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    Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco. Link.

    Photographer Rusty Nelson who testified Hunter S Thompson paid him $100,000 a time to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead, Franklin Case identity Paul Bonacci and Peter Chernoff who admits involvement, all say Aquino was part of a sacrificial murder / snuff porno ring.

    Johnny Gosch.

    Johnny Gosh was abducted from Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 5, 1982 in a highly publicized kidnap there after to become a "Milk Carton Kid," whose image was published on some billions of milk cartons across the US, during which campaign he was photographed in company with George HW Bush then Vice President of the United States.

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson.

    Paul Bonacci pictured in the montage at right, said he murdered Nicholas at the Bohemian Grove while Hunter S Thompson pictured at left with Johnny Depp filmed, Rusty Nelson middle pic says HST paid him 100,000 dollar$ a time, to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead!

    Johnny Gosh was kidnapped from Des Moines Iowa on September 5, 1982, his image was published on some billions of milk cartons across the USA, sometime after the event he was photographed in company with George HW Bush then Vice President of the United States!

    Gosh was subsequently to become a member of the White House Press Corps under the name Jeff Gannon, while he continued to maintain a homosexual relationship with George W Bush then United States President.

    The Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch story broke 2:29 am Sunday February 20, 2005, the day Rusty nelson was released from prison, at the end of the day Hunter S Thompson aged 67 years, was dead from an allegedly self inflicted gunshot. Postulate a news reporter contacted HST re Nelson's allegations, he agreed to talk if the money was right.

    To establish his credentials he verified the Gannon Gosch material, the reporter contacted his boss to see if he wanted to pay for the story, like maybe it went as high as Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner .. whoever it was decided Thompson "had to go," he was an insider after all since Nelson and Bonacci both said he was part of the snuff network.

    After that Thompson realized what he had done and knew his fate was sealed, his wife recounts he had no intentions of committing suicide however he was certain he could be "suicided" .. she was speaking with him on the telephone, he put the phone down maybe to answer a knock, she said she heard a muffled bang and remained waiting for his reply which never came.
    franklin case paul bonacci

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    Pinterest - The Franklin Cover up.

    FoCoDolo. @ Reddit, Franklin Child Prostitution Rings.

    Hey folks. I usually don’t spend a lot of time on this board just because of the vast amount of (typically right wing) political conspiracies. However, with the arrest and death of Jeffrey Epstein and the subsequent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell I thought it would be a good time to remind some of the younger readers (and everyone for that matter) about the Franklin Child Prostitution ring.

    Although the events of this massive scandal reached all over America, the heart of the story laid in Omaha, Nebraska. The main player here is a man named Lawrence King (known as Larry King). An African American credit union owner who serviced mostly black neighborhoods in Omaha.

    Larry King was also a massive thief. Scamming charities, families and anything else he could get his hands on out of their money. Through the sheer power of charisma he was able to skirt around law enforcement for a number of years before any suspicions arises.

    Larry owned three mansions. He owned two in Omaha and rented another in DC for an estimated 5,000 dollars a month.
    The DC mansion was used for massive parties, where politicians and other socialites were invited and ALLEGEDLY supplied with underage victims to molest during the “after parties”.

    For five years King was able to fly under the radar due to his vast amount of political connections. In 1988 he was finally audited and was accused of embezzling nearly 40 million dollars. He was found guilty on 40 counts of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

    During the investigation into Kings financial crimes, multiple victims of the “after parties” were interviewed. However as it goes, no effort was ever made to follow up with any of the victims of these heinous crimes.

    During King’s time in DC he DID have a partner. A man named Craig Spence. He was a lobbyist in DC and was eventually found himself in hot water for taking underage boys to the White House after hours for “tours”

    During 1989 Spence was investigated by a reported from the New York Times after multiple victims contacted the newspaper alleging they had been abused by Spence. The investigation eventually DID lead to a prosecution, although nobody was ever indicted or convicted. And as we’ve become so familiar with, Spence committed suicide in 1989. According to the times reporter there were over 20,000 documents related to this DC sex scandal. And again, as we’re familiar with, those documents are now sealed. Never to see the light again.

    The story doesn’t end there, and that was not Kings only partner. It was later found out that King was also very close with a man named Father Valentine Peter, who ran the local Boy’s Town. If you’re unfamiliar with boys town it is a whole other fucked up story just in its own right. But for now I want you to think of it as a Boy Scout lite camp for impoverished and homeless kids.

    The former leader of Boys Town, Monsignor Hupp alleged that Peter was handing off these children to Larry King. This is verifiable, as King would have the boys work for him at the Credit Union. His involvement didn’t stop there, however. These were the children that would eventually be seen at all the after parties at the DC mansion. Monsignor Hupp was eventually told that if he ever stepped foot into Boys Town again he would arrested.

    Finally, after multiple reports of sex trafficking the Nebraska State Foster Care Review opened an investigation into King and his involvement with Boys Town.
    The findings? Uncountable amounts of Nebraskan police officers, media personalities, politicians and wealthy were named as abusers.

