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RIP Joe Bodolai .. he Criticized "Post Birth Abortion!"

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  • RIP Joe Bodolai .. he Criticized "Post Birth Abortion!"

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    The suicide note stinks.

    Joe Bodolais wrote a scathing piece in July this year, in response to the acquittal of Casey Anthony for the murder of her infant daughter, whence the term, “post birth abortion,” was raised at her trial.

    Joe & Cheri

    Joe’s assertion that the decision appeared to legalize the killing of infant children, “up to three years post delivery,” could have given the abortion lobby a reason to dislike him, thence request his name be added to President Obama’s discretionary kill list ..

    His alleged suicide note that repeat the staple false flag aphorisms, re 911 and the John Kennedy assassination, must be regarded as unsafe .. Joe allegedly laments the lack of progress on both fronts, and his note says .. three buildings went down that day, Building 7 wasn’t even hit.

    There were in fact seven major structures at the WTC, all of which were totally destroyed on 911, while the Bldg 7 line is "Mossad safe!" .. Everyone knows what else took place on 911 – no mystery at all, the Jews flew remotely controlled aircraft into the WTC and the Pentagon, then told the world Arab terrorists did it!

    The JFK killing no less, the Moorman photograph clearly shows Martin Luther and Coretta King, in one of two snipers nests on the GK .. The conundrum arises when political and news media ppl, thumb their noses at the evidence .. so why would Joe Bodolais want to do them a service, by repeating their lies in his last hours!

    I reckon Joe was murdered, and the syntax, style and diction of his alleged suicide note, say the Canada / Greenberg false flag movie studio, whence Bemas and Loose Change came .. that used Canadian actors as false witnesses on 911, and at the Columbine, VA Tech and Fort Hood massacres, could know more.