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Zionists nuke Egypt's Taba Hilton Hotel ..Beslan

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  • Zionists nuke Egypt's Taba Hilton Hotel ..Beslan


    By Vladimir Ras-Putin, aka Gog of Magog!!! aka Joe Vialls
    For years Taba, Egypt has been used by western intelligence agencies as the "New Beirut", a convenient and apparently neutral venue where terrorists employed by the Mossad and CIA, could plan covert ops against the oil rich nations of the Middle East. These agencies went a giant step too far when they invited dissident Yukos executives down from Moscow, in a bid to add Russia to their hit list.
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    Anyone who has ever studied the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma, will notice very obvious similarities with the Taba Hilton Hotel in Egypt. A hypersonic blast wave has neatly removed the entire face of the building, and four days later on 11 October 2004 the ABC reported, "Israeli and Egyptian rescue workers ended their mission at the Taba Hilton bombing after they failed to recover the bodies."
    Only critical nuclear weapons can generate the massive temperatures and pressures needed to instantly consume away, 16 missing humans into invisible heat and light.

    With oil prices currently bouncing around above an unprecedented US $50.00 per barrel, it is becoming increasingly obvious to most Americans that the illegal invasion of Iraq is primarily to blame for this disaster. Contemptuously brushing aside blatant disinformation; including Peak Oil and China´s suddenly increased petroleum needs, many are now peering behind the veil and realizing that none of these new factors existed before Wall Street ordered the wanton sacrifice of U.S. troops, during and after the catastrophic invasion of Iraq.

    If the people of Iraq had been left alone to go about their own sovereign business unhindered by the war criminals in the Western Hemisphere, two millions barrels of Iraqi oil would still be flowing every day, and global oil prices would today be hovering around US$24.00 to US$26.00 per barrel. With the Iraq oil distribution pipeline grid now in flaming ruins, the rest of the oil producing world is being asked to take up the slack to provide for America´s ever-increasing oil gluttony, and to cover up Wall Street´s obvious direct negligence and guilt.

    Technically speaking the rest of the world could take up the slack, if everyone including Russia and Iran pulled together, thereby pumping enough oil to enable the Zionist Cabal in New York to refuel its flagging American imperial war machine, so America could attack Iran, and possibly Russia as well.

    Now ask yourself, if you were an Iranian or a Russian, would you rush to increase your oil pumping rates to maximum in order to assist the Western ´New World Order´ Faction A, in driving Abrams tanks across your own sovereign borders, in order to abuse and murder your own unarmed wives and children?

    Oh, you would not do so? Good! Welcome back to the real world… There are a few fringe dwellers on the Internet who frantically claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is really an integral part of a mysterious global "Illuminati" pact, hypothetically owned and controlled by Wall Street´s Faction A, and is simply waiting for a secret signal (or handshake) from Manhattan to suddenly flood North America with ultra-cheap crude oil.

    Sadly perhaps, these ´Illuminati´ fringe dwellers are completely deluded. During 2003 America, Britain and Australia effectively declared World War III on the entire Eastern Hemisphere, which just happens to be home to Russia and Iran, which are members of NWO Faction C, who in alliance with Western NWO NESARA Faction B, are teamed up temporarily, in order to Destroy Bush, and all of NWO Faction A.
    As I write this report, it is a fact that both Russia and Iran have increased ´back door´ crude oil deliveries to Eastern Hemisphere allies; China and North Korea in local currencies, while at the same time decreasing oil output to the Western Hemisphere via the Rotterdam Spot Market in U.S. dollars.

    This Russian chess strategy is artificially enhancing the already critical oil shortage in America, and driving oil prices literally through the roof. In theory at least, if this position is maintained for more than six months, America will suffer total economic collapse, thereby neutralizing the current Zionist military threat to the rest of the world.

    It has been an open secret for many years that American could not sustain it´s ever-increasing usage of crude oil unless an essentially ´free´ oil source could be found. And naturally enough, if America could not find a way of becoming self-sustaining in crude oil (either domestic or stolen), then the parasitic Jewish State in Palestine would go to the wall at exactly the same time.

    The Jewish State survives almost exclusively on obscenely generous handouts from largely unwitting and mostly deluded decieved Christian American taxpayers, meaning disaster for America; would produce instant automatic disaster for the Jewish State as well, by extension. It was for this precise purpose that the Zionist Cabal planned Operation Shekhinah, which I exposed on 30 January 2002 as a detailed plan to steal Iraq´s oil reserves and thus prevent this very disaster.

    For readers not familiar with this critical precursor to "Operation Iraqi Freedom", Remember that many operations including ´Shekhinah´ require specialist equipment, and sometimes specialist assistance from countries outside either America or the Jewish State, meaning that a discreet and apparently neutral country has to be used when coordinating the various operational components.

    Until the early eighties, Beirut served this purpose admirably, literally crawling with spooks from America and the Jewish State, gleefully putting their heads together and planning all kinds of mischief against the Muslim nations of the Middle East. It was here for example that the Mossad managed to turn Abu Abbass into Abu Nidal, thus creating a veritable shock wave of proxy Muslim terrorist attacks across the world.

    Map of alleged Al Q activities, which are now known to be False Flag Zionist ops!

    When it comes to black ops and media deception, the Jews have very few equals. Beirut would probably have remained the city of choice were it not for the terrible perversions of Yisraeli ´Defense Minister´ Ariel Sharon, who enjoyed nothing more than gang-raping defenseless Lebanese women and young boys, before putting them to death in the most gruesome of ways with their families watching, then murdering the survivors.
    The Lebanese and Palestinians were of course only ´filthy Goyim´ under occultic, Jewish Talmudic Law, meaning that Sharon had the insane religious ´right´ to do whatever he wanted, and his appetite for perversion and barbarity was insatiable.