    This brings us to the best person in this story. John Decamp. Decamp was a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who at this point served as a Nebraska State Senator. This man did not fuck around. After the connections between Boys Town and Larry King began to surface, John Decamp took matters into his own hands and began investigating Larry King himself. As the story goes, he began to receive a disturbing number of death threats. John didn’t give a shit, this just made him dig further.

    In 1990 John came into possession of a audio call between to alleged victims of Larry Kings “after parties”
    This was Troy Boner and Alicia Owens. The call basically goes on to show Boner refuting his early statements of abuse, while Alicia accuses him of lying.

    Larry King eventually is forced to stand trial. He is only found guilty of embezzlement. The court throws out any idea that Larry King could have ever abused children. Troy Boner did change his stance under oath, saying that he was never abused, while Alicia stuck to her story. Larry is charged with 15 years and goes on to serve 10. Alicia on the other hand his given 9 to TWENTY-FIVE for perjury.

    There is so much more to this story, but my phone is starting to lag out from all the text. I urge everyone to investigate this for yourselves. Starting with the documentary Conspiracy of Silence (which was supposed to air on TV but never did)

    Reddit - Johnny Gosch Child Pedophile Ring Theory. "The Franklin Cover Up," One of the biggest rabbit holes I’ve ever been down. Warning: discussions about pedophilia and child sexual abuse - 12 year paperboy Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in September of 1982. The events leading up to his kidnapping involved a man in a blue car asking Johnny for directions. The man disappeared but returned seconds later to ask for directions again. Johnny expressed to his friend that he was standing with that he felt uncomfortable and was going to head on.

    Witnesses reported watching Johnny walk his first house of the day and a man emerge from an alley. It was obvious that the man was following him, but Johnny never noticed. When Johnny made it to his first house, a neighbor across the street watched a silver car pull up beside Johnny. The neighbor briefly turned their back and that was all it took for a car door to be heard shutting and tires speeding off.

    His disappearance was an odd one because over the years there were constant signs and possible sightings that hinted at the fact he could have been alive. His mother strongly believed Johnny was trapped in a pedophile ring and multiple clues over the years supported it.

    The Franklin child prostitution ring also known as the Franklin Scandal were a series of high-profile accusations and legal actions between 1988 and 1991 surrounding a child sex ring serving prominent citizens of Omaha, Nebraska, as well as high-level U.S. politicians. However, critics say that Noreen was an unreliable source who was just hopeful that every last clue hinted at the fact her son was alive. 6 months after he vanished, Johnny reportedly was seen running up to a woman in Oklahoma saying he was Johnny Gosch and he had been kidnapped. Before the woman could act, two men escorted him away.

    There was a dollar bill that showed up in Sioux City, Iowa. Written on the front of the dollar was "I am alive -- Johnny Gosch." In 1984, another paperboy named Eugene Martin was abducted which suggested that there was a possible serial kidnapper interested in a specific type of child. “Johnny Gosch was here” was painted in red nail polish in a bathroom in Denver, Colorado.
    In 1988, a typed letter arrived at the Gosch residence. The writer stated that he was Johnny, he had been kidnapped, and forced to do horrible things. He explained that his abductors tried changing his identity by dyeing his hair and changing his name. It was signed “Your son, Johnny Gosch” The note also mentioned the incident in Oklahoma where Johnny approached a woman for help. According to Johnny’s mother, that detail was never exposed to the public so she truly believed it was her son.

    In 1989, a man by the name of Paul Bonacci stepped forward. His stories would be the trigger to uncovering one of the biggest theories as to where Johnny was. He was a convicted child molestor and dealt with a personality disorder. While serving time in an Omaha, Neb. prison for molesting a young boy, Bonacci admitted to his psychiatrist he helped abduct Iowa newspaper boy Johnny Gosch. Bonacci said that he too was a victim of being kidnapped and subjected to sexual abuse and auctioning him.

    He explained that he was part of a group of men who would sit and wait to kidnap children and then forced them into a life of pornography and prostitution. Bonacci accused Republican party activist and businessman Lawrence E. King Jr who also served as director of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, of running an underage prostitution ring and victimizing him since an early age. In 1990, a county grand jury declined to charge King, finding the allegations to be "a carefully crafted hoax".

    Police considered Bonacci an unreliable witness because he dealt with a personality disorder. They claimed he was an unstable, unreliable source that discussed government mind control and shouldn’t be paid attention to. However, a lot of what Paul said, even when referring to his separate personalities, was super credible once looked into. People believed Bonacci’s claims, including Noreen Gosch.
    Despite being called a liar, Paul Bonacci WAS compensated by the courts after filing lawsuits against Lawrence King for years of emotional abuse, false imprisonment, preventing him from providing authorities with information, sexual assaults, and depriving him of his civil rights while being held captive in the pedophile ring. If all of the accusations were a hoax, it is very odd that the court granted him a 1 million dollar settlement. The court document will be linked below for anyone interested in reading.

    An investigator named Gary Caradori who was analyzing Bonacci’s claims mysteriously died in a plane crash as he was flying in a plane to tell more people about “the smoking gun” he found. His death occurred shortly after interviewing Bonacci. People called this a major cover up.

