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Sweeney Todd - Killer Doctor in Brisbane Australia

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  • Sweeney Todd - Killer Doctor in Brisbane Australia

    Sweeney Todd was fictional character who appeared in 18th century "Penny Dreadful" stories .. A killer barber who operated in London's Fleet Street, his barber's chair had a trip switch whence those who went in for a haircut and shave were dispatched, gutted and boned before their flesh was baked into pies, to be sold to an unsuspecting public by a female accomplice.

    So I go to the doctor, cancerous lesions caused by exposure to toxic chemical agents during the Vietnam war appear intermittently .. the broads at the local surgery caused trouble with their bad manners and flashing eyes, banned from there and going further afield I meet Doctor Peter O'Hara, his stable of broads appear to have a similar mindset with bad manners going on to filth.
    When I get inside he says that he kills patients, not real happy with that I stick to details and he prescribes some stuff to rub on, it does a pretty good job, since it can only be obtained with a Doctors Prescription, when I run out ring back to make another appointment.

    Meeting O'Hara again in a different location, since the place I last saw him at South Brisbane went under a meter of water in the recent floods, he squirts some liquid nitrogen on a few lesions while I tell him I need some more of the medicine, he starts to write out the script then says he is too busy what with patients waiting and all, says he will make the prescription and send it out in the mail.

    A week later still it had not arrived - Ringing back, when I tell her that I will bus out there to get the prescription, the broad who answers the phone says she will have to make another appointment.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs agree that the trouble was caused while on war service and they have agreed to foot the bill, O'Hara had already billed them for one visit, whence all I got was shabby manners on top of the death threat he had made during the previous visit, I tell her that I have a problem re his original disclosure that he kills ppl.

    She bursts into loud laughter over the phone .. I say that maybe he was trying to intimidate me, and that he is the last person I would wish to see at any time, except that he has been convicted of capital murder thence to swing at the gallows. She hangs up, the lesions have remained untreated and are still bleeding.

    My policy remains to prosecute all killers, abortioners and euthanasia specialists under the capital provisions of the law, would not Peter O'Hara be hanged along with his accomplices the same way as poor fictional Sweeney Todd!