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Beslan School Massacre ..a Mistaravim black op

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  • Beslan School Massacre ..a Mistaravim black op

    Black Psyop| Mistaravim in Russia Attack!!!

    Joe Vialls, 15 September 2004

    Mistaravim is the name given to those counter-terrorism units of the Israel Defense Forces in which soldiers are specifically trained to "be an Arab" and go into the occupied territories to capture (or kill) a wanted terrorist.

    The Beslan massacre began when a group of armed terrorists took more than 1,100 people, including 777 children hostage on September 1, 2004, at School Number One in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia, at least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children, hundreds more were injured and many were reported missing. Wikipedia

    North Ossetia, Russia

    The unique basketball hoop bombs inside the sealed gymnasium, which confirmed for ever that Beslan was a black psyop atrocity perpetrated by the west. Despite all western reporters being contained 100 yards behind the Russian Special Forces perimeter outside the sealed compound, and despite the terrorists within immediately confiscating all cellphones from the teachers and children,

    The BBC magically described these specific unique booby traps live-to-air before Special Forces had even penetrated the inner cordon at Beslan. Western media reporters could not possibly have known about these extremely unusual booby traps, unless they themselves were an integral part of the black psychological operation.

    On 24 August 2004, when two Russian Tupolev commercial airliners were blown out of the sky within four minutes of each other, the New York media vengefully suggested that this occurrence was "Russia's 9-11". It was artfully pointed out to Americans that both airliners had departed from the same Moscow airport, thereby reducing the possibility of two coincidental accidents to zero.

    Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1303

    The first to crash was Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1303, a Tu-134 aircraft, registered RA-65080, which had been in service since 1977. The plane was flying from Moscow to Volgograd. It left Domodedovo International Airport at 22:30. Communication with the plane was lost at 22:56 while it was flying over Tula Oblast, 180 km south-east of Moscow. The remains of the aircraft were found on the ground several hours later. Witnesses on the ground said that they saw a strong explosion on the plane before it crashed.. 34 passengers and 9 crew members were on board the plane. All of them died in the crash.

    Siberia Airlines Flight 1047

    Just minutes after the first crash, Siberia Airlines Flight 1047, which had left Domodedovo International Airport at 21:35, disappeared from the radar screens and crashed. The Tu-154 aircraft, registered RA-85556, which had been in service since 1982, was flying from Moscow to Sochi. According to an unnamed government source of the Russian news agency Interfax, the plane had broadcast a hijack warning, while flying over Rostov Oblast at 22:59.

    The plane disappeared from radar screens shortly after that and crashed. 38 passengers and 8 crew members were on board the plane, and there were no survivors after the crash. The debris of the aircraft was found on the morning of August 25, 2004 9 km from village Glubokoye, Rostov Oblast in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky Raion. Wikipedia
    Thirty six hours later, the same Zionist controlled media started insisting that a pair of mysterious 'Black Widow' Muslim terrorists from Chechnya had detonated hexogen bomb belts in the rear toilets of each aircraft, as revenge for Russian military operations in their home province.

    Apparently possessing a remarkable level of inside knowledge, the New York media swiftly expanded on this extravagant theme, assuring us all that the synchronized downing of the two Tupolevs was simply a rerun of the Moscow Theatre atrocity, which started on 23 October 2002 and resulted in the deaths of 128 hostages, allegedly at the hands of other 'Black Widow' Muslim terrorists from Chechnya.

    This subtle media manipulation served to reinforce and re-ignite the carefully manufactured and nurtured Judeo-Christian illusion that all Muslims kill innocent women and children, though nothing could normally be further from the truth, and in the case of the two Tupolev airliners was an outright lie.

    Although the Jewish Talmud [the most barbaric and obscene 'holy' book ever published] does advocate violent punishment, rape, debasement and death for all non-Jews, the Muslim Koran strictly prohibits any and all such measures against non-combatants, regardless of their religion or nationality, with terrifying eternal punishments for those Muslims who dare violate women and children, and thus who in turn dare to violate Islamic law.

    Rest assured there is absolutely no ambiguity or latitude in the Muslim Koran. Revenge under Islamic law must be directly proportional and target only the original attackers, which in the case of all real Chechen 'Black Widows' means targeting only adult members of the Russian armed services. Moscow theatres, civilian airliners, and schools full of children are strictly off limits.

    Despite New York claims to the contrary, there were no Chechen 'Black Widows' on either Tupolev jet, both of which were subjected to the normal stringent security checks prior to takeoff. Unnoticed in the west, official Russian Ministry statements revealed that neither aircraft captain had time to send a verbal or electronic warning of hijack, mechanical failure, or any other malfunction. Equally damning, Russian scientific investigation confirmed that both aircraft black boxes abruptly stopped recording at cruising altitude.

