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23 May 2011


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   Billy and Tracy, this was published in 1992 after Bill died

Stretch and Kay Chambers in 1994

Snuff porn in Brisbane, the Mossad link!

The Fitzgerald Inquiry was halted in 1988 on the advice of Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee Chairperson, Peter Beattie whence the Criminal Justice Commission, and its two child commissions the Connolly Ryan Inquiry and the Kimmins Inquiry, re snuff porn on the banks of the Brisbane River, were instigated, followed by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

This has more on the O'Dempsey / Police link, and discusses the McCulkens!

Mr Goleby the Maritime Services Minister in the Queensland Government, went crook that Alex Gulavich a Brisbane docker was working, Alex who had lost an arm in Vietnam, in an action whence he was Mentioned in Dispatches for bravery, was a good and willing worker despite all.



The union's interstate transfer system was open to abuse .. Fire at the union rooms in Brisbane 1982

Melbourne Dockers attending a function in the 1980's   




These next clippings were published during the Costigan Royal Commission into the activities of the union, between the years 1980 - '84..

The Melbourne Branch retained the services of high profile solicitor Frank Galbally

Bob Dix, who became Secretary of the Victorian Branch following the untimely demise of Jack Nicholls in 1980, defends the members against the slanders of the press.


Strife at Brisbane jail.. it was not uncommon for some incarcerated persons to claim a P&D's heritage despite all.

More strife in the Melbourne Branch.. The union became public relations conscious as the Costigan RC dug deeper..

Police "rough up" Sydney dockers at a demonstration!

Daniel Chubb, a Sydney docker murdered in 1984!

Bob Galleghan was Secretary of the Sydney Branch, and thus a tool of arch villain Izzy Wyner, despite he went on the record defending the union against slander on this occasion, he was one of the officials who "dropped the ball," instead of fighting for the union to avoid deregistration thru the late eighties and into the nineties!

Frank "Scotty" Kinsella was wanted for the wounding of a man in Brisbane in the early 1970's, he and two other dockers went to the victim's house and knocked on the door then fired a shotgun thru the door as he opened it, he was wounded in the thumb.. their beef was that he had beaten one of them in a fist fight.

Scotty was charged then released when the victim refused to identify him, the other two were imprisoned and neither worked on the docks again.. Frank Kinsella was shot dead by his girlfriend in Melbourne in the mid 1980's.

Please get in touch anyone who has clippings that are relevant to the union in any way, and we will post them onto here.