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At this meeting a seconder will be required to ensure the progress of the following motion proposed 13 May 1997 under Rule 23(c) of Union Rules.

"That debate take place in relation to the dismissal of a

union member from Bell Scaffolding 1/10/96

and the union's response to that dismissal: That In relation

to that dismissal the premises of Bell Scaffolding

at 57 Neon St. Sumner Park be declared a

scab site: and union members working for that company be

requested to down tools until such time as a satisfactory

resolution of the dispute takes place: and the BLF join with

the Painters and Dockers Union in demanding that matters

pertaining to the murder of trade unionists be dealt with as

an order of priority with the Queensland and Australian

governments. "                                                       

The member that was sacked alleges he asked a person

claiming to be a BLF site delegate to ring the union re

excessive noise levels. The bogus delegate had instead

rung the company manager who sacked the member while

the union stood by.

P&D union members Ron Chapman and Leslie Batkin

were murdered in 1987 to prevent free speech. The police,

the government, the CJC do not want to know! Have your

say.. second the motion. Vote to strike!

Written and authorized M.Timothy BLF union no. 200325

financial to 30/3/97.


The document at left indicts  Union Secretary Simcoe, industrial Officer Moxham, and Union Organizer Puplett of The Builders Labourers Federation as class enemies.

Facts relied upon: At work the week prior to 1/10/96, two twin speaker ghetto blaster type radio systems were intermittently turned on full bore causing excessive noise. Before work 1l10/96 member 200325 reminds all hands this type of personal equipment on the job is banned by the union. One Saal says he is the delegate says he will ring the union and check. Some time later during work one Moore turns his blaster on full bore, claimed he wanted to be able to hear John Laws over the noise of the yard forklift that had a rooted muffler. 200325 checks back with Saal the bug delegate, he says he did not ring the union at all but telephoned Yates the yard manager who was on his way. 200325 rings the union talks to Kerr gets abused and hung up on. Drives into union premises Kerr is busy, while he is waiting spots Gary Howcroft former, before Smith, president of the P&D Union, who by now had wormed his rotten way into the offices of the BWIU.










200325 Reminds Howcroft the current campaign the Dockies Union was undertaking requires him to testify re his relationship with Ron Chapman, like when was the last time he saw him alive and in whose company was he, and about Batkin and Norm Foorde, and re his hightailing it out of the said Dockies Union at the time of the 1980 union election campaign, despite the fact he was then union president and was a candidate for election to the position of secretary, and was he in fact warned he would necessarily be running afoul of elements who might kill him as they had killed before. Howcroft sneered and almost got through turning his lip in contempt when he had to beat a hasty retreat into the interior of a locked office complex, MT in pursuit.

Kerr arrived back on the scene, shook hands with MT, cluck clucked at the Howcroft chasing  

incident, listened to the account of what had happened at Bell Scaffolding explained Ted Puplett was the organizer for that area, rang him  arranging for him to be at Bell's gate which is where he was when MT arrived back. Briefly explaining the situation to him and being assured in return that double or multi speaker systems were indeed barred from the workplace by the union.

Puplett's clear role then was to upbraid the members for having this gear on the job explain the

concept of bodgey delegates who rang the boss instead of the union was as iffy as can be, endorse MT as new and fair dinkum delegate and we all go back to work. Instead Puplett hears Yates out, tells MT to hear Yates out, who says MT is sacked and he had better get off the premises or he will have the coppers to him. All the while Puplett and Saal are smirking and grinning to each other like vicar and choirboy.

ITEM: August 18 1997 ABC newsreader Rod Young tells viewers snuff films have allegedly been

produced in Brisbane. Citing alleged existence of video tape shot on the bank of the Brisbane river in which a young male person is murdered. Young claims someone alleges police are aware of the existence of this tape and alleges high level police and government corruption. August 19, Young reiterates the allegation of the existence of the taped killing and of coverup. Channel 10 News has picked up the story, Peter Beattie says on television there should be a royal commission. August 25 Young introduces the story again, the station shows corrupt black and white footage clearly shot with a hand held black and white camera, of a heavyset dark haired man sitting an a ratty couch in a tatty room, watching a television set. Showing on the television set is footage of a male person approximately twelve years old accompanied by a heavyset man with dark closely cropped hair, aged about mid to late twenties who resembles the man watching the television set. A copper or a security man maybe. Young says then a hand clutching a knife emerges from off camera and the young person is slain. In the background one can see the mangrove banks adjacent to Queensland University at St. Lucia and across the river the high ground near the terry terminal adjacent to Dutton Park cemetery.

Howcroft is rumoured to have suffered two broken legs in about October 1996, could be he   approached someone to have M.Timothy seen to, and got seen to himself.  Page 4 Page 5