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Wywiad: US Intel - "After WW2 Jews Murdered Poles and Took Over Power in Poland

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  • Wywiad: US Intel - "After WW2 Jews Murdered Poles and Took Over Power in Poland

    Americans claim that after World War II Jews took over power in Poland. As many as 70% of the functionaries in the Polish United Workers' Party were of Jewish descent! They settled in every structure of the Polish state. The most important functions in the security service include Jewish comrades 50% of security officers in managerial positions were Jews.

    What does it mean? After 1945, Jewish officers murdered the steadfast soldiers of the so-called cursed. The very poorly conducted Warsaw Uprising, in which young people fought with axes, empty-handed against German tanks, resulted in the liquidation of the Polish underground army. When Stalin and the Red Army entered Poland, they used German concentration camps to murder the remnants of the steadfast.

    They were assisted in this by the security services, in which half of the officers in high positions were guarded by Jews. This is not an imaginary picture of Poland. Americans: Jews rule Poland In the same way, the rule of Jews in Poland was recognized by American intelligence: "The ruling Jewish elites dominated the Polish communist party, the Polish United Workers' Party and the political bureau from which all decisions are made...".

    The Americans claim that the Jews have mastered and dominated the decision-making body of the Politburo. Thanks to this, all decisions of the Polish United Workers' Party were approved by communist Jews. Thousands of Poles were murdered during this period. Who is responsible for it? Americans say Jews!!!! Because they made all decisions in Poland. That is why we call this period of power: Żydokomuna.

    However, one should ask if someone drove the Żydokomuna out of Poland or is their generation still in power today? In 1968-70, about 11,500 Jewish party comrades left with their families. In fact, about 5,500 Jewish communists in party positions left. The rest are children, women and the elderly. About a thousand of them should immediately appear in court for murders against the Polish nation...

    How can President Duda talk about the fight against anti-Semitism in Poland with such a story? President Duda, fight against anti-Polonism. Do you represent Jewish Israel or the Polish nation? We've had enough of these lies. It was Jews who murdered Poles!!! It's time to talk about it out loud! Please listen to the historian, Leszek Żebrowsk who provided all this information.


    And now the details - We clarify one thing in this text I will use the word "Khazarian Mafia" because we are dealing here with a Rothschild organized crime syndicate which, depending on the stages of history, takes different forms, using different social groups and religions to achieve its goals and the main of these goals is conquest of the nations of the world and total control. For this purpose, this syndicate distorts various kinds of religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, creating on the basis of these religions criminal systems that strive for wars and conquests in the name of this group which is called the Illuminati - from the light-carrying Lucifer.

    The goal of these enemies of humanity is to sow seeds of incompatibility between religions, ethnic groups, and to create artificial divisions that benefit criminals who feed on human suffering and murder. Most, if not all, armed conflicts were provoked by these criminals including World War I and II and Nazism and Communism LINK so further escalation of divisions does not make sense, it is important for humanity to understand that it is being manipulated by a handful of criminals who use the principle of divide and rule in this in order to bleed humanity in order to create a world government which, after catastrophes caused by this group, the nations of the world will willingly agree to at the price of relative peace.

    As the god of this group is Satan, and therefore the father of lies, after the creation of this government, the real terror and enslavement will only begin, so we must do everything to prevent this and publicize the activities of this mafia as soon as possible and the true purpose of their actions, unite and dislodge the rebellious the power of the Khazars who only claim to be Jews to direct all hatred towards this social group and at the same time remove all suspicion from themselves, although in fact they have nothing to do with them, which is why I use the word "Khazarian Mafia."

    The history and origins of the Khazars have been wonderfully hidden for many centuries, as has their line of generations. It is also difficult to establish beyond doubt the question of the origin of the so-called "self-proclaimed Jews" in Eastern Europe. Their history in Europe was the most closely guarded secret, only in the 20th century, especially in recent years, a lot of information has leaked into the media. Personally, I think it's time to bring this story out of hiding. Even the best historians were surprised by this hidden knowledge and could not give a full idea of ​​it when the history of the Khazars emerged.

    Many sources say that it was an Asian nation. They are classified by anthropologists as a modern Turkish-Finnish race. Central Asia has been their homeland since time immemorial. The Khazars were a very warlike people, they were constantly at war with their neighbors. They wanted to strengthen their position at all costs, not only territorially, but also had great appetites to be the richest nation, which over time made them a powerful group: rich and dangerous.

    It is also assumed that the Khazars were originally a pagan people. Before they invaded Eastern Europe, their religious cult was a mixture practiced by pagan nations. Their religious form was a form of producing a high degree of moral degeneration, resulting primarily from their sexual behavior. Over time, the Khazars adopted Judaism for their needs. On the basis of the Torah (the Pentateuch of the Heb. Bible), the Torah (8 Books of the Prophets and 11 Books of Scriptures) they created the Talmud, becoming "self-proclaimed Jews". They rebuilt Judaism through their false rabbis. They imposed their teachings and ideologies on their entire community. This has become part of their political, cultural, economic, social activities throughout their Khazar kingdom and the Talmud is enshrined in civil and religious law. – LINK.

    And now the actual content - It is 1945 - Khazar Jakub Berman lays the foundations for a new system in Poland "Khazarian pseudo-democracy" - and this system, which is alien to all ideologies except one Talmudic one, is also in force in Poland today!! Khazarian pseudo-democracy omits and disregards any rights of the goys - and, for example, the so-called Kwasniewski Constitution is invalid by law, because it is legally unacceptable!! But that for the Khazars only one article contained in Art. 220 section 2 ("The budget law cannot provide for covering the budget deficit by incurring liabilities in the central bank of the state"), therefore it was sanctioned by Talmudic law!! The Khazar is bound by the Talmud - therefore the Khazar authorities adhere to the following laws of the Talmud;

    "Son, pay attention to the words of the scribes, not to the words of the law." cf. Erubhin, f. 21b. The reason for this is in Sanhedrin X, 3, f.88b: "He who transgresses the words of the scribes sins more than he who transgresses the words of the law." This is the provision of art. 220 of the illegal Constitution gave the Khazars the opportunity to plunder Poles and despite the fact that it is illegal and unlawful is also the decision to recognize the invalid referendum on the recognition of the constitution, it was based on the Talmud that the Khazarian governments indebted Poles in Khazarian Commercial Banks as if the Polish government could not get into debt with the NBP!! Why ? Because on the principles of goy law it is unacceptable but according to the Talmud yes!

    Therefore, when a person talks about the rule of law and democracy in Poland in opposition to the facts, he is either completely unaware or a Khazar! A Pole knows perfectly well that he lives in a country occupied by the Khazarian minority!! And the rule based on the violence and lawlessness of the Khazars over the goys is called Khazarian pseudo-democracy because they do not have any features of law embedded in Polish culture and the democratic understanding of social relations - it is based on a simple definition; Khazar is always right, legal norms sanctioned in Polish law are irrelevant here!!

    That is why the Khazars introduced a public holiday called Hanukkah - which means the great victory of the Khazars with the help of the religion they took over and distorted for their purposes over ? since it is smoked outside Israel only in Poland, it means victory over Poles!!