    Aircraft fuselages are designed to be tremendously strong, and although the blast and shrapnel from a hexogen bomb belt detonated in the toilet would probably be sufficient to punch small holes in the airliner's outer skin, there is absolutely no way that the small charge could blow the tail off, for example, nor could it sever the wiring looms connecting the cockpit and emergency batteries to the radios and black box recorders.
    Therefore, immediately after detonation of a hexogen bomb belt, three things would happen:

    (1) The aircraft cabin would suffer explosive decompression,

    (2) the aircraft captain or co-pilot would send a verbal multi-frequency "Mayday" call as a direct result of this non-lethal explosive cabin decompression, and

    (3) the black box recorders would faithfully record these events in their correct sequence for later examination by crash experts.
    The only possible way of instantly cutting radio communications and black box recordings would be a massive and catastrophic explosive event on board each aircraft, caused by large charges pre-positioned in direct contact with the aircraft fuselage itself, in the manner of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie in 1988.

    In turn, these charges would have to be detonated by simple radio remote control from the ground, to ensure the synchronicity of events needed by New York to drive home the "Russia's 9-11" message at the media level.
    Fortunately for all analysts, New York jumped the gun and fired the media at you before the scenario was complete. Now think about this people, think about it very hard.

    The World Trade Center 9-11 event certainly involved two exploding American commercial airliners, but it also involved the murder of large numbers of unarmed civilians trapped inside the WTC buildings with no chance of escape. Two weeks later, after the downing of the twin Tupolevs and the mass murder of women and children trapped in the school at Beslan in North Ossetia, the "Russia's 9-11" analogy would become valid and reasonable.

    Unfortunately for the Zionist Cabal, foreknowledge and the premature use of this "Russia's 9-11" tag proved beyond doubt that Wall Street ordered the obscene mass murder in Beslan School, just as it has ordered the attack on the Moscow Theatre and the downing of the two Tupolev airliners.

    We will return to the sequence of events at Beslan School a little later, but first we need to examine the motive, because every black psyop ever mounted has had a motive. Though many Americans are in denial on this subject nowadays, the sole motive for all of these events was, and will always remain, the strategic and tactical control of eastern hemisphere crude oil supplies, without which the New Zion in America will surely wither and die.

    Though the "Peak Oil" scam currently being peddled by Mike Ruppert and others has absolutely no validity in global terms, it does make sense if viewed as deliberate Wall Street propaganda. The world as a whole has massive oil reserves on tap, with more continuing to flow from up from the earth's mantle,

    However American oil reserves cannot at present meet American demand, due primarily to a lack of investment in new domestic oil drilling and production infrastructure. Thus when Ruppert and others claim "The world is running out of oil", the accurate underlying truth of the matter is that "America alone is running out of oil".
    The same holds true for the parallel propaganda claim that "World oil production had peaked, and can no longer keep pace with global energy requirements".
    In reality world oil production as a whole has not peaked, but the world as a whole is no longer prepared to provide America with one out of every two gallons of gasoline it refines every day of every year, especially not on the strength of worthless Federal Reserve promissory notes. Therefore this particular piece of 'Peak Oil' propaganda can be interpreted as meaning, "The world is no longer prepared to keep pace with, or provide, America's excessive energy requirements."


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    What you cannot afford to buy you must therefore steal, and Wall Street has long had plans in place to do exactly that, as the map above shows very well. First there was Caspian crude, then Yukos crude, then Iraqi crude ready to be stolen and shipped from the eastern hemisphere into the tanks of the giant Zionist War Machine called America,

    One by one each of these massive assets fell by the wayside, as Russia exerted massive political and military pressure in the region. Where once there were three, suddenly by January 2004 there were none.

    The fuel gauge of the Zionist War Machine, so heavily dependent on oil for its planned global conquest, started downwards on its hectic slide towards the "empty" mark. So 'Peak Oil' is really about stampeding the American people into believing that the end of the oil world is nigh, that soon they will have to pay $5 or $6 a gallon for gasoline, and that air conditioning will only be available to the mega-rich.

    In turn, this is intended to panic American parents into willingly sacrificing more sons and daughters on the Zionist Altar in the blistering hot sands of the Middle East. If the New Zion must fall, your sons and daughters will be forced to fall first, while the key Zionist players slip quietly away to relative safety in Australia. Naturally enough the Zionist Cabal had other contingency plans, but all were feeble or even desperate by comparison with its earlier prime choices.

    The most prominent of these contingency plans was to re-route plundered Caspian crude oil through Georgia, home of Eduard Shevardnadze, who in company with Mikhail Gorbachev sold out the old Soviet Union. In simple terms, Shevardnadze and Gorbachev betrayed their own country and sold it to the Zionist Cabal in exchange for two large sacks of shekels and a pair of gold American Express cards, a fact well known throughout Russia today.

    With Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze in its pocket, Wall Street quietly started preparations for this contingency back in early 2002, when American Special Forces and Israeli Mistaravim [Jewish civilian special forces & dirty tricks specialists] were imported into Georgia, ostensibly to "train" Georgia's armed forces in "anti-terrorist" techniques.