    This hellish situation would probably have continued forever, were it not for the timely intervention of the Hizbollah, a new counter-insurgency army formed and funded by Syria and Iran, specifically to drive the Yisraeli terrorists out of Lebanese sovereign territory.

    By mid-1985 the Hizbollah gathered enough strength to drive the new self-appointed and clinically insane "King of the Jews" Ariel Sharon and his butchers, out of Beirut completely. Ideally what the Yisraeli terrorists needed for the continued coordination of external black operations, was a low profile sleepy backwater in a nearby subservient nation, where guests could be brought in for meetings without making very obvious visits to the Jewish State itself.

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    Eventually they selected the Red Sea Egyptian resort of Taba, theoretically under the control of obsequious Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who in turn was already on the payroll of the American CIA. Taba itself is only a few miles from the Israeli port of Eilat, making it easy to slip foreign visitors in and out of the Jewish State, without any need for telltale visa stamps in their passports.

    In reality, although much of the planning and coordination for oil related operations Shekhinah, and Iraqi Freedom, took place in the luxury hotels of Taba, there was rarely any need to cross the nearby border into the Jewish State.

    Young boys and girls, depending on personal preference, were flown in from Cairo to be sexually abused at leisure for a few shekels, and the sunsets at the beach were especially alluring. Though the Russian KGB was obviously aware of Taba´s primary role as a covert operations center, it stayed discreetly in the background, occasionally sending in a "tourist" or two to check the lie of the land, and keep track of interesting visitors.

    It seems likely that the Taba Hilton would be intact today, if the Mossad and CIA had been content to meddle in Iraq alone, because Russia knew that the Zionists were already soundly defeated there, as had been the intent from the moment they were lured across the starting line in Kuwait.


    Unfortunately Wall Street is not noted for a high level of common sense, or sanity, and so they went on to order the mass murder at Beslan School in North Ossetia Russia, in order to create sufficient confusion in Chechnya, to allow their Georgian lackeys to start stealing Caspian crude oil.

    The black look on Putin´s face when he left a hospital full of maimed Russian children in Beslan, should have been enough to warn the Zionists away from any similar action in the future, but once again, and in total insane desperation, they escalated the madness instead. Just one week after this foul and mind numbing atrocity in Beslan, during which 19 members of the Russian Special Forces were also shot in the back from extreme range, by CIA/Mossad funded snipers.

    Yisraelim front man Colin Powell berated President Putin for "rolling back democracy," and then had the stiff brass neck to "instruct" the Russian President, to negotiate a political solution with the poor oppressed Chechen rebels. Obviously, American enforced double standard rules of "no negotiation" in the fictional "War on Terror," did not apply to sovereign Russia.

    In less than a week, the Yisraelim front man; Powell, was joined in his accusations by more than a hundred members of the Zionist New World Order Council on Foreign Relations - from Václav Havel and Richard Holbrooke, to Glenys Kinnock and William Kristol - who echoed menacingly in writing, that President Putin was "exploiting the Beslan massacre to undermine democracy in Russia", and "adopting a threatening attitude towards Russia´s neighbors".

    Even this would not have been sufficient cause, to provoke Putin into detonating a micro nuclear weapon in the basement of the Taba Hilton, because Vladimir Putin is a very cool customer, who knows for certain, that Russia can easily keep Caspian crude away from the clutches of the Zionist Cabal indefinitely. But as usual; New York panicked and next ordered that Russia´s internal oil industry Yukos, should be undermined, and if necessary destroyed, from within.

    Believe me ladies and gentlemen, this is an order that should never have been issued while Mother Russia is being run by a rival Faction, Illuminati Karate, black belt leader in the Kremlin.

    The bumbling Zionist plan involved inviting a cadre of Yukos Oil dissidents, who could be bought and controlled by Wall Street, down to Taba for a holiday, during which the imminent demise of Russia´s domestic oil industry, could be comfortably discussed in the discreet luxury of a Taba Hilton conference room.

    Oh, really? By my estimate the conspirators from America, the Jewish State and the Russian traitors, had been seated for slightly over 28 minutes, when there was a terrible nuclear wail from the basement below, and the entire wing of the Taba Hilton, that they were conspiringly gathered in, was projected vertically upwards at close to the speed of light.

    There are 16 bodies completely missing, having been vaporized instantly including four former senior treasonous Russian Yukos executives, who were there to sell Russia out to Western NWO Faction, fearing that their covert headquarters had been hit by a missile or missiles fired from a launch vehicle in the Red Sea, the Jewish State immediately scrambled every available F15 and F16 ground attack aircraft, sending them all southwards at the speed of sound, however there was nothing to be found.


    The micro nuke was detonated by a cell phone trigger, from the Kremlin in Moscow ore than a thousand miles away, and the operators were already sound asleep in bed.

    Then as a cat teases and torments his prey prior to the kill, less than 12 hours ago, Vladimir Putin dangled a big black carrot in front of the Zionist's oil starved faces, by calmly announcing that he intends to sell the core Russian Yukos production asset "Yugansneftegaz," sometime during November, for around US$10.4 billion,

    A real steal for a giant oil company, that German investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein recently valued at US$18.5 billion, the message thus seems to be that Vladimir Putin can be bribed by the New World Order Faction, leaders for a handsome price, which I sincerely hope Wall Street is gullible, and foolish enough to pay to Putin.

    You see, big though Yugansneftegaz unquestionably is, it does not control the export pipelines from Russia. Oops! foiled again by the Russian Grand Chess Master, checkmating his enemy rival competitors; of Western "Illuminati" NWO Faction!