surrounding the Shi’ite holy shrine unquestionably are.

    No doubt in the fullness of time the sick maniacs in Washington, London and Canberra will put their own “spin” on this event, probably claiming that the women and children inside the minibus were members of some fanatical “suicide squad” dispatched personally from Baghdad by the “Evil Tyrant” Saddam Hussein. And these same western maniacs may well still be repeating identical insane drivel when they are finally paraded in handcuffs at the International War Crimes Tribunal.

    No matter which town you live in, or the name of your state or country, try to imagine how you would feel if a bunch of foreign mercenaries opened fire on your local school bus and killed most of the women and children inside. Then try to imagine exactly what you would eventually do to those foreign mercenaries in the fullness of time. In Anglican Christian terms, this atrocity is indeed the moral equivalent of shooting dead a school bus full of women and children, less that five miles away from Canterbury Cathedral in England. .

    There is an old and very wise saying, which translated from the basic Arabic goes something like this: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The entire Arab-Muslim world was fooled by the Americans and Israelis back in 1990. It will not happen again, and these latest public atrocities will serve not only to stiffen resolve across the Middle East, but also across the rest of the world.

    Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. Sun-tzu