    In 1991, Paul Bonacci met face to face with Noreen Gosch. Apparently he described things about Johnny that no one else knew such as his stutter and scars. However, there was also a little doubt present from Johnny’s father because Bonacci claimed Johnny was quite short. Johnny was actually quite tall for his age. Some of Bonacci’s interviews will be linked below.

    What do We Know About the Franklin Scandal?

    In 1992, Johnny’s story was aired on AMW and featured Bonacci’s claims. AMW producers took Paul Bonacci to Colorado in an attempt to find the "The Colonels" ranch where these boys say they were held. Bonacci was able to recognize a piece of property. He physically reacted when he walked up to the front door, and began to cry uncontrollably. Paul showed AMW the secret underground chamber where he says the children were put in case authorities came by. Paul said some of the boys were placed there blindfolded, as a form of punishment. How would he ever know there was an actual underground chamber in such a random location if he was lying?

    In 1993, an interview was aired with another one of Paul’s identities who claimed he was friends with Johnny and they made an oath to protect and help each other. He explained that he was branded by his captors when he was overheard discussing how to escape. He revealed the branding during the interview as proof. Apparently, he also handed over a diary to the Gosch’s containing written details about how Johnny told him he loved being a paperboy, had 37 customers, and won the local paper boy competition. These details were confirmed by Noreen Gosch.

    Also in 1993, film crew from Yorkshire Television in the UK travelled to Omaha, Nebraska to make a documentary about a pedophile ring. The project was funded by the Discovery Channel and set to air in 1994 in the UK and in the United States a year later. To their horror, filmmakers uncovered a vast operation functioning throughout the country that supplied children to the wealthy and political establishment for purposes of molestation, drug trafficking, and blackmail. The filmmakers were in the final editing stage of the documentary when the Discovery Channel suddenly withdrew support for the project. To this day the documentary remains unaired.

    Conspiracy of Silence - The Franklin Cover up, Full Documentaries.

    Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production of a documentary called Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary which was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.

    At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by its participants involved.

    Mother of Abducted Iowa Paperboy Johnny Gosch Gets Photos 24 Years Later of Boy Bound & Gagged.

    In 1997, Noreen Gosch said Johnny himself paid her a visit. He stayed for an hour and told her what happened to him and why he could never come home or see her again because of the criminal activity he's now involved in. He also showed her a recognizable birthmark that she claims immediately convinced her that he was telling the truth. That sparked a book written by Noreen called, "Why Johnny Can't Come Home." Once again, police pushed the narrative that Noreen was crazy.

    In 2006, Noreen Gosch received two pictures in the mail of young boys that were tied up and gagged. One of the boys had a similar brand on his arm that matched the look of the brand on other boys trapped in the pedophile ring. Police eventually ruled out any possibility that the boys in the picture were Johnny. Their actual identities were discovered and it was determined that it was just a cruel joke.

    So what is going on? Is Johnny alive? Do people keep playing insensitive jokes and hoaxes? Is Johnny truly still out there? Was Bonacci telling the truth? Is this a cover up? Many sources related to the pedophile ring and witness statements have been removed off of the internet for unknown reasons, but I will try and link as many sources as I can below.
    Links ..

    * Story found:
    * Interview with Noreen Gosch:
    * Why Johnny Can’t Come Home book:
    * Detailed post about Franklin pedophile ring:
    * Bonacci’s abuse allegations against politicians involved in the ring:
    * Bonacci speaking with Gary Caradori:
    * Bonacci speaking about what he witnessed:
    * Bonacci’s branding:
    * Bonacci money settlement documents:
    * Newspaper calling out Gary’s death as sabotage:
    * Investigators believe Gary’s death was a possible cover up:
    * Franklin pedophile cover up book review:
    * More on Franklin scandal:
    * Nebraska pedophile ring victim interview:
    * John Decamp investigates Franklin coverup: News article calling out pedophile ring involving politicians:


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      YouTube: John DeCamp talks about former CIA Director William Colby Truth With Trishaly.

      John DeCamp is widely regarded as 'damage control insofar as the Franklin Case is concemed, his connection to William Colby is via the Vietnam War and the CIA's Phoenix Program, when tens of thousands of South Vietnamese citizens were murdered, after being tumed in by their countrymen for cash reward.

      How many deaths DeCamp engineered in that capacity remains unknown, he is however regarded as a first class war criminal ... he was one of the movers and shakers in "OperationBaby Lift," which brought thousands of Vietnamese children to America, some of whom are alleged to have been slain in Satanic sacrifice, a la the Tscherneff material below.

      Peter Tschemeff says he in company kidnapped Kevin Collins in San Francisco, that he was thereafter murdered at the Bohemian Grove, that Michael Aquino chose Collins for sacrifice because he was a Catholic young virgin boy. Tscherneff named others he says were involved
      in the murder.

      John DeCamp should be arrested and tried as a capital offender, for his role in the Franklin cover up no less than for his activities in Vietnam - Former CIA Director William Colby's highly suspicious death in unlikely circumstances, April 27, 1996, is thought to have been arranged to seal his lips!

      Alex Jones Talks to John Decamp Auther [sic] of the Franklin Cover Up.