    The reality was quite different of course, with the prime role of both groups being that of securing a route across Georgian sovereign territory for the Caspian pipeline, from Baku in Azerbaijan to the port of Sap'sa on the Black Sea


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      Further to the north in Moscow, aware of the cozy relationship between traitor Shevardnadze and Wall Street, President Vladimir Putin eyed developments and made discreet preparations to block this final route once and for all.

      Responding directly to requests for assistance from the independent state of South Ossetia early in 2004, Putin moved in police an military instructors, plus wheeled and tracked vehicles to support them. All of a sudden the big bad Ruskies were within artillery range of the only possible pipeline route through Georgia, making threatening noises about the illegal presence of American and Jewish Special Forces.

      This was clearly a step too far for the beleaguered Zionist Cabal in New York, whose members simply could not understand why Vladimir Putin, a sworn nationalist, would not take the bait of an unlimited gold American Express card, or even a giant numbered bank account in Switzerland brimming over with shekels. This active Karate black belt seemed impervious to standard Wall Street blackmail, could not be sexually compromised, and refused to become a bit player in the planned Zionist New World Order.

      Eventually Wall Street decided that the only way to bring Putin to heel was to destabilize North and South Ossetia, using techniques only too familiar to those Arabs unfortunate enough to live in the Gaza Strip. It was time for some heavy-duty child butchering, a specialty of the Jewish Mistaravim, whose members originally cut their teeth in the Palestinian refugee schools and camps of the Lebanon.

      At 9 a.m. on September 1, 2004, Beslan school in southern Russia was seized by a group of unknown terrorists. Shots were exchanged with local police and death toll reports ranged from two to eight. Russian Special Forces secured he perimeter and, despite continual goading by western media, decided to sit it out.
      This was logical and correct tactical behavior, meaning that any subsequent deaths would be attributed directly to the terrorists within, rather than to Russian Special Forces. All mobile phones were confiscated by the terrorists and a single land line was used for communications, meaning that no one outside the compound could possibly know what was happening inside.

      Fifty-two hours later at 1 p.m. on September 3, paramedics were lured into the outer school compound by the terrorists to "retrieve bodies of dead hostages that have been lying in front of the building for two days". Explosions were heard immediately after their entry, and then the impossible happened.

      At 1.05 p.m., from outside the Special Forces exclusion zone, BBC reporters told us all live to air that the terrorists within had "detonated bombs located in the school basketball hoops, killing several emergency service workers [the paramedics]". At that precise stage in the proceedings the only way that the English media voice [allegedly from the BBC] could have known about basketball hoop bombs, was if he was an integral part of the terrorist team.

      Remember here that even Russian Special Forces did not know about these bombs until 50 minutes later, when they were finally coerced into storming the school gymnasium. And as the Russian Special Forces unit stormed the building, 19 of its members were killed by shots in the back, thereby opening up a gap in the perimeter through which many of the terrorists escaped. It was remarkably accurate shooting from the rear, at high elevation and long range.

      On September 8, five days after the initial attack, startled viewers in the west were suddenly shown broadcast quality video footage from inside the gymnasium during the siege itself. It was pure shock and awe footage, psychologically reinforcing the deliberately manufactured belief that Muslims in general are 'evil terrorists who attack unarmed women and children'.

      No, they are not. This artistic broadcast-quality psychological creation was first put to air by Moscow Television in Russia, but only after it had been delivered there from Georgia, by scheduled airline via London. Within hours of the children being butchered, and his Special Forces shot in the back, Vladimir Putin arrived in Beslan to personally review the situation.

      After speaking to his military and police commanders, Putin visited the hospital where many of the greviously injured children had been taken. The look on Putin's face as he left the bedside of one dying child was terrible to behold. For an instant the veil was lifted, showing ice cold eyes alive with fury at what had been done to the young and innocent in the sacred name of One World Order progress. Rest assured that America and Israel will pay a terrible price for this obscene atrocity, and the time will be soon.
      Joe Says: Zionists Micro Nuke the Australian Embassy in Indonesia

      As with the Beslan report above, my analysis of the micro nuke outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been delayed by the need to acquire accurate intelligence and high resolution photographs. When the Jakarta report is ready for publishing about six days from now, it will include crystal-clear high resolutiion photographs of the actual bomb detonation, its massive crater, blast vectors, and resultant mushroom cloud.

      Responding to an obvious need to prove once and for all time that car and truck surface bombs cannot make craters, the report will also include high resolution photographs of Special Forces 1,000# ANFO charges detonated on the back of light trucks, which is more than twice the feeble Potassium Chlorate charge weight that the Australian Federal Police has claimed was used outside the Australian Embassy.

      As you will see, when these 1,000# ANFO [Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil] truck bombs explode, the shock waves obey the law of phsics by taking the line of least resistance, radiating outwards and upwards while leaving a clear unblemished air gap below the chassis of both light trucks. These photographs in particular are worth grabbing and preserving for posterity.L