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Prince Charles Dines on Human Flesh at Cannibal Restaurant in Los Angeles

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  • Prince Charles Dines on Human Flesh at Cannibal Restaurant in Los Angeles

    So where the @#%& is the FBI??

    World Governing Council.

    The restaurant and staff are privately owned by Karina Belenoff-Windsor, daughter of Somerset Belenoff Countess of Banbury and Arran and sister to WGC luminary Natalie Belenoff-Windsor, Karina sits on the Board of Governors at the World Governing Council in Luxembourg, she travels frequently to Los Angeles to ensure The Hollydale is always in tip-top shape.

    Cannibalism seems to be "flavor of the month" all over the place - Allusions to societal cannibalism in the US in particular have been around for a long time, and have appeared intermittently in magazine literature at least since the mid 1950's, Erskine Caldwell could have broached the subject in his writings.

    Everyone knows of the Donner Pass incident when wagoners trapped by a snowstorm resorted to survival cannibalism, that was not the sort of cannibalism they were on about. "Predictive Programming" is when real events like the 911 attacks and the advent of the internet are presaged in popular literature, witness George Orwell's 1984 or in the case of 911 itself on television re The Simpsons Predict 911, so suspicions have been about for that long anyway.
    The phenomenon is not confined to the US, the now defunct All China Lean Meats !!Highly Graphic Image Montage!! website showed a young woman slaughtered, bled, boned out and packed, their blurb described breast flesh as the most tender and delicious, ACLM had its own travel agency where you could book a plane ticket, hotel accommodation and restaurant seating in Macau all at once on line, it had a PayPal feature.

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    That is not the end of it ..

    Whatever floats yr boat I suppose, I will not be putting up with it just the same..

    And propose to bring the whole lot to arrest, trial and execution, with the LAPD and the FBI investigators who allow this stuff to go on.

    We are talking an exponential number of executions encompassing the abortionists and the ones who attacked the US on 911 Jews and their American hirelings not Arabs .. could be the way forward will be to parade the whole population and conduct an AntiChrist style separation of the just from the unjust .. just sayin'.

    Diamanda Galas - Eyes Without Blood